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  1. new wheel set up 15x8 +17 Work VS-XX with toyo R888R 205/50/15 3mm spacer up front to clear steering knuckle. should be able to take that out when i put the ie offset Roll-center spacers now just to get it lower to the ground with ground control and ie goodies
  2. yeh so it will be a bit wide at the rear but a bit of camber and a light hammering of the gaurds should make room
  3. i used an 8mm up front and a 3mm in the rear. with my new wheels at ET17 i should be fine with no spacers
  4. 75 2002 currently sitting on 15x8 +25 with spacers and 195/50/15 tyres billy sports, h&r springs and rpm adjustable top mounts up front. i have a new set of wheels 15x8 +17 and i want to put 205/50/15 r888 on as im not a fan of the stretch look. i know theres not really a clear answer but is rolling the gaurds enough to fit 205's under? or is more modification required? looking at getting the gc adjustable spring kit front and back soon. cheers matt
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