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  1. slowpoke

    M10 and 4 speed trans

    Interested. I live in San Jose. I’d love to talk about your engine, your Lynx experience and why you’re going to a M42. i’ll send you a PM w/ my phone.
  2. slowpoke

    Lynx Manifold + Weber 45 DCOE Setup

    I bought it back in March when i sent my PM above. So, OP didn’t respond w/ a “sold” tag. I haven’t installed yet (spent the summer driving around and having fun) and now garage is being re-paved so just going back to remember what i had... as an aside; i also sometimes go back thru old “for sale items” and ping folks. I wish more would tag SOLD so i wouldn’t get my hopes up... good luck!
  3. Tons of fun! Good venue! Will absolutely do this again. Great to learn from others in the community.
  4. slowpoke

    2002/1600 parts

    Hey, can you take pics of marking on the various items? Block, heads; marking on tranny’s. It’ll help you sell them as folks will know better what you’ve got... there’s lots of variants out there. I’m asking cuz’ i might be interested. ;)
  5. yeah, i had an alfa GTV prior to my 2002 and that community has some deep experience. As an example, i found a dyno plot representative of what some of the old racing guys said they were getting back then. >200hp at less than 7500rpm. like Toby said, those DOHC's could really flow some air. i'd love a 200hp M10, but, personally I'm going to be wildly ecstatic if i can double my 70whp on something i can take to the track. seems Ken's been doing some good work in SoCal.
  6. The Alfa’s had twin cam engines, disc brakes and 5-sp trannies. I also vaguely remember the 2002’s weren’t as balanced front to back so they didn’t brake as well. THere was also no BMW factory support. The Alfa’s were the 2.0L front runners until the Datsun 510 showed up, with good support (primarily privateers but backed by some factory help). I had an article that said the last year 1971 the Datsun and Alfa were evenly matched but the Datsun had just a hair better mileage so the Alfa guys cheated w/ a larger than stock fuel tank and was disqualified. The results, but not backstory, are in Wikipedia. I saw another post here that said hp/L is harder in the M10 than the corresponding Alfa. I’m sure there’s someone online that can weigh in on the intricacies of engine design Its funny that the BMW’s seem to rule the roost now in vintage racing. Not sure why that is either. LIkely a larger community working on it now. Seems like there’s a bunch of vintage folks online here. If i had more time / $$ i think the vintage racing would be fun!
  7. slowpoke

    Show me your roll cages (full interior)

    solid point. i'd have to ensure the bar is close enough that its effectively above my head so if i draw a line from the bar to the front of the hood my head is below it. i'll continue to noodle on it. though i'm certain that the correct roll bar will be quite a bit safer than what i have now... as an example, there's lots of convertibles out there w/ roll bars. of course modern convertibles also have pretty beefy a-pillars.
  8. slowpoke

    Bavaria control arms questions

    This is great. to me that sounds like bavaria LCA's and adjustable camber plates will get me in the -3.5deg range. cool. 2nd question, if i'm going w/ adjustable camber plates, do i need to go to coilovers or will std. dia springs work? i've got some really stiff one on currently (from P.O.) that i don't want to change quite yet. first thought for me was some camber / caster and then start worrying about spring rates / etc.. etc... thanks
  9. slowpoke

    Show me your roll cages (full interior)

    Hi, reviving this. i've been to one track day and don't want to do another w/o at least a roll bar. i'm thinking bar half way between the b-pillar and c-pillar, and a racing seat. not a cage, a bar with a harness bar. my thought is with a fairly hi-backed racing seat if i drive on street my head will not hit the bar, and yet i'll have some protection that a rollbar, seat, harness / hans provides.... i've done some racing and doing track days w/o all available safety gear sort of freaks me out... i would love to see some pics of other's work, or other suggestions. i'm not yet interested in a full cage / dedicated track car... thanks
  10. slowpoke

    Winter cleaning

    Bye. Still have the washer bottle? Pump work?
  11. slowpoke

    Winter cleaning

    Because of that I always do both, respond on forum and on PM. I’ve won some and lost some. All I know is if you wait long enough everything comes back around. Good luck!!!
  12. slowpoke

    Shared shop space

    I know of a gas station in Los Gatos off of 9 just past 85 that has two open bays. They were renting to someone for a while but then they left. Been open for months.
  13. slowpoke

    blowin' smoke

    Not losing any brake fluid. I was thinking crankcase vent? That could be intermittent in nature. Don’t know where it is though. I’ll have to hunt around. Had another instance yesterday where it started w/ no smoke, then when i stopped and restarted it it smoked like a brush fire, so stopped it and restarted it and it was fine.... as an aside, i think stock cam, tii exhaust manifold, 32/36 carb, 2.0L and the P.O. said 9.25:1 compression. Pulled 73whp a couple months ago on a mustang Dyno. (The one where you pull the wheels and bolt the dyno directly to the hubs. Seemed a little weak. Anyway... pretty busy at work right now and remodeling our house so hardly any time to spnd on this. thanks for the suggestions.