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  1. Toby, i know, long time, but got pics?
  2. If they are what guest-anonymous is saying then i think they are exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll PM you. thanks!
  3. WHat head do they go with? Any idea the compression?
  4. Right now sale pending and another person waiting in the wings. If they sell I’ll tag SOLD, if those folks fall thru I’ll update. thanks for the interest.
  5. put in a roll bar and racing seat so these have to go. came w/ the car. surprisingly good shape, no rips, tears, stuffing looks new, springs good. come w/ front sliders so they can bolt right in. front mechanism works fine. trying to figure out a reasonable price, would appreciate suggestions / offers. SOLD for $800. let me know if you want more pics...
  6. hi, i dropped some pics into tmy "as built" album. take a look. i don't know what the price would be. i'm hunting around for that. thanks, Kyle
  7. slowpoke

    As bought

    These are pics of the car just after i bought it. "As Bought"
  8. Just finished a track day. At end of day temps were rising. Have a stock 1600 radiator and am looking for either a e21 (not the plastic one) or an upgraded AL one. thanks
  9. Hey, i just put in a roll bar so pulled the seats. 1969, black. Front and back. You want the whole works? They’re in good shape. I’m in Los Gatos. PM me...
  10. what tires / wheels you running? looks awesome btw! Big Willow is a fast track.
  11. what kind of a head? e12, e21, 121?
  12. What do you mean crap IE rockers? Vs. VAC? Interested as I’m starting engine rebuild...
  13. My documentation says Jack Fahuna did the engine build and I hear he’s reputable and definitely some of the other work looks great so I have no reason to doubt. Curiously the engine really blows oil smoke ( all the time) and compression is in the 135-140psi range. Not done too long ago (2014) so don’t get that. I have a used lynx intake with a 45 on a shelf as well as a used stahl header. (Thank you forum!!!). Looking for cam. Someone mentioned table for heights. I’ll look tonight when I get home. Thanks for the help.

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