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  1. Mr. Green

    The oh-two arrived!

    Right after I posted this blog entry, I stumbled across that article haha. Will be very helpfull indeed. I need to buy me a Haynes manual. Thanks!
  2. Mr. Green

    The oh-two arrived!

    Last sunday, I went to pick up the 1602 from the seller, with a friend. The car was already parked outside. When we wanted to start it, there were some start problems however. The seller tried to 'fix' it by bashing a hammer on the starter, but that didn't really help since he couldn't reach the starter very well. So he called up a mechanic he knew, who immediately took a long steel pipe to bash the starter a bit harder, which seemed to help. He also knew the cause; bad fuel. Last year, in Belgium, octane 95 gasoline got replaced by octane 95 with 10% ethanol (95 E10), which is really bad for old cars, as the added ethanol 'eats' through all the (old) rubber hoses and stuff! A couple of classic cars were already destroyed due to fire, most likely as a cause of leaking fuel hoses, which again is most likely a cause of the 95 E10 fuel. So almost everyone has to use octane 98 now (even more recent cars), but that's also more expensive (and gasoline and diesel prices are already sky high due to added taxes ). Anyway, the 95 E10 has to go out asap, any suggestions on the best way to do this on an 02? I was also thinking of removing the entire gas tank while it'll be empty, to remove the rust and add a new anti-rust coat and paint on it. I also drove my first meters with the 1602 (actually the first time I drive an 02 at all), but because the bad fuel, the car was stuttering and didn't run well so I quickly parked it inside. For now, here are some better (phone) pictures! On the trailer: Any tips of what to change on an 02 that has not driven for several years? I'm thinking of: - oil and cooling fluid, brake fluid - filters - spark plugs - brakes? Any other tips are welcome and appreciated. I'm kinda new to the mechanical stuff, so I hope I get to learn a lot here by trying to get this car on the road again (I want to try most of it myself). Thanks for reading.
  3. Mr. Green

    Just purchased my first (well, accually third) 02!

    Not entirely sure. If you shine a white LED lamp on it, it looks like some kind of purple. But if you just look at it it looks blue. Didn't find a color code sticker under the hood. The barn where it was parked was pretty dark, so I'm curious how it'll look like in broad day light. When looking at the picture I took of the front side, it looks a bit like this color:
  4. I said first, because the first two were two 'full resto' projects. I sold them and bought myself this one. It's the first 02 I'm going to accually drive, instead of dreaming of driving it while looking at a stripped 02 chassis with parts all around it. So last weekend I went looking for this 1602. It's a Belgian version, assembled by Moorkens, so sadly no history or options list can be tracked via the VIN, since Moorkens used it's own VIN system and they lost the archives over the years... (Moorkens imported BMW Semi Knock Down kits back then and assembled them in Belgium, to avoid high import taxes at the time). The car has been sitting in a barn for a couple of years (don't know how much exactly), so it'll need some love. The engine runs, but the clutch pedal stays on the floor panel, so that'll be one of the first things to fix (along with new fluids etc), before I'll be able to drive it. The car is oficially named '1602 S' on paper. I believe it's a Belgian-only thing, invented by Moorkens or something. I don't think the S has extras. Maybe the Alpina style wheels? Although I don't know if it came from the assembly line with these wheels. A lot could've happened in 47 years... The seller told me he parked the car in the barn, but wasn't really interested in it (which is why he sells it now), as he's more into pre-war oldtimers, he told me those 02's and other cars from that era were too new for him. But he respected my love for these cars, as it's a bit the same he has with the pre-war cars (since I'm a lot younger than him). The seller told me the car was all original and non-restored, but I quickly saw some overspray on a window seal. So it must have been resprayed at least once, or resprayed locally. Another weird thing is this car is a roundie but it has a facelift front, which only makes things more suspicious. I know back in the days people rebuilt their pre-facelift cars to the newer model, once it was out. But the question is if in this case it's because it had an accident, or was just for the newer look? I hope it's option two. For now I'll have to live with it but if I plan to keep the car, the front will be fixed to original again (and preferably the lower side trim will go off as well), since I prefer the original pre-facelift kidneys and grille anyway, but that'll be something to worry about later. I'm glad they kept the round tails at least (no hate for clean square light 02's tho). First I'd like to be able to drive this car and then enjoy it how it is a bit. I'll probably pick it up next weekend, in the meantime, here are some pics! How it was sitting in the barn: These were the pictures from the seller's ad:
  5. Mr. Green

    New leather interior!

    I've read that some 02's near the end of the 02-production were fitted with Recaro's. But these are probably very rare.
  6. Mr. Green

    New leather interior!

    Looks great! Are these E21 Recaro's?