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  1. Sebastian

    NOS Early Dash Clock Silverdollar Style 1968 12V

    New price 120 USD
  2. Sebastian

    BMW 02 Heater Box 72 and later

    BMW 02 Heater Box fs - Original Behr. Tight. Worked when removed. 72 and later. With water valve and working blower motor. Asking 120 EUR. Because of the weight (>5kg) shipping with DHL as 10kg package to US is 54 EUR. Selling in parts is also possible. Shipping costs are lower. But I prefer selling the whole part. E.g. water valve 49 EUR + 7 EUR shipping , blower engine 49 EUR +11 EUR shipping Please pm
  3. I have this left side original BMW mirror for sale. Really nice, I think its the best one I ever had. With bottom bracket, screws, gasket, also the screw that holds to the bottom bracket is working fine, not stuck, no rust. The mirror without pittings, nice chrome. Original BMW. No reproduction. 120 USD shipped worldwide
  4. Sebastian

    BMW 2000 CS Headlight Left

    Hi, I've this BMW 2000 CS Left Headlight for sale. Bosch Glass 1305630031 without damages Turn indicator Lens has a crack as you can see. The reflectors have some rust Asking 250 EUR + shipping Shipping as DHL 10kg package. US 54 EUR, EU Countries 24 EUR Paypal
  5. Hi, I have two left turn signal lenses for BMW 700 here. The condition is not very nice but maybe someone can use it. One has a little crack. At both the chrome is not so nice. 35 EUR each. Shipping worldwide (one or both) 6 EUR
  6. Sebastian

    Set of Original BMW 02 Used Rear Mudflaps

    now on ebay
  7. I have this Early BMW Neue Klasse 6V Kienzle working clock for sale. I think its for 1500 or 1800. Looks really nice. Some minor scratches but chrome w/o damages. Really a nice clock. Small one, Ø 7cm Stamped 1966 Asking 100 USD shipped worldwide
  8. Sebastian

    Hella 142 Headlights / Fog Lights

    Yes, thats why I have opened only one first
  9. Sebastian

    Hella 142 Headlights / Fog Lights

    Good that you asked. I had not opened the second because he looked good from the outside. I opened it now and took pictures. I am surprised that the reflector looks like this from behind. Just opened it now, nothing cleaned. So both refelectors should be renewed. Or spare parts or rally. Now open to offers
  10. Hi, I have these Hella 142 headlights for sale. One reflector is rusty as you can see, needs a new one, or useful for rally cars or spare parts. The other one looks better. Chrome looks good but the one with the bad reflector has some few rust points at the backside. Glasses w/o damages 80 EUR + 20 EUR shipping worldwide
  11. Hi, thats for this time my last speedometer cluster fs, 3rd series, crosshair, kph speedometer, clock, combination gauge, nice working condition.  Asking 100 EUR + 20 EUR shipping worldwide