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  1. If you are not looking for show quality, but rather good usable daily driver style, I have a few to choose from. Need some cleaning up, but for the price of shipping, it could be yours. Cheers, Rich
  2. @HamanaRob That would make life easier for me! I know cash is king, but if you need parts and have trading heart, I’ve got parts to trade or partial trade. I’m in Sacramento and willing to get my Hwy17 on! Rich
  3. No worries on the $$, I’d rather you get them for free than me thinking I sent them out with the recycler. I knew I had taken a few bumpers apart just couldn’t remember where all of the hardware went. I’ll package them up shortly.
  4. Ha! Hows this for checking every nick and cranny. I have ten of them. Threads all look good and should clean up easily. USPS bound if you want them. Rich
  5. Totally freakin whiffed. I think they went with the metal recycler. I do have these though.
  6. Dan, If these are from the square tail bumper impact strip, I think I can fill your order. I’ll send a few pics since I’m lame to the actual part. I can drop them in the mail tomorrow if they are the correct ones. Cheers buddy, Rich
  7. Please send a few pics and shipping quote to 95843. Thank you! Rich
  8. What’s up DQ! No worries Jeff, Dan will set you right.
  9. Since I don’t know what the numbers mean, here’s what I have. One ATE caliper has 11R on one side and 3R one the other. The other ATE caliper has 24R on one side and 19R on the other. Both definitely need rebuilding. The rest of the calipers I have are stock BMW. I need to get up to speed on ATE numbers, but I’m guessing these won’t work for you. Rich
  10. @JleonTR, I may have a set. I will check when I get home later this evening and let you know. Rich
  11. @Cornbread + @AustrianVespaGuy, awesome! Thank you for the links and pictures. 🍻
  12. Who’s got a link to this stick on trim? What do the ends look like? Thanks in advance Rich
  13. Looking for one Becker Europa I or II knob. Knob is for the tuning shaft that has the flat surface (looks like a “D”), not the round tuning shaft style. Does not need to be mint condition, but no dry/cracked ones please. Decent driver quality is my speed. Send pic and price. Parts bartering is also up my alley (and preferred), so let me know what you need. Thanks all, Rich
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