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  1. @'76mintgrün'02 I think the original buyer had the dealer fit the trim! Cool detail in the history.
  2. Hans the 1502, love the chrome in this pic
  3. Sorry for hijacking this thread Hey @Tommy, are those the ATS classics ET13? I have a set myself and am having some issues with rubbing (vredestein quatrac 185/70). What tires are you running? Did you have to roll the inside of your arches to get those to fit?
  4. You're probably right. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? ✌️
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone, I've gotten the chance to go for a good spirited drive and measure the offset. We have wheels of the 6" width, I measured the backspacing value to be 10.3 cm (pretty much 4"). That gives the wheels an offset of... (you guessed it Steve ) ET13. During driving I've noticed rubbing when I'm taking speed bumps at around the speed I would normally take them. Slowing down definitely helps. The car has stock suspension, but I think that it's sitting a lot lower than stock ride height (see pic). I'd say that the rear is sagging more than the front. Perhaps I could grab new lowered springs (IE stage 1..?) with some stiff (HD...?) bilsteins? I'm gonna explore the idea. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi everyone, We recently picked up a set of 13" ATS classics, and it appears that we underestimated the effect of offset. The details are: Stock suspension (hasn't been touched for 40 years probably) Vredestein Quatrac 185/70/13 ATS classics with +20ET (I think?) Pictures are below, we experience some rubbing with bumps and would like to eliminate this to make for carefree driving. (Not sure if that's even possible with this car ) What do you think our best options are? Will rolling the fender guards eliminate the problem or would we need to do something more radical like freshening up our tired suspension?
  7. Hi! I realise this is a super old post, but might as well try. I am looking into getting a set of these wheels, but I would really like to run them with BMW center caps like you have in this image. Do you recall what type of caps these are or where you got them? Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks for the info! Our 02 is a 76 1502, I checked our original manual which shows that the other connector is for optional headlight wipers (nr 3. pic in dutch below). Regardless, a great tip if I did have that connector. Using a test light I determined that the one I'm using provides power with the high beams!
  9. Hoi! I've added my final scheme at the end of this message. I'll be using the fog light connector in the nose. Don't mind it switching on with the high beams. I was going to use a fuse for each individual light, but it might be cleaner and easier to just run one, I'll see what I end up doing. I calculated that I needed 1.55mm, so that's what I got... I'm just making everything from that type of wire. I'm also assuming it's not a problem that I'm using solid core wire, right? I'm located in Maastricht! Not so far from where you were. Is that an electric bike? Must have had better acceleration than my 02!
  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the replies. I learned a lot from this simple project, of course, the battery is 12V so all the electrics are 12V... I realise now that it it was the current I was worrying about. I have made some modifications to my diagram: limiting wire connections behind the grille and incorporating double 16 amp fuses. I have also used the connector in the nose to trigger the coil, then passing the ground through the dash switch and to the heater stud. Waiting on some parts, will finish soon. Thanks again for the help!
  11. Hi everyone, absolute beginner question here. We have never worked with electricity before and have a couple questions. We want to add driving lights and would like the ability to switch them independently from our high beams. This is why we won't be using the built in connector in the nose of the car. I have read the technical article on wiring driving lights. The diagram is below. We use switched 12v (is this too much v? Is it safe in the dash?) tapped from the cigarette lighter to trigger the coil. We have inserted a rear window heating switch where the dummy switch used to be. We then run a fused (what amperage should we use? ) 12v wire directly from the battery through the relay to power our two 55 watt lights, which have a ground connected to the light housing grounding through the bumper. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Just came across this old pic of the car with a crooked bumper and a single Lucas sealed beam light.
  13. I once came across an 02 with a pretty nice setup. This is a custom bar mounted to the bumper arms (I think). Removes the need to drill holes anywhere and it looks really good. Maybe this can serve as some inspiration?
  14. Hella halogen 140s. I love them on the pastelblauw. They're not wired up yet, but will be soon.
  15. Thanks for the responses! I was not aware W&N carried these. Also, thanks for the advice Jireland2002! But as we are located in Europe, W&N is the easier option for us. Will update once I've got them in.
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