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  1. Martijn 647

    Show me your driving lamps

    Just came across this old pic of the car with a crooked bumper and a single Lucas sealed beam light.
  2. I once came across an 02 with a pretty nice setup. This is a custom bar mounted to the bumper arms (I think). Removes the need to drill holes anywhere and it looks really good. Maybe this can serve as some inspiration?
  3. Martijn 647

    Show me your driving lamps

    Hella halogen 140s. I love them on the pastelblauw. They're not wired up yet, but will be soon.
  4. Martijn 647

    Alternative for exhaust bracket fasteners

    Thanks for the responses! I was not aware W&N carried these. Also, thanks for the advice Jireland2002! But as we are located in Europe, W&N is the easier option for us. Will update once I've got them in.
  5. Hi everyone! Our exhaust bracket has recently come loose (pic attached). All the parts are intact, but the holes that the bolts pass through were filled with some kind of brittle orange wax, I assume to deal with the vibrations. I went to look at the original BMW parts but they appear to be some sort of bushing, and they're expensive. Can I just use large bolts and bolt the thing on, or is there an alternative which allows the vibrations to be dampened? Is that even required? Thanks in advance!
  6. Martijn 647

    Favorite BMW Ad

    Personal favorite, maybe I'm biased.
  7. Martijn 647

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Hans surprised us with an exploded clutch master cylinder yesterday! Got to work taking it out, as well as the slave cylinder. Rusted in reeeaaal good. But we got the back seats in, so now we have a place to sit and contemplate our life choices..
  8. Martijn 647

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Redid the interior a couple days ago. Makes such a massive difference. Very happy with how it turned out. Got the kit from DGS autoteppiche GmbH in Germany. Needed quite a bit of trimming but I used a bunch of the resources available on this site which made it way easier. Details on Instagram at hanstagram76
  9. Wow, well shot! Would love to have something like this done for our car.
  10. Martijn 647

    High beams

    We've had it for about 11 months. Haven't done any electrical work so far, just tackled the high beam issue this weekend. Will do! Got a test light and plan to see if the output of this wire still works by engaging the switch while using the test light. Would that work? Wonder why it has been cut... Perhaps it was causing a short of some sort? Will see soon I guess.
  11. Martijn 647

    High beams

    So, the cut wire is the high beam wire???
  12. Martijn 647

    Window lifter issue - part missing!

    So, just to close up this waaaay old thread, I got the parts from BMW, but the circlip (nr. 14) kept failing on me. Today, I drilled a hole in the rod, installed the washers and slipped a split pin through! Yes drilling inside the door was awkward Yes it took me two hours But it works like a charm...
  13. Martijn 647

    High beams

    Was poking around under the steering column today. The high beam switch looked fine but there was a wire that appeared to be cut off...? (see pic) Also, when I had the cover underneath the column off, the horn sounded a bunch of times when I was working the stalk. I have no idea what I'm doing 😅
  14. Martijn 647

    Heater box rebuild struggles

    So, after a couple weeks I finally found the time to tackle this problem. Got some adapters that go from large diameter to small, did some coolant hose surgery and inserted them into the existing tubing. No soldering required. Works great and no leaks yet!
  15. Martijn 647

    Pedal box hole

    Thanks so much for the replies! Really interesting to hear these different opinions. I've decided to go with the foam piece from BMW. Hopefully this will be a smooth installation