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  1. Hello the previous owner of my 1974 2002 for unknown reason changed the front struts to Mitsubishi struts and knuckles. they were working fine and I did it realize it until I decided to underage the suspension. The problem there are no e10 struts in Egypt. Can I use e21 struts and knuckles on my car. regards
  2. Right and left dome lights. NO sliding roof 1974 2002 car
  3. I want to buy left and right steering knuckles for 2002 1974
  4. I am installing e21 hubs in my e10 2002 1974. I cannot find in Egypt the bearings as a kit. I guess this is the number of the kit: 31211107456. can some help with the individual bearing part number or dimensions so that I can find it locally Regards.
  5. Ok thanks for the Information. I edited the post accordingly. Do you think this is a fair price or not. I am really bit sure Regards
  6. I got this in my 1974 project (black in photo) car. I am putting back the one light grill. there are some small cracks and unoriginal screw holes. shipping worldwide will cost another 100 dollars from Egypt.
  7. Complete wiring harness for 1974 2002 is needed. Shipped to New York
  8. It is listed in https://www.wallothnesch.com as being used in 1502-1602
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