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  1. Mine has the big switch by the runck battery. AS of today I'm looking at better security. Glad they didn't get to far with it. Some people.
  2. I guess I'll stop complaining about my lack of ceiling height. I live on a small hill with a walkout basement. The older homes here did the garage under house during the 1960's in Michigan . Mine is 22x30. and is dry as a bone, all winter maybe 50° inside and 70° during the summer even with both doors open. Plus three more cars in the driveway. We plan on moving in a year couple acres and a pole barn.
  3. The S/O just sent me this, shopping at Tanger Outlets, Cool Ad,
  4. I'm missing the "J-hook " piece of the right side motor mount. If someone knows name or part number or has a nice used one I would be grateful . It's the details 😊
  5. Thanks again. Andy for for posting this thread and Tsingtoa-1903 for making them. I think its way cool. jim
  6. Went on a two hour back road car ride with my youngest Son,Justin today. We went up to hardware store that sold Tekton tools. Purchased a Tekton and ended up getting another craftsman (not thrilled about that) . I break Craftsman and Gearwrench ratchets a lot it seems. We had a blast backroads around lakes and a stop a Dairy Queen for a couple Blizzards. Car ran great.
  7. Installed my new steering wheel, got some used parts from members to correct the horn ring. Now its legit everything works. Adjusted turn signal stalk and even the side marker one light at a time work. Also great tip on the right motor mount will get order that this weekend.
  8. Happy B Day. As a new again 2002 love the customer service these guys offer. Since I wasn't sure of all the details like correct distributer cap and such. They asked for some pictures and got me all the right stuff. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  9. Just installed my Hella high mount Brake light from @halboyles. Easy Peasy works like a champ, Thank You Hal. Jim
  10. Hmmmm, I need this. My tii clock works. 😊
  11. So for grins on my gas stinking trunk, I used a bar of Ivory soap around the edge of the tank. Still mounted in the trunk just to see if anything would happen. Open trunk today and 85% of smell is gone. Looks like I'm pulling a tank over the winter,got a be the seams for sure I would think. Years ago a, endurance racing a fireman told us you can rub Ivory Soap on a gas tank leak and the fat content will seal it for quite awhile. Ivory worked the best cause 99% pure. Worked great on the car we racing at the time.
  12. I have this in the tool box,fits a ton of stuff,grips well. for the 2002 I bought the Hazet tool.

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