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  1. Bmoreindy

    1973 Roundels and 2002 badge

    Seconds please!
  2. Bmoreindy

    Center console, 2 to choose

    Hi guys, I have 2 consoles to choose from. Both in pretty good shape, some extra holes. One has a speaker grill. One has a shifter boot. See pics. $125 each, plus actual shipping cost. I will definitely give preference to local pick up! Thanks.
  3. Bmoreindy

    BMW 2800/Bavaria

    I dont know of anything that is interchangeable, but I'm no expert. There is definitely a need for E3 parts, I suggest posting some pics in the parts for sale section, and also on classifieds. Thanks!
  4. Bmoreindy

    Neue Klasse Steering Wheel

    Can I get seconds on one of these? Preferably the cheaper one😉
  5. Looking good! I love the stock wheels and hubcaps. The car looks perfect as is. I think the BBS would look fine too, the real improvement being the better tire you could fit. Either way, awesome car, keep it up!
  6. Looks like a fun, family project to me! Anytime I can get my son in an old car with me I'm happy. Best of luck!
  7. Bmoreindy

    My lucky day project

    Hey guys, it's been a year since my last update! I finished polishing the car, and enjoyed driving the car all spring summer and fall. But, I couldn't get past the rust spots. So, I took it to Mark at East Coast Restoration and had him repair the rust and blend the paint. I couldn't be happier! He did an awesome job, only took a few weeks and charged a fair rate! Cant ask for more than that. Picked it up last Saturday and drove it about 50 miles. I'm in love. Here are some pics.
  8. Bmoreindy

    BMW NK 1500-2000 Steering Wheel

  9. Bmoreindy

    Rear driver quarter and deck lid for my roundie

    That sucks! Someone here??
  10. Bmoreindy

    Too many cars?

    I'm at 13 also. I recently sold 2 to free up some space and funds... so I can buy a few more!
  12. Looking forward to the progress!
  13. Bmoreindy

    E3 front windshield (1971 Bavaria)

    Theres one on the E3 Facebook page in NJ, aftermarket for $100.
  14. Bmoreindy

    Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

    Still no phone call...