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  1. slowpoke

    Winter cleaning

    Bye. Still have the washer bottle? Pump work?
  2. slowpoke

    Winter cleaning

    Because of that I always do both, respond on forum and on PM. I’ve won some and lost some. All I know is if you wait long enough everything comes back around. Good luck!!!
  3. slowpoke

    Shared shop space

    I know of a gas station in Los Gatos off of 9 just past 85 that has two open bays. They were renting to someone for a while but then they left. Been open for months.
  4. slowpoke

    blowin' smoke

    Not losing any brake fluid. I was thinking crankcase vent? That could be intermittent in nature. Don’t know where it is though. I’ll have to hunt around. Had another instance yesterday where it started w/ no smoke, then when i stopped and restarted it it smoked like a brush fire, so stopped it and restarted it and it was fine.... as an aside, i think stock cam, tii exhaust manifold, 32/36 carb, 2.0L and the P.O. said 9.25:1 compression. Pulled 73whp a couple months ago on a mustang Dyno. (The one where you pull the wheels and bolt the dyno directly to the hubs. Seemed a little weak. Anyway... pretty busy at work right now and remodeling our house so hardly any time to spnd on this. thanks for the suggestions.
  5. slowpoke

    blowin' smoke

    ok, another clue... in the last week smoking completely stopped. i've made NO change to the car. brought it to the shop on monday and they had it for 3 days. (brakes, steering, etc...) they never noticed any smoke and gave me funny looks when i mentioned it. drove it home, no smoke. today, getting take out, drove to the restaurant, no smoke. when i started it again when i left the restaurant, LOTS of smoke. i turned it off in the parking lot and then restarted it. NO smoke... go figure... no smoke is better! any ideas? i've just been driving it a bit on weekends and waiting to get a leak down test and winter to tear into it and do some improvements... anyway, here's your friday night dilemma... thanks,
  6. slowpoke

    "sticky" new steering box

    Struts weren’t touched. Looking at the records, no other bushings were replaced. Before the replacement the steering was loose, 1/8 turn prior to seeing anything resembling steering OUTPUT. I guess the thing to do is put it up on blocks and see where the friction is coming from...
  7. Hi all, just got my steering box replaced (there was no more adjustment available) w/ a re-manufactured one and its really sticky. Stiff.. not heavy, i know heavy... heavy to me means hard to turn because its a manual box. stiff means the degree of difficulty to move doesn't correlate to steering angle and i can feel no restoring force when i turn (like there's no caster). the wheel just stays at the angle i put it at. reputable shop, don't know where the box came from. shop said they called mfger and they said, use it for a while and it'll get smoother. anyone else have this happen to them?
  8. slowpoke

    Quick-ratio steering box

    if you sell the other or coastal crush decides not to get it let me know... thanks,
  9. what kind of processor are you using? is it an arduino?
  10. in my continuing quest to know what mod's have been done to my car I did a couple of dyno pulls. We could call these "before". Notes: 1) the body is a 1970 1600 2) the P.O. says its a replacement 2.0L w/ 9.25:1 compression (but the tested compression comes in around 145psi), and it spews blue smoke like nobodies business. 3) i thought (apparently incorrectly) that it had the original 4.10 rear diff but turns out its a 3.64 4) the car weighs in at 2200lbs (resolution 20lbs) as there's a certified scale at the driveway paver store 1/2 mile away. 3/4 tank, spare tire, not me ;-) High level results are: 73 whp from Dynapack (from what i've read this is 8-10% lower than Dynojet roller dyno) 74 whp from iphone app i guess its like my buddy says: "physics doesn't care how much you paid when calculating answers..." First plots are Dynapack wheel dyno near my work - $100 for three pulls fun! but ended up smelling like burnt oil the rest of the day... ... oh, and they entered 3.55:1 rear diff after the 4.10:1 didn't match. i couldn't remember the 3.64 until after and they typically work on 'merican iron. hence the 3.55 ... if you look closely i corrected for the difference between 3.55 and 3.64 in pencil on a couple of the plots. affects rpm, which affects hp. don't think it the measured torque at the wheel... Last plot is screen grab later in the day using the PerfExpert iphone app. This worked much better now that i've got the right rear diff and the actual weight... i guess what makes the app closer is: i) i had a very accurate weight ii) it was a 2nd gear pull so air drag was probably not much of a factor iii) clearly no wheel spin iv) because the pull took so long the signal to noise was probably better than average... pretty much this was probably ideal conditions for the app, was honestly surprised at how close it was
  11. slowpoke

    As bought

    These are pics of the car just after i bought it. "As Bought"
  12. slowpoke

    what struts are these?

    just measured. 75mm.... which is ~3" so, standard struts. thanks all!
  13. slowpoke

    what struts are these?

    perfect response. I also found this link with a picture in it so i'll measure dimension "C" tonight... thanks for your help!
  14. still researching my new car. can anyone tell what type of struts these are? i've got to rebuild / replace one of my calipers and i immediately started thinking about the big brake upgrade. but that depends on the type of struts. so here we are. the car's VIN represents a 1969 1600. thanks!
  15. slowpoke

    blowin' smoke

    ugh. ok. tired engine.. the silver lining, if there is one, i'm excited as to what my car CAN be once i've got a non-tired engine in place... any good 2002 engine guys in the Bay Area?