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  1. Not the sheet metal, mine is in good shape. Need the long vinyl dash piece in decent condition that i can repair or get recovered. Either 2 piece or 3 piece will work. Thanks
  2. Esty made me one and its good quality. Tell her exactly what you are looking for with details and examples.
  3. I am looking for a decent, not perfect, lower long bottom section for a 3 piece dash. See pic below. If you have the gauge surround piece in decent condition also i am interested. Dont worry about condition as i will have it redone here. See pic.
  4. I have a set. Fully power coated and with recaro decals. Pm me
  5. Malaga, one of fav colors,,,car looks straight...look at the door lines...straight. need more pixs and some interior shots..
  6. These wheels clean up real nice. I redid a set for my agave tii, polished the outers and painted the centers. $450 is a great price.
  7. The car looks beautiful Lucian. Glad to see it back on the road.
  8. NMNA....I have seen this car and its pretty clean. Super deal for a complete clean car... https://offerup.com/item/detail/998979935/
  9. Thats a lotta tii car for that price...the k fish pump rebuild alone is $500 minimum.
  10. Lucian, great to see your beautiful car back on the road. It looks fantastic. Now, we need grab coffee in LA and watch them drool over our 2002s. AJ
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