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  1. Steve, what a wonderful wealth of information, thank you! The vin is 1671433, so you would be correct in everything you've said above - US-spec, non ti. The paint around the sticker is grey as well, just poor lighting. As for the interior, that is all intact, original I believe to be vinyl and black with a sort of cream headliner. Thank you again, I'm enjoying the learning process. Casey
  2. I contacted the archive, they responded and told me that the car was "manufactured on January 28th, 1970 and delivered on February 09th, 1970 to J.B.S. (a military sales contractor) in Frankfurt/Main. The original colour was Bristol, paint code 058."
  3. Thanks Andy, I fell in love with the color and the fact it doesn't have a sunroof. The ti was a bonus, but, as it turns out probably isn't a true ti afterall. The trailing arms aren't boxed, more of an open 'L' shape, the battery has long since been relocated to the trunk. The dash however is pristine - two piece, although whether or not there is/was any chrome trim on it I can't remember; it's been removed and wrapped up for storage. Regardless, I'm having fun. I've attached a photo, it's nearly entirely stripped currently though.
  4. Hi Andy, this car is a mystery of sorts...the VIN range puts it in the 2002 category, there is the ti badge on the back though, and now the Alpina sticker. My inclination is to call it a 2002 and not a ti. I've looked around for what would define a ti vs 2002 other than the VIN and know people can and have added ti badging, bits, and pieces for whatever reason. It's a 48 year car...anything is possible. I'm down in Bend so not close but also not terribly far. Thanks, Casey
  5. Hi all, recently I became the new owner of a Bristol 2002ti, 1970 model year. I've wanted to do one of these properly for some time now and finally am at a place in my life to do so. To the best of my knowledge, the vehicle was first sold in Frankfurt, the original owner sold it to someone in Seattle in 1992 who then sold it to the person I acquired it from in 2015. It sat, in storage for reasons unknown from 1996 until now. It has since found a home in my shop where the process of dismantling and labeling has begun. Which, is the second reason I'm posting here now. Under the passenger door panel was a sticker that says 'Alpina GT' on it. I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this for me...hopefully. Much appreciated in advance, happy to be here, and looking forward to visiting often and learning what I can to help in the process of bringing it back to life.