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  1. boardhoarder

    WANTED: Clean black front + rear seats for 1976

    Thank you for the info, Steve! Much appreciated. Cheers, -Roman
  2. boardhoarder

    WANTED: Clean black front + rear seats for 1976

    So sorry for the delay in responding!@tahoedon Somehow I didn’t get a notification that anyone had replied to the thread. I am definitely interested in seeing photos of the seats, if you wouldn’t mind sending some over. Thanks, -Roman
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a clean set of front and rear stock-type seats in black. Any nice late-model seats in black will do. My car is a '76, but they don't necessarily need to come from the same year. Prefer clean condition with no major rips or tears or severely broken down padding, etc. I am located in the Monterey/Santa Cruz, CA area and am willing to drive within reason to pick them up. I could also pick them up at the Brisbane event coming up in May. Thanks in advance!
  4. boardhoarder

    video ...... a 2002 and a 912

    As a long-time 912 owner and recent '02 owner, this makes me happy. Would love to get both of mine out on the road together one of these days. Thanks for posting!
  5. boardhoarder

    How is the gas pedal supposed to connect?

    PM sent @Thelunarfox
  6. boardhoarder

    How is the gas pedal supposed to connect?

    Welcome aboard! @Thelunarfox I'm a newbie on FAQ as I recently bought a '76 myself. I also live in Monterey. Let me know if you'd like to take a look at my car for comparison's sake. There are also a number of '02 owners/experts here in Monterey that have been a tremendous help in getting my car sorted and back on the road. I was very lucky to count several of these guys as friends already, as it gave me a built-in support network from the moment I dragged my car home. I'm sure any one of them could and would help you as well.
  7. boardhoarder

    Handbrake upgrade kits

    Just sent PayPal and a PM for one your kits. Can't wait to get it installed. My crooked sloppy handbrake is totally taxing my OCD and it's driving me nuts. Thanks!
  8. boardhoarder

    Ideas on installing three gauges?

    Hi Tim, I'm new to the '02 world as of a couple months ago, but I recently stumbled on this guy's stuff, which looks like super good quality and is made right here in California. Check out his gauge pod insert: Ps: I'm not far from you...just down the road in Monterey. Hope to bump into you one of these days. Cheers, -Roman
  9. boardhoarder

    For Sale: 2002 Parts for Most Years

    Looking for a center console for my '76, if you happen to have one.