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  1. reyes02

    FS. Belt Trim Sale $50 to $60 Each

    California. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. reyes02

    FS. Belt Trim Sale $50 to $60 Each

    Hey Looking for a driver door, let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. reyes02


    Hahaha but wait there’s more - Reyes
  4. reyes02


    love the way the hood opens front side up. - Reyes
  5. reyes02


    Any bites? - Reyes
  6. reyes02

    Isseta Meme

    Isetta Meme* - Reyes
  7. reyes02


    Thanks for the info had no clue. - Reyes
  8. reyes02


    Came across a website ( ) wondering if anyone has bought from them before, I haven’t sourced parts from outside the states or outside this forum. any feedback appreciated. - Reyes
  9. reyes02

    My 74’ Automatic 2002

    haven’t updated in a while, here’s the car now. this was the CL photo back in November 2017. - Reyes
  10. reyes02

    tail light housing gasket?

    Oops, thanks Buckeye. I need 74-76 seals
  11. can someone link me to tail light housing to body gasket/seal. I haven’t had any luck. thanks - Reyes
  12. reyes02

    training video fails

    speaking of fails lol wrong section. whoops. - Reyes
  13. reyes02

    training video fails

    didn’t know 320’s in 1973 came with six cylinders. also didn’t know 1974 2002 came with quad lights. - Reyes
  14. reyes02

    What do you do for a living?

    Working as a Technician at a MINI dealership. - Reyes