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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for a used headlight switch that is functioning. Mine has burned the portion that turns on the instrument cluster. Please let me know if you know of someone who may have one. Thanks!
  2. update: BMW has the right one. pilot bearing is installed!
  3. Just called the stealership and they have 2 left in the US. One will be mine in a week for a whopping $30. I really hope it's right! thanks @jireland2002 for your help earlier.
  4. It seems so simple but it’s not. I’ve been on this safari hunt looking for the right pilot bearing. See picture below. -Blunttech -ie engineering -every parts store in my town turns up the new bearing show which is significantly larger than the old one. steve@blunttech believes that INA bearing manufacture had a hiccup and have been sending the wrong one out but know one can seem to find the right one. I’m not sure what the truth is and am really hoping I find out I’m a complete idiot and missed something. Anyone out there in this lonely “wrong part world”have me a answer!? I’ll include a few more pics of old and “new” dimensions. the part number 1121 1276 551 is what generally pops up in my search and is wrong size. The number on the old bearing is f 85249 1976 2002 m10 getrag 245 conversion in the works Cheers guys!
  5. Good day gents, I have looked and looked on Wallothnesch and rogers tii for this part and cant come up with anything. It's the support for the rear seat. Mine is pretty trashed. I would attempt to rebuild but its super thin metal. Is there any alternitaves for this part or does anyone know where i can find it? Zoom Catalog picture 41/02  Sort by Name Price Position no. Reverse sort direction
  6. I got the spring from Jim thanks. It's so nice to have a working speedo.. I then put it on jack stands and going deep on all four floor pans 😠
  7. I think were on the same page! Stripped the interior last night and took off the doors thinking "will i ever get these back on" besides the rust (which is going to be my biggest hurdle thus far) I feel the car will be in good standing. Then will start prepping for paint!
  8. Oh wait.. “yeah hunny I’m only 7k in right now” 30k goes unaccounted for
  9. UPDATE: I just ordered all 4 floor pans from wallothnesch for $300 shipped. It was twice that through american suppliers so I feel i'm off to a pretty good start with the budget thing.🤑
  10. this is basically the style i'm going for. Very nice chargin!
  11. The previous owner actually did me some favors like priming the rust spots and screwing up the timing and electrical system so it didn't run for two years. Now she runs pretty good. Currently rebuilding the weber carb and just put a pertronix onboard. I thought about going ahead and swapping motor/trans but I think I really fell in love with the m10. Resilient lil motor! Id love to see what she's got with a turbo strapped to it but i can't put the horse in front of the cart. Gotta get the body/ interior sound.
  12. Thank you all for the input. So cool to hear everyone’s $.02 I’ve seen quite a few resto’s go down including my brothers 61’ Chevy truck that has been restored 3 times now and a Porsche 356 that’s still not on the road. The 02’ is my first and am excited to see how it all plays out. I guess it’s time to put on my big boy pants and rip the floors out and check out the mechanical side which seems pretty par for a 76. Space/time/money and two kids are my biggest enemy. cheers guys!!
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