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  1. Has anyone received any parts from Rsherwood?
  2. Cant be more than $15..I will cover the rest.
  3. Ran a batch of Blue zinc for my 76 and my e9, seat rails came out beautiful, look almost new. PB Blasted the internals so they are super smooth. Perfect for your new seats.. $140 plus shipping
  4. Mark, I will take these. You can add these to the other box that I am buying from you. THx AJ
  5. I have a passenger door in good shape that could complete the package. In SoCal
  6. Thanks Ray. W+N is great, plus they have half off shipping til July 10.
  7. I am looking for a spare tire floor for a rusted out piece on my 73 roundie. Located in SoCal, 92705.
  8. I have a set of seat rails freshly zinc plated, essentially look new. $200 plus shipping for the set.
  9. 1981 BMW 320i e21 Malaga Red. Fresh paint job no dents, dings nothing, 5 speed. Car runs great. New fuel pump, fuel distributor, valve adjustment, thermostat, oil and filter of course. All lights, blinkers, wipers, horn, radio...everything works on the car. Unmolested and all original car. AC car, but the AC needs to be refreshed and serviced with Freon. Sunroof...works. e21 small tool kit. 2nd owner. Newish battery. Very solid car. Starts every time. **disregard the cleaning supplies on the passenger foot well 😁 Was going to go all out on this one, BBS RS, Euro bumper conversion, restored recaros, etc but found a 79 Fjord e21 2.0L I am going to focus on and put all the goodies on. $4500 obo
  10. E6 is the touring...my mistake on that point. So maybe all "square tail light" cars are e10s? Who knows? I know the rails from these seats came from an early car which I used on my e9. They have the front notch to mount them.
  11. Good point for debate...e10 was never "formally" designated for the 2002, 1600, 1800, etc body type...type 114 was. Rumor was the 2002 touring was given the e10 label. E3, e9, e21 were clearly given the label...but not so much for the 2002s, 1800s, etc. Hmmm....I learned something today. Thanks Ray
  12. E10 is the bmw designation for 2002s, 1502s, 1600s, 1602, 1800s, etc from 67 to 77.

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