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  1. Easy question. Does the 1602 6 fuse car have both front harness and rear harness through the firewall like a 12 fuse 2002?
  2. Few photos showing how the firewall and trans tunnel is coming together. Been pretty busy working on the other car and haven't had much time as i would like working on this swap. But my parts are ordered so I can start laying out the steering, and pedals to make sure everything will fit correctly.
  3. Power train is out, and car is completely stripped down. I put a little wax on the roof to show the owner that the car should be a bright deep Inka orange and not a dull non gloss color which he thinks is correct. It could be because the car sat for so long. Anyways now on to the next step, start to see what body panels are needed and make a list of items to keep our eyes open for.
  4. rockers? rear subframe mounts? underbody shots? front subframe is all this stuff solid?
  5. Gordon, I will be putting on the hoist soon but from what I have seen and recalled its not too bad. Got a few more pics of the vehicle pulled apart glass out and dash out. Even had a block heater installed....now factory or aftermarket i have no idea?
  6. Here we cut out all the rust to get ready to build our trans tunnel, and rear trunk floor with diff mount.... After firewall is built, we will install motor so its running and driving to make sure if we have to add anymore brackets we are doing so before paint...The cars body will also be stripped down to bare metal to make sure no hidden rust holes are found.
  7. Here what we would do is fully strip vehicle down to bare chassis and have it stripped down to bare metal to see if any spots need to be addressed. So far its looking like front fenders, and rockers, and rear lower quarters...But overall for a Michigan car that was parked in a bar and garage most its life the floors are solid!
  8. Got the car on the hoist and started to strip down the car and remove the S14 (owner unsure what to use it for next) Also found out that the Cali car had more rust then expected....Removed the firewall and fixed the wiper cowl... IMG_3286.mp4
  9. Parked in a barn for 15 some years than into the owners garage(he bought this in 75 I believe he said) for another 15 and now we have the honor to bring it back to life for the owner! Keeping it all original and making it look showroom ready! 1972 bmw 2002tii Instagram @xceedmotorsports follow me of other builds
  10. Hey guys, Been on here known as prostock but thought I change it up some. Starting a little hobby shop and update with my "name" Anyways im in the Metro detroit area and if anyone needs help or a hoist let me know.. We can work something out im sure! Currently finished a 72 s62 swapped 2002 Working on -1968 1602 S62 swapped -1972 2002 Tii factory restore Will make some blogs
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