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  1. Tim of Capitola

    4 Yokohama A539 185/60r13 tires (nearly new)

    Hi still available? Tim in Capitola
  2. Tim of Capitola

    2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship

    Excellent video! Got to get COTA on my Sim. Thanks for posting
  3. Tim of Capitola

    Shifter Repair Saga

    Thanks, it was a good challenge and probably not the smartest way to do the job.
  4. Tim of Capitola

    Shifter Repair Saga

    BMW 2002 Shifter My 1970 wasn’t shifting very well, hard to get into gear, reverse impossible. I was thinking/hoping it was simply the linkage( particularly after reading several account of how the shifter mounts go bad). I watched this great YouTube( https://youtu.be/WNKmQgJqUeI ) the showed it could be repaired without having to drop the exhaust or drive shaft. Decided it was possible. First problem was finding the grub screw from the shift level to the shift shaft was buggered up, no way would it accept a 4mm allen. Had to use a needle vice grip pliers to turn it out, about 5 degrees at a time. Then found the allen heads that mount the bracket to the transmission were also buggered up, took a combination of pliers, etc to get them out. Not cool with the drive shaft blocking you. I noticed that the rubber bushing on the support arm was almost completely gone. Tried to order that bushing, not available. You must order the complete arm for $70 +. I sand basted the brackets, primed and painted them Orange for some reason. Watched this video on how to use liquid plastic to make suspension bushings. https://youtu.be/2_0BYvTkZ0o Shopped for something in 45-50 range and found it on Amazon. Made a jig to hold the arm with an indent to set off the steel bushing and proceed a little too quickly, you must wait until to plastic sets up a little, about 20 minutes so it does not pour through. It set up over night, had to wire brush off the over flowed plastic and repaint. The installation was not easy, using a combination of allen wrenches, and sockets and with the help of a friend got in all back together, great to have someone moving the shifter while you reconnect it. Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mqetwwmp5tQAaYay8 I made a Styrofoam block just for fun. Also replaced the mounts for the 8mm allen bolts, they had some weird relief or wear grooves. I think it would be much easier to drop the driveshaft and exhaust, unless yer retired like me.
  5. Tim of Capitola

    Fixed My shifter!

    Excellent video, I will tackle this job tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. Tim of Capitola

    WTB Antenna

    I made up a cable and got it installed, works fine. Thanks for interest.
  7. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Well I went low cost, using some 1x6 wood. Took a little time but sounds good. https://photos.app.goo.gl/goR1qmSKxBSrjAva8
  8. Tim of Capitola

    WTB Antenna

    I have the antenna, I need the coax.
  9. Tim of Capitola

    WTB Antenna

    Anyone got a good one? Pillar mount for a 1970. Cheers Tim in Capitola,CA
  10. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Wow, some good ideas. I just ordered a pair of Infinity Co-AX 4", I will try to make a wood panels to mount them under the dash. I don't have the cover panels. I will take some photos.
  11. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Thanks, I'll see if I can find the seller of the panels.
  12. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Mike, have any photos?
  13. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Mike, yer my kinda guy...my 2002 is rough but cool. https://photos.app.goo.gl/cwvlGTPeqYA6j4RC3
  14. Tim of Capitola

    WTB Under Dash Panels

    I'm trying to locate some speakers under the dash. I don't know if I can mount them in stock panels, or need to use them as templates for an aluminum fabrication. Cheers Tim in Capitola,CA
  15. Tim of Capitola

    Under dash speakers

    Koogleworks are very nice, but not in my budget for this car.