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  1. chago997

    Nice rear ash tray

    I’ll take em thanks
  2. Hello, can anyone recommend a person who can restore vintage auxiliary lights? I recently bought from another member a set of Hella 2000 vintage rally driving lights that were in decent shape. From the photos on the ad it seemed they had some mildew on the inside which i have been able to clean on other lights i have without having to open the lens. These more recent one, upon trying to clean the mildew, seems to be more of corrosion pits on the metal reflector along with mildew on the seal area of the lens/housing interface. Perhaps the reflector coating needs to be redone, is that possible (plating?). Here's a picture of them, it's the one on the background, with spots. Anyways, thought there might be an expert out there that can restore these. thanks
  3. chago997

    NOS Hella Optilux Rear Fog Light Kit

    I’ll take it if still available
  4. chago997

    Trunk Seal Dilemma

    The edge of the opening? you mean to say the lip where the rubber seal attaches to? not sure. thank you
  5. chago997

    Trunk Seal Dilemma

    Resurrecting this thread. I have the same problem. Its a newly restored base '02 which still needed some work when i bought it a year ago. Most recently, my mechanic adjusted the rear exhaust and moved it forward so that the hanger and hook could align properly and not be loose. In the first picture which was taken 6 months ago, you can appreciate how far back the exhaust can was out of alignment, the rubber hanger was about an inch back from where it's supposed to be. In the next series of pictures, they are from sunday, and the chrome tip looks nicely under the bumper. The problem is ever since this fix a month ago (moving it forward), the fumes inside the cabin are life threatening to say the least. There were no fumes before the rear exhaust muffler was adjusted forward I also did the dollar test on the trunk to test the seals and they are not sealing at all. So, I think its a combination of the rear exhaust muffler having been moved forward, and the rear trunk rubber seals not working properly. I ordered new O.E. BMW trunk seal from Blunt as well as a new chrome tip. My question is, how easy or difficult it is to swap the chrome tip rearward, and how is ti attached. Also, what glue is used for the trunk rubber seal. I am hoping that the O.E. new seal is more pronounced than the one i have right now, which i am not sure if its O.E. or aftermarket (URO). It seems that the current chrome tip has plenty of life left and maybe i can still re-use it if its easy to remove, and move back on its tip without damaging. But by looks only, it sure looks nice where it is, as you can see in these pictures. thanks for your help. love this forum and people.
  6. chago997

    Blunttech Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion Kit

    Dave, please add me for the comprehensive kit plus driveshaft minus the Z3 short-shift lever, when available. Thanks
  7. Yes, agree with Steve above, those look like the early deep grills that came on us cars 68-mid 72 or so and in Europe 68-73. Any history of front left collisions on your car?
  8. chago997

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    First timer also. Driving up from San Diego with my son and bringing our recently finished '73. Also looking forward to meeting people from this forum. Look us up. Here's a recent pic of the car. Safe travels
  9. chago997

    Hazard light switch

    Thanks for the replies, now i know im not going cuckoo! I thought it was working before. The red light does illuminate brightly when activated to flash, but the dimmer red light will not light up when the main lights/ and dash is turned on like before. I thought it might be the light bulb inside the red button, but if it lights up when activated, there must be a loose cable or connection, my guess. There is only one bulb inside, right? As per Mike, i checked to see if maybe i had dimmed the dash lights and somehow the flasher light was dimmed but, they are on full non-dimm. Anyways, ill post what i find. thank you all
  10. Does the hazard light switch suppose to light up when the car is started on a '73? mine lights up when button is pressed on and it flashes, but not in off position. I kind-of remember it being on when engine is on and lights on. new to me '73 and center console was just finished.
  11. update: my trusted mechanic found that the leak came from a crack on the metal tube that rises from the sender before it enters the rubber hose, right at the bend. Most likely from heavy objects on top of the cover inside the trunk. he was able to solder it. thanks to everyone that chimed in and to Halboyles for sending me his plastic tube
  12. chago997

    Replacement H4 Halogen Bulbs, Question

    I've had these on my daily driver MB ML 350 for two years now, albeit the H7 version, and which has the daytime running lights on all the time for all this time, and they still work. so I wouldn't worry about longevity, especially if driven like my 02 which is a weekend car and even less time at night.
  13. chago997

    Replacement H4 Halogen Bulbs, Question great selection, fast delivery to us. love these new Phillips