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  1. So I was just trying to replace my front hood emblem and I’m finding that the black grommets in the new emblem are a bit too thick for the holes on my hood (early 69 model). Did I get the wrong emblem? The existing emblem is thicker overall and had metal clips. Pics for reference.
  2. if you still have the hand brake please PM me.
  3. They still haven't been able to sell this car! Guess the reserve is too high. It's been up for auction for a while now and keeps getting reposted. I do find it to be a very clean example of a 68, with great interior and original hubcaps. Very nice car, just I think whoever bought was trying to flip it and it's not coming easy to them.
  4. I quickly opened the door to get the seat belt unstuck and upon shutting, the whole driver side glass window shattered in pieces today. Luckily most of the window was down so it went inside the door as opposed to all over my face. I still need to figure out what caused this but in the meantime, does anyone sell replacement glass? Was just checking Wallothsnech and they don't seem to have that particular glass.
  5. Just bumping this up to see if anyone has any feedback/input from my last two posts above. Happy holidays!
  6. There’s actually a link on the auction description to over 100 photos underside included.
  7. Not my car, just wanted to share. Seems like a very nice example of an early 2002. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F383287749509
  8. What an amazing job on this 1600. Have you put it up for sale? Only thing I would say it needs is the euro style turn signals
  9. One more thing! There are days where the shifter is nice and smooth and there are days when it's really hard, just hard to get into first or reverse, and I can't quite find an explanation as to why this happens. Any ideas?
  10. Not much since my last posts. Been driving it and loving it. Well, I guess I do have a couple of small updates. I replaced the shift knob after several attempts at unscrewing the one that came with the car. Boy it took a lot of effort. I was happy to finally get it out but not too happy to see I messed up the shifter in the process because the vice grips beat right through the rag that I used. Should've used something else. The new knob partially covers the damage so I'm not sweating it too too much but man I was pissed. Only thing I will say is this knob isn't threaded, only plastic inside and it sort of pushes in, and man it RATTLES like crazy, so now I have a nice knob and very annoying sound. Any tips on how to get rid of that please send them my way! Other update is that I've been noticing that when I turn on the car there's a lot of white smoke coming out, and the fumes are pretty major. It only does it while the car is cold, though, it all goes away once the car warms up. My buddy told me it has something to do with the emissions system that California cars have (suggest I get rid of it), but that it should go away once the car is warm (and it does). Anyone else experience this? Photo of the knob and my fuckup below!
  11. Ah, those Hirschman antennas are nice. But pricy! Red tip is a very nice touch. I ordered mine from Roger’s Tii, let’s see what it’s like. From the (pretty poor) photos the base seems to be round and similar to the Hirschman. Thank you both for the knowledge and information!
  12. I’ve searched the forums for answers and found several discussions on antennas (or antennae? lol) but haven’t exactly found this addressed. So this is the antenna that came with my 69. It’s rusty and already broke off at the top. I’ve had a bit of a hard time figuring out what the right antenna for this model is, but I ended up ordering the one with the round base (where it screws on) that seems to be on some properly restored examples I’ve seen online. Not even sure if it’s going to fit but it doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t. Any feedback is appreciated. I will say that I haven’t seen this type of antenna (the one currently on my car) on any other 2002s so I’m not even sure what I have. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thank you for pointing this out. Will definitely take a close look this weekend. also took care of the black oil filler cap and wipers.
  14. I would've been all over this car had it popped up about three months ago. Very nice and just how I like them: not show quality but no beaters either. On the nicer side of a happy medium. Should sell fast.
  15. This is the type of stuff I really appreciate and that really gets me haha. Those details. Just as a small update, I now have a clean Florida title in my name. Glad that part worked out considering I bought this with no title. Here, Mike. Thank you for the education!
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