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  1. That's why I call it a Tribute, it has many Euro parts and Solex 40 PHH were not offered in the USA.
  2. Yes, last March. Acquired a new project and wasn't ready to take the 2002 to the next level, paint.
  3. 1970 BMW 2002 Ti Tribute $12,000 Tim Clark, 831 419 7669 [email protected] Capitola,CA 95010 Receipts and work at $6700 Runs well, no rust or apparent accident damage, many receipts. California car. Solex 40 PHH Clean title and current registration. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cwvlGTPeqYA6j4RC3 I have a spreadsheet of all expenses and receipts Several boxes of spares.
  4. I installed new door seals and I need to adjust the doors as they are now standing proud. I tried moving the striker latch but that didn't help. Ideas? Cheers Tim in Capitola
  5. Interestingly my after market hub doesn't allow the tab to reach the turn signal unit. Had to install it below the steering wheel nut.
  6. here's some photos from Laguna Seca today https://photos.app.goo.gl/NiyH1KZUTiibFNCU8
  7. Wow, too cool. I would be happy to pay the postage and more. Tim Clark 307 Hill Street Capitola,CA 95010
  8. I got some advice today at the Laguna Seca Cars and coffee, saying I'm missing a nut that goes on the top of the dash. No threads on my flasher, any other ideas?
  9. Right is the stock location on a 1970, I don't know when they changed to the left.
  10. Doug, please post another drive, finally got the 2002 running with some confidence. C&C at Laguna on Saturday? Cheers Tim
  11. Hi, thanks. There is no silver ring. I'm guessing that I need to push the unit up more through the hole in the dash? Cheers Tim
  12. Thanks, there is no nut, the top of the flasher just sits flush against the bottom of the dash. You mentioned lens, is that the button?
  13. How do you secure the switch under the dash, I'm I missing a bracket or something else.? Cheers Tim
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