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  1. Bmoreindy

    Rear driver quarter and deck lid for my roundie

    That sucks! Someone here??
  2. Bmoreindy

    Too many cars?

    I'm at 13 also. I recently sold 2 to free up some space and funds... so I can buy a few more!
  4. Looking forward to the progress!
  5. Bmoreindy

    E3 front windshield (1971 Bavaria)

    Theres one on the E3 Facebook page in NJ, aftermarket for $100.
  6. Bmoreindy

    Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

    Still no phone call...
  8. Bmoreindy

    Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

    I sent you my phone number 2 weeks ago, and I live in Towson. Hi, call me.
  9. Bmoreindy

    Late Model Gauge Cluster - Silver Dollar Speedo

    Wait, there's a user named Joysterm and a user Joystorm with the same pic... what's up with that???
  10. Hope you guys don't mind me posting this here, but I saw it on CL and thought it was interesting. Seller says no major rust, but the front of the hood looks pretty major to me!
  11. Bmoreindy

    1965 1800 Project

    Snow! I hoped to have it moving before this happened...
  12. Bmoreindy

    Oxblood material!

    I've used SMS Fabric several times with great results. They have stuff no one else does.