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  1. Looking for a used one in good shape.
  2. Looking for the Sunroof recessed handle cover PN 54129634115
  3. Cole, I found what I was looking for have to pass. Thank you
  4. If the 4 edis and the wiring harness is complete I take it. Let me know
  5. TurboPR


    Edited by Turbo PR
  6. TurboPR


    I have not seen my refund and I dont think he is going to send it any way. He did the same to me offer pictures for money and then ask for more money. Oldskoul 13 Good luck to you if you continue dealing with this guy you pay before me 12 Jan. Dont remove your feedback until you get your money back
  7. TurboPR


    Buyers be ware l send this guy 100$ as a down payment for overhead parts and never received pictures of the parts and he just asked for more money without showing what he was selling. I lost 100 dollars with this guy. He dont want to return my money or show evidence of parts. He just want you to call him on the phone. Stay away recomended if you dont want to loose your money. He should be banned from the forum. As evidence I attached the pay pal transfer. Paid 18 January 2018.
  8. Thank you all for the replies. Working on a deal now.
  9. Looking for a set of Headliner Rods for a 76 with Sunroof.
  10. Were to find original color by VIN?
  11. Lowes sells Naval Jelly in the paint area.

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