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  1. the console with the shift boot was sold, I still have the other. Interested?
  2. Congrats! Cool car, of course, but what's up with that Doka??
  3. Doesnt get better then that! I have received seats via Greyhound, was easy and cost effective.
  4. Looking forward to the updates! As the weather improves here in Md, I'm going to be back at mine too.
  5. A set of 4 real BBS 13X6 wheels, ET13, which I believe is correct e21 fitment. Nice shape, some cosmetic flaws but no cracks or obvious bends. 3 center caps included. $400 plus shipping or pick up in Towson Md.
  6. Very nice car. I have an Agave Green 72 and looked at this car several times, just for fun! Good luck with it!
  7. Thanks mlytle, I'll pm you before I post in the future.
  8. This Craigslist post in Florida has the most unbelievably rusty hood I ever seen. Hows that even possible?? https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/orlando-bmw-cylneeds-restorare/6852169731.html
  9. Hey guys, I bought this as a parts car with no title. Id like to sell it as the same, although maybe some ambitious person could restore it. Both bumpers, grills and taillights are gone, otherwise its complete. It is a 72 Colorado Orange with decent black interior. Cool personal steering wheel. All glass good. Straight roof and hood, Rust in fenders, doors and quarters. Rusty in most places underneath, see pics. Numbers matching engine present and 4 speed. Not running.
  10. Local FAQer delivered! Thanks everyone!
  11. Hey guys- I really need a hub! Anyone have one?
  12. Hey guys, I bought a non roller 72 parts car. I've found everything I need to get it rolling except 1 front hub. Ideally hub bearings and studs. Its strictly for rolling, so it doesn't need to be pretty. Let me know what you have and how much. I'm in Baltimore, and I would come grab it if local! Thanks, Brendan

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