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  1. reyes02

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Did anyone else have trouble installing this? Mine has about 1 1/2 gap on the driver side. Passenger side fits good though - Reyes
  2. reyes02

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    Question, do you have to be a member to “wear” one of those? Or is it just like any other badge? - Reyes
  3. 15” 4x100 Konig - Reyes
  4. I dont know but I really like their hypergram wheels wish I had an e36 or e46 to put those on lol - Reyes
  5. reyes02

    Cheap 75’ 02 in the Bay Area

    Lol yeah wright - Reyes
  6. reyes02

    1974 2002 parts car

    I’m in sf. How bad is the rust? - Reyes
  7. reyes02

    5-Years Ago Today

    As I went thru the photos I was shook when I saw the s14 lol that escalated quickly. Nice build! - Reyes
  8. reyes02

    Free Steelies SF BAY AREA

    I got a set of 5 steelies I want to get rid of. Free if you can come pick them up. In San Francisco. Four painted bronze the other one is just rusty it’s the spare that came in my car. - Reyes
  9. Second on rear spoiler. Let me know if it doesn’t sell first round. - Reyes
  10. reyes02

    DCOE & 02 Brake Parts+stuff

    Second on the IE Manifold - Reyes
  11. Quick shoutout and thanks to Bibm5 for the steering wheel and thanks to 02tradition for the center console. Really appreciate the time and effort spent with packaging! Thanks again - Reyes
  12. reyes02

    My 74’ Automatic 2002

    On today’s “what did you do today on your 2002?” Honestly thought about making it a white top lol but I didn’t do it. Bumpers got fresh matte black paint. As I’ll be keeping them on but the chrome was in bad shape. - Reyes
  13. reyes02

    My 74’ Automatic 2002

    thanks! as for the integra seats I had to remove the seat rail from them as they won’t fit. They’re attached with spot welds, you can drill through easily. I had saved the original seat rails, bolted them down in the car. Set the integra seats over them and marked for new holes. I bolted them down for now but will eventually get to welding them down.
  14. reyes02

    Getrag 240 test mule needed

    G240 has 2 mounting points though - Reyes
  15. reyes02

    My 74’ Automatic 2002

    I mean for a cheap diy rattle can it’s not terrible - Reyes