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  1. Not sure if anyone is still interested but I live in the Gwinnett area, I purchased a '76 02. I had the bill of sale and the t-22 form that the tag office supplied ( of course can be found online). The tag office gave me the local police department number, literally showed up to my home 15 mins later ran my vin asked me to fill out the form so he could just do his portion. Talked for 5 mins and that was it!
  2. Definitely hitting the structural and all rust components first. Thanks for the feedback all!
  3. Hey all bought my 76' 2002 mid November, that day I had it towed straight to the shop. Will be my first time literally getting hands on with a car, but feel led to dive in this time. Since the purchase, the car has been siting at the shop (the mechanics haven't had time to look at it) until yesterday. Being anxious and becoming a member with this forum I said heck with it and had it towed home yesterday. Started to gut it out, and plans are for a M20 getrag260 swap, because I already have the motor and tranny. Ive seen the different write ups with having to cut or hammer out the tunnel and what not with the tranny, but up for a challenge. Any advice will be well appreciated!

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