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  1. Hi uai, How far south are you coming, i'm down in Cork if you make it this far. Good luck
  2. I can't be trusted with my own facebook account, so i got herself to vote. Good luck
  3. This is sad to see, but, always a but, your alive and kicking and so is your trailer and bike, two outta three ain't bad !! Good luck
  4. Went for a spin this evening, The Vee, Tipperary
  5. Great result for you and the local 02 fellas who will know not to use this shop in future. Good luck
  6. Ok, so those Recaros are gonna look pretty shite in black anyway, so I will take them off your hands to save your embarrassment and you can keep your original old seats, problem solved, like.... Good luck
  7. Buy new black door cards from W & N and save the originals in case you ever want to go back. Who are you having do the upholstery ? Good luck
  8. Nice Larry, looks the red setters rude bits alright. Good luck
  9. Normally a few used bowls for sale on German ebay if W&N doesn't have any, or try Jaymic
  10. Hi Lucian, I know nothing about your clutch, but that is a stunning picture of your car. Good luck
  11. The car in the first picture has a Dutch number plate hiding under the blue Californian plate.
  12. Seemed a shame to waste such a handy space !!!
  13. Nice cars on show here, nice 280 also, d-jet i presume, that'd take a bit of tuning.

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