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  1. H E L P

    1973 2002 on Craigs - Cheap

    Yup, shock towers, rockers, floors, wheel arches, nose etc. all have rusts. He says he got it two weeks ago to flip it after finding it sitting on a field for 11 years. He dragged it out and gave it a clean up. He did put new tires and hubcaps.
  2. H E L P

    Looking to buy my 1st NK

    Thanks guys, I’m not familiar with early to late year differences but I’m researching and open to all years. I just like them because they look like 2002s with 4 door. The one in Portugal looks cool but it’s really not next door and one in Boston looks cool but too rusty.
  3. H E L P

    Looking to buy my 1st NK

    Good morning. Thank you. I will look into that but I was really hoping that another user will have a running project they want to get rid of. I will keep everyone posted. I’m excited.
  4. Hello guys, I’m new to this NK series. I would like to find a running driving project for around $5k. I’m in TN so anything near by within 500 miles would be great. Please send me a PM. Brian
  5. H E L P

    1973 BMW 2002 For Sale

    If you think it will drive back to Nashville TN without a hiccup then I’m very interested. I would like to go to my bank tomorrow by noon and contact you.
  6. H E L P

    e21 Radiator

    I'm still interested but can you tell me the offset please?
  7. H E L P

    e21 Radiator

    I like your wheels too but correct me if i'm wrong, didn't they originally come on Front wheel drive cars like a VW Jetta? Makes me question because the wheels l can see clearly will stick out in the middle on a 2002. Offset must be over or around 35! Which is very high for a 2002. I think 2002 steel wheels had offset of 20s. And this maybe one of the reasons the wheels haven't sold yet, otherwise a very good deal for a front wheel drive car.
  8. They won't fit a ti either like your ad reads. Only will work on standard 2002 and 1600.
  9. H E L P

    Dual 45 Webers with manifold

    You may not know some of these answers but it is very important that a buyer know what size jets are inside those carbs. what size emulsion tubes etc. Otherwise one can easily spend hundreds of dollars in addition trying to get the M10 tuned and running right with this setup! Ask me how I know. Also, what condition are these carbs in? Not visually but internally. How long have these been sitting etc. Will they need a rebuild kit? If so, that is another several hundred! Again, I have gone through all these making a huge mistake buying a used set. Ended up spending over $1500 paying a mechanic to install, rebuild, tune and my car still doesn't drive 100% Wish I just spent $1200 and bought a complete new setup with proper jetting, linkage, manifold etc.
  10. @Whaledriver are the side panel pieces you have custom made? If so, where can I buy a pair like that?
  11. What is the model number of your Alpine radio on the center console?
  12. H E L P

    $5000 Project ‘67 2000cs Houston

    Here was a running and driving more complete project sold on Bringagasburner for $4700. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-bmw-2000cs/
  13. H E L P

    Beltline trim - full set in used condition

    I would like to buy your set. Please PM me your paypal information if you still have the set.
  14. Geoff, I am not making it a rant section but hoping the selfish thinkers would read this and perhaps take it into consideration that other peoples post matter too. I understand your and everyone elses opinion about keeping 100 separate posts about 100 separate parts but is it fair to others???
  15. @ Conk, that is a great clip and well said. Just no microwave at work but there is some popcorn.