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  1. I can't drive it year round. Otherwise haven't owned it long enough to do anything dumb.
  2. Installed freshly powder coated strut bar. PO just spray bombed it. before after
  3. 02 related for the garage. Bought some cheap frames at Hobby Lobby, turned out good I think.
  4. Looking for both driver and passenger side seat weld in brackets for a 1973 2002. Mine were removed by PO and I want to install my Recaros.😊 Need these brackets, pic pilfered from another thread. Thanks JP
  5. @Teelinger just did a blog about his door cards chrome repair. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/entry/2018-refinished-door-card-chrome/
  6. When it comes time to replace,get what You want. I build my cars for me,Not for other people. 😊
  7. I believe mine is a Tep hold down. It was installed when I bought the car. The battery master switch comes in handy and everything is solid, but I think it takes up waaaaaay to much trunk space for what it is. I plan on making my own next winter with the battery more to the passenger side and the crossbar higher so not to lose so much usable luggage space.
  8. Watched Villeneuve at The Glen's last f1 race. My girlfriend literally bumped into him by pit lane. We camped at The Watkins Glen state park. IIRC couple cars were set on fire,
  9. Fuel line banjo gaskets on my dual Webers. Would only leak when you turned off the motor after warmed up. Nothing like gas doing a slow drip on a hot engine. Got the front turn signals to work correctly.
  10. Turning out very nice indeed,congrats. What gas line filter is that in the trunk ?

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