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  1. Such a beautiful build and my favorite 2002 up to date. You car has inspired me to paint mine Pastelbleu ! What suspension are you running on the car? - Jake
  2. Where did you/can you find 15" e30 steelies? I have only seen 14" in my searches. Thanks !
  3. What wheels and tires are you running in this photo?
  4. Hello fellow 02ers, I have been searching all around the 2002FAQ for info on where to get racing decals but haven't had any luck. Does anyone know where its possible to purchase custom racing number decals? Heres a photo for reference. Trying to find where to buy a decal similar to the 59 decal on this car. Thanks !!
  5. What fender flares and air dam are you running on your Car?
  6. I received these extra bench seats with the purchase of my 2002, and have decided to use the other black leather pair that also came with the car. Are these seats worth selling? If so what would be a decent price to sell them for? Thanks, Jake
  7. I am located in Portland, Oregon. Just updated my profile, thanks for the heads up ! - Jake
  8. fungi_75


  9. How much can I expect to pay for it to be repaired?
  10. Hello fellow FAQ members ! I recently purchased my first 02 and am in the process of restoring it, although there is a very noticeable dent on the nose panel to the right of the headlight just above the bumper insert. Does the dent look repairable? If so how would you recommend I go about having it repaired? Thanks !!
  11. I took this same car on a test drive at Peter's Bobby Shop, he was offering the car for $17,000. Great car but a little out of my price range.
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