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  1. Fiber glass version from Alex Jardon Enviado desde mi SM-N960F mediante Tapatalk
  2. Here are some of the components Ive been hoarding during this years.
  3. The reason we removed the Flares is because they where completly wrong and very bad quality and somehow the forgot to do thr wheel arches. I did check all this providers: http://weber-kreativ.com/tuning/bmw02.htm https://schmidt-gfk.de/wordpress/ http://www.02-classic-racing.de/ http://www.pesch.cz http://roesch-classics.de/ But what im looking of is that version from the pictures attached. Help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everybody, Ill start this new topic as usual... "this is gonna be a long thread" and hopefully will end up on a good racing car. I would introduce firts the body lots of for pending and first big decision. Alpina flares. After checking the entire European market Im not able to find the proper moder of flares that I want. Just exactly the same model our friend from the forum @egas have. Maybe im lucky and new info pops up here. The body comes with a "Custom Cage" roll cage https://www.customcages.co.uk/ Looks very good for me but will give me some drama in the future. Trunk and hood are fibleglass very good quality actually via Alex Jardon (This project is gonna be a full Alex jardon godies btw) Doors will stay in the metal version but with Polycarbonate and some surgery in order to loose as much weight as its possible.
  5. Hello guys! Any news? Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Hello any news? Am I still on time order? Thanks Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
  7. I confirm I'm interested. Details already sent by PM Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  8. If its last minute change I can always drive back to the garage an measure properly.
  9. I can not take measures properly until tomorrow (I'm in Mallorca, Spain) if they fit am I still have time to order? Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  10. Such a huge Shame I'm late to order. I'm Def for next of if by any chance I can still join. Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  11. Quick question guys. Is this kit for the seats from the picture? Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  12. So here are some pictures from a 245 Getrag that I found in Holland. Could someone confirm me it the good one? Seller promises is for m10 but who knows!! Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  13. Use to live there. Good times! If it doesn't work I'm open to trade Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
  14. I'm open to every single option Enviado desde mi STF-L09 mediante Tapatalk
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