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  1. Cooper, my engine is super tired and i wanted to build one up on the bench and then swap it in.... do you think your short block would be a candidate?
  2. The old adage is 100# = 0.1s sooooo, something like 0.05” in the 1/4mile. In terms of Willow Springs lap times i’m guessing $800 bucks of lessons would make 4x the improvement the hood would make... likely 10x or 100x for me... ;) that said, carbon fiber is awesome!
  3. Where are you located? Would I need anything else for the 5spd conversion?
  4. What’s the weight savings? And “no ship” makes it a smaller audience...
  5. slowpoke

    As bought

    These are pics of the car just after i bought it. "As Bought"
  6. slowpoke

    New parts

  7. Hey Mark,


    just saw a post that said you were running a 292 headers, a 123 ignition and a single 45. How’l do you like it?  I was thinking almost the same thing...  just bought a car and am slowly debugging and collecting parts. I’d love any insights!

    1. Mark92131




      I have run this setup in a few cars, so I know it pretty well.  The 123 ignition is the icing on the cake, super easy to setup and bullet-proof, no synching issues with one Weber, 292 IE Cam and shorty header.  Good low end torque and pulls hard right to the redline.  This video was when I first installed this setup on a stock bottom end of my 1975 2002.






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