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  1. Lucian, great to see your beautiful car back on the road. It looks fantastic. Now, we need grab coffee in LA and watch them drool over our 2002s. AJ
  2. looking for 2 decent condition pullout ashtrays and 1 (or 2) surround consoles--the ones that the green dummy button and hazard switch mount on. See photo.
  3. Thats Great Lucian. Hope that beautiful car gets back on the road.
  4. Chris, i need one of these. Let me know if its still available. I am local in OC and we know each other thru the e9 forum. -AJ
  5. Great Thread Ryan. It was good to see you & the car yesterday in person. The car has a lot of charisma. We need to go for a drive with your Colorado and my Golf tii soon. Just redid my brakes and fixed a vacuum leak and now back on the road.
  6. Lucian, The car is coming along great. Tell Jack he is doing a great job. Cant wait til its done and we can finally drive together. AJ
  7. Noted shermanmartinez. Clearly, I am no expert on Alpina parts or "fabricated" Alpina parts. But usually resra's stuff IS really nice...
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