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  1. put in a roll bar and racing seat so these have to go. came w/ the car. surprisingly good shape, no rips, tears, stuffing looks new, springs good. come w/ front sliders so they can bolt right in. front mechanism works fine. trying to figure out a reasonable price, would appreciate suggestions / offers. let me know if you want more pics...
  2. hi, i dropped some pics into tmy "as built" album. take a look. i don't know what the price would be. i'm hunting around for that. thanks, Kyle
  3. slowpoke

    As bought

    These are pics of the car just after i bought it. "As Bought"
  4. Just finished a track day. At end of day temps were rising. Have a stock 1600 radiator and am looking for either a e21 (not the plastic one) or an upgraded AL one. thanks
  5. Hey, i just put in a roll bar so pulled the seats. 1969, black. Front and back. You want the whole works? They’re in good shape. I’m in Los Gatos. PM me...
  6. what tires / wheels you running? looks awesome btw! Big Willow is a fast track.
  7. what kind of a head? e12, e21, 121?
  8. What do you mean crap IE rockers? Vs. VAC? Interested as I’m starting engine rebuild...
  9. My documentation says Jack Fahuna did the engine build and I hear he’s reputable and definitely some of the other work looks great so I have no reason to doubt. Curiously the engine really blows oil smoke ( all the time) and compression is in the 135-140psi range. Not done too long ago (2014) so don’t get that. I have a used lynx intake with a 45 on a shelf as well as a used stahl header. (Thank you forum!!!). Looking for cam. Someone mentioned table for heights. I’ll look tonight when I get home. Thanks for the help.
  10. E21 head. I’m planning on dissembling the lower end so will have full access to the pistons. if i could find a 121 head i might pry open my wallet enough to get a set of those Mahle 10:1 pistons that are floating around here. Curious as to why there are so many of those.... someone mis-order?
  11. my engine is "tired" and needs a rebuild. I found old paper work from the previous owner who installed this engine and it said 9.5:1 pistons. I'd like more power (currently 32/36, stock cam, tii exhaust as far as i can tell), but would keep the pistons if i could for this go around. (intake, header on shelf ready to go, still noodling cams). Is there a way i can determine what i have once i open it up? i'll look for identifying marks, but any other way to tell? thanks!
  12. bmw1602. that's sweet. i'll check the build thread. thinking about your pistons, but currently i think the head that goes w/ them (e21) is on the car. do you have a 304 or is there a "sort of equivalent" regrind? cams are pricey. ok, everything's pricey. looks like i've got some more reading to do over lunch!! woohoo!
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