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  1. If i was going to keep my car I’d consider it. How are they different from the.... e21 longer control arms? That’s what i was looking at. Can you use stock fenders? I was hoping to get the additional camber without cutting.. I’d accept some interior fender rollling though.
  2. As for your FEA you may not be using the right constraints. You’ve got a fixed support on the bearing surface and i think that would apply if the bearing were infinitely stiff and the hub was welded to the bearing, neither of which are true. For example, if there is a load into the page on the top and out of the page at the bottom of the hub face, then the face will tilt and the bearing surface will deform like an oval. That absolutely happens or hubs would never crack. You could try some runs at those conditions. Also, this is aluminum and therefore can’t be designed for infinite life, so do you have life calcs to know how many cycles these hubs should last before they fatigue fail. can you convert cycles into miles? Just some thoughts. good luck, and we’re all hoping you’re successful. At least i am.
  3. Cyrus, I'm with irdave on this one. In fields where rigorous engineering is required there's LOTS of design reviews. And the reviews focus on risk, forces, factors of safety, life time, etc. etc. etc... The BEST engineers are very willing to put all their calculations, testing up for review and peer evaluation. They know a review is a critique of the design and not a critique of their own engineering capability, experience, etc. It is merely that, a critique choices and analysis that led to a specific design. Remember, all design is inherently a series of compromises around a set of constraints ideally optimizing along one vector... a review of the constraints, compromises and your optimization vector is always worthwhile, especially if its done by a knowledge peer group. it appears that this forum has a number of knowledge folks that can (and have) been critiquing your design. I urge you to thank them for the effort they've applied. Their comments seem valid. Their goal isn't to crush your new business endeavors but rather help you deliver great products and for the community have a richer set choices when it comes to building up their cars. Sharing your work, as it were, can: show folks the rigor you have applied, stimulate conversation, drive out potential failure modes, improve designs, and at the very least build trust and confidence in your ability as a designer / fabricator in the community you wish to foster as customers. I, also, have some questions about your design, and would really like to understand the load cases you've considered and the calcs and FEA you've completed. at the very least you'll be able to show off all your engineering muscles. i'm confident there's people in this group that will "get" the math. thanks again for all the work you've already put into this and for helping grow the 2002 community!
  4. interesting... how does valving compare to, let's say, IE stage 2 stuff? springs are pretty easy to swap out, but valving - any ability to adjust for more track use? how's the gecko quality compared to other brands. and finally, just looked up Danjer --> awesome!!! love to see folks making parts for 02s!
  5. replied.. funny, me and a couple buddies had a Gen1 MR2 as a Lemon's car for a number of years... fun, but we blew a number of engines... ended up scrapping it and buying this. now selling this cuz'in i got a better race car...
  6. does it need to be a square tail light? i live in the bay area and have a 1969 2002 that needs to go... got a roll bar and one racing seat. been to a number of track days. fun. used to have a full interior but gone now. no rust except a tiny hole in spare tire well. paint, P.O. did a paint job looks like in his garage. ping me if you're interested. not perfect but i think it might be a good project for you...
  7. Had to take the rear windows out to get the cage in but I’m putting them back in this weekend. The fronts are in and work fine. The car is waterproof, meaning if it’s raining nothing came in when all the windows were installed.
  8. hi, i think the little headliner dome light in my car was original because just the other day it basically crumbled into my hands. anyone know were i can get a replacement? its an oval and is about 2" long and 1" wide and is right next to your head. has a switch. selling the car and the headliner is nice, it'd be cool if that wasn't just a dangly wire that I asserted still worked, but rather it was a working light. thanks,
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