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  1. Sebastian

    Wooden 02 Alpina shift knob - Now 99$

    Now 99$
  2. square shifting boot still fs
  3. Sebastian

    Complete set of wiper arms with blades

    Again / still for sale
  4. Sebastian

    02 lower moulding trim doors l+r + rear l+r

    New price 120 Euro
  5. Sebastian

    Pair of 02 Euro turn signals #2 - reduced

    Hi, I have the first one of this thread: 49 EUR
  6. Sebastian

    Original BMW 02 tank filler cap with logo, nice

    Never thought about that. Hmm. 😯
  7. Hi, I have this original Alpina Purolator air filter housing for sale. Cast aluminum. For BMW E21 or 02? Selling it for a friend of mine. He bought it for his 02 but decided otherwise. The rubbers are new (soft, not porous) but have some cracks. 900 EUR + shipping to US with DHL as 10kg package 55 EUR. Will ship worldwide, shipping to other countries may differ.
  8. Sebastian

    Pair of 02 Euro turn signals #2 - reduced

    They're sold, I'm sorry. I have one for the left side left if you need
  9. I have this Neue Klasse steering wheel for sale. Nice condition. At the backside very small cracks. 260 EUR + 40 EUR shipping to US
  10. Hi, I have this lower moulding set for sale. Driver + passenger door, Rear left + right side. One door piece has a cut at the black plastic as you can see on the pics. Can be glued. I'm asking 150 120 EUR for the set, shipping to US is (unfortunately) 40 EUR as a roll. Europe and UK is cheaper. Please send pm if interested. Thank you
  11. Sebastian

    Pair of 02 Euro turn signals #2 - reduced

    still fs. Now 119 EUR
  12. Sebastian

    Complete square tail light, right side

    Gaskets I have enough, but not NOS
  13. Nice flags, I just ordered two myself 🙂 (02+E9)