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  1. I have a few sets. How’s $80 plus shipping? I’ll send photos if you’re interested. 🍻 Rich
  2. @Reese M. I don’t need one, but I sure want one! The color combo that is in the photo⬇️ My zip is 95843. 🍻 Rich
  3. S#!t, strike two on the day. Good price! If there are anymore... 🍻
  4. @rockyford77 Not sure if this is an early knob, the choke cable in my car is not original. Anyway, it is pretty clean. 🍻 Rich
  5. 14" Steel Rim 5' E28 to 09/84 36131125285
  6. I think you were the original triggered one here by shaming the OP for being cheap. Ironically, looks like you’re the one assuming too much, with terms like used parts are garbage and not reliable, gotta pay to play (🤮 btw), and insinuating that newer model cars have better used parts. Shows that maybe you ain’t worked on shit. Just for S&G’s, let’s assume someone installs 22mm sway bars. After a few hundred miles they decide the ride feels a bit too stiff and want to try something different, maybe in the 19mm range, or even back to stock. Wants to do a solid by posting said 22mm sways for a great price, which happens to be right in line with someone’s budget who posted a WTB ad. 🤯 So by your rationale, parts with a few hundred miles on them classify the same as 100,000 miles? Both used unreliable garbage, right? Maybe your experience in choosing used parts is the issue. Please consult more experienced folks on this forum (there are a plenty) and report back - or better yet, don’t. Just sit quietly and absorb knowledge and keep your flames to yourself. Sorry to rant FAQr’s, but these are funny times we’re in but irregardless of that, folks that want to step over someone else to make themselves feel better should always be told to STFU, including ❄️.
  7. Don’t go double-timing me... 😃
  8. Hey Mike, Sorry man, I do not have any center bumper shocks.
  9. Holy-than-thou attitudes are disgusting. Glad some people think they know another persons situation and try to make them feel inferior with terms like, Honda’s, and cheap. These aren't Porsche’s or Ferrari’s. How about celebrate a persons interest in upgrading their car instead of condemning them and their budget? Here’s a free tip for you Jack: Don’t be a dickhead. OP, wish I had a set for you. Hit me up if you do need other parts, got a decent stash.
  10. Hey Vince, Driver side bumper end is available, haven’t heard back from a few interested parties. I do not have any loop strap screw covers. 🍻 Rich
  11. Brake booster and trunk latches available. I haven’t test the booster (or know how) but I’ll gladly test if pointed in the right direction. 🍻
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