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  1. @Fortlauderdalian I have a few sets of long tracks, but no cables. I too am looking for a set of cables, most likely go with the Volvo cables. Anyhow, how’s $30 shipped for the long tracks? 🍻 Rich
  2. If the lot doesn't sell, I'd buy the blue Rallye Polaris for $30. If not, GLWS! Super cool items. Cheers! Rich
  3. @schliske I have a good tested wiper motor. Send me a picture of the plug to make sure this is the correct one as I know they vary from year to year. 🍻 Rich
  4. What year Volvo 240 do these sunroof cables come out of? 🤔 Rich
  5. Larry, I may have what you’re looking for. Point out which bracket in this here microfiche or post a picture, it’ll help me when digging through the parts bin. 🍻 Rich
  6. Not as good looking as I hoped 😔. One tab is missing and one not so round outlet. Round outlet should be not problem for my heat gun, but the missing tab needs a bit more creativeness. Tubes are in good shape. No offense at all if you pass on this once in a lifetime deal 😄 🍻
  7. Ok, great! I’ll be home this afternoon and send you some pics and if they pass your visual test, I’ll box em up and slap a label on them. Rich
  8. @Shawn Piper I have a nice set. I’ll snap some pics tomorrow. How’s $40 plus shipping? 🍻 Rich
  9. @Brandon, Door number one ships this top half (lenses, chrome, and gaskets) to @RichenFamous Door number two ships back half (reflectors, bulb, and hold down nuts) to @stephers Lets make a deal, not Zonks! 🍻
  10. I’d buy just the lenses if you’d separate them that far 🍻 Rich
  11. Great color Dan! Hope all is well! Got the ‘70 running for the first time since I’ve brought him home and maybe first time in about 12 years to my understanding. Now it’s up on stands so I can wrestle around with the pedal box and bleed the clutch and brakes. Also found a set of Recaro Ergomed’s that need some refurb’n before they get mounted in the ‘69. Super comfortable. Happy holidays!
  12. Just picked up set of Recaro Ergomed’s (90400) and I need a few things before I get to the install. Both L+R Hinge covers for one seat and diaphragms for both seats or suggestions for replacement. Not sure if Aardvark repair webbing will work for theses seats or not. Read somewhere about paracord DIY, but not sure I want to do that. Thanks in advance! Rich
  13. Love these! Inexpensive Amazon frames pair nicely and look great. Have had mine up for a while, very nice quality and fast shipping. 🍻
  14. @irdave Thanks for the heads up! Seller timeline permitting, I was planning on buying the seats either way and figured I’d have to fab up some brackets. The seats look like they need some work, but they do look very comfortable.
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