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  1. Package deal! Sweet tea is a little cooler than room temp and I don't drink Woke Cola. Whiskey straight up for this guy
  2. I may just do that! You don't know me, but you already know me so well 😂. Was born in MD and spent many summers in NC on the beach. I remember a the humidity, but will have to get used to again for sure. I am 100% ok with the tradeoff of leaving California.
  3. Bring some good dark beer and I’m sure you’ll get a better deal 😉
  4. Not with CA gas prices. Sorry, no black/blue door panels. Condition is always an opinion. Useable, good parts. Plans were to sell each individually, but “ain’t nobody got time for that.” - Sweet Brown Come on out and take a look We are buying property in Tennessee. Heard the whiskey is good. Oh yeah, they have water in Tennessee 😄
  5. Good day folks, Starting the pair down process for impending relocation out of state. All parts: $700 obo. Not looking for individual parts sales right now. I do not enough have time right now to dedicate to itemizing all parts. Looking for someone to come load it all. 🍻 Rich
  6. @Mjimport I have a set of Corbeau GTS seats in black cloth. They are comfy, supportive, and fit nicely in to a 2002. Very similar in dimension to Recaro’s (in terms of seat back height and seat width). I’m in a Sacramento if you’d like to check them out, or shipping is an option as well. 🍻 Rich
  7. If this is the case, then I completely agree. Not sure why I take it so personally because, we all want to buy low sell high, right? I see nothing ill about flipping, it’s the lying (or lack of truths) to get the deal is what makes a person an asshole.
  8. @HuddyMcQueen, I have a few sunroof cables, but I won’t be back in town until Sunday to be able to send you some pics. If you haven’t found one (or a set) by then, let me know and I’ll dig em out and snap some pics for you. 🍻 Rich
  9. @kepi If you haven’t found one in Los Angeles yet and make it up to NorCal (or have ties up here), I have one you can have. 🍻 Rich
  10. Looks great! Stopped by your yard the other day and your guys said you had stepped out, sorry I missed you. Love to circle back and check out your ride in person. 🍻 Rich
  11. Not mine, not affiliated https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/pts/d/carpinteria-bmw-2002-rear-subframe/7276137140.html
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