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  1. Ray, these were sold locally a while back.
  2. Noted shermanmartinez. Clearly, I am no expert on Alpina parts or "fabricated" Alpina parts. But usually resra's stuff IS really nice...
  3. 1. Rebuilt pedal box, powder coated, new bushings, zinc plated parts, gas pedal refreshed not new, new brake and clutch rubbers, $575 plus shipping. ****SOLD*** 2. Fresh zinc plated inner door mechanisms, rods, door latches, $250 per set l+r plus shipping. These look brand new If anyone is redoing their doors these are a perfect addition. 3. Door catches with screws $80 left and right side plus shipping. 4. Trunk lock and catch. $65 plus shipping. ****SOLD**** All replated parts have been coated with PB blast and work great, door mechanism, trunk catch, etc. Local in OC. PayPal Accepted and local pick up free.
  4. MoBrighta aka "Andy" is very well known to us also on the e9 forum. He does great work on these light refurbishments. Just FYI to this forum....
  5. Has anyone received any parts from Rsherwood?
  6. Cant be more than $15..I will cover the rest.
  7. Ran a batch of Blue zinc for my 76 and my e9, seat rails came out beautiful, look almost new. PB Blasted the internals so they are super smooth. Perfect for your new seats.. $140 plus shipping
  8. Mark, I will take these. You can add these to the other box that I am buying from you. THx AJ
  9. I have a passenger door in good shape that could complete the package. In SoCal
  10. Thanks Ray. W+N is great, plus they have half off shipping til July 10.
  11. I am looking for a spare tire floor for a rusted out piece on my 73 roundie. Located in SoCal, 92705.
  12. I have a set of seat rails freshly zinc plated, essentially look new. $200 plus shipping for the set.
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