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  1. Thanks. I took the assembly to a local machine shop and by using the replacement metal carrier sheet metal pieces, he was able to machine the old weld off and I am now able to put the whole mess together and start the buildup. $30 well spent. Just need to ensure I get the pin in the right spot so the car tracks straight!! R
  2. Hi, My '73 2002 is going to be the death of me. But I am getting there - just not sure where 'there' is yet. I have a rotted left rear subframe mount and I have dropped the subframe and cut out the rusting mess that surrounded the subframe mounting pin. I have new parts from W &N and along with some fabricated bits. I hope to get it all renewed and back together before winter sets in. I removed the pin and the tube in which it is mounted and I'm planning to take the pin to my local machinist to get the weld removed and take the mount back to its original dimensions to ready it for welding in place. I think I saw a diagram on this site that showed the dimensions of that piece but I can't find it to save my arse. Any chance someone would have in an efile they could post? Thanks Rod
  3. Thanks but by the time I ship to Canada and do the $ exchange, it'll be pushing $300 Can. A bit rich for me at this time...
  4. Thanks everyone. Turns out it's a 320is wheel which fits with a minimum of modification. With some better pictures, I discovered that it's not in a good condition as described. I'm passing on this one but will keep a watch for another better one. Mardi would be nice but not inexpensive especially when buying with Canadian $$. Cheers Rod
  5. Good morning Can anyone tell me if a steering wheel from a an E21 will fit a 2002? I'm assuming it will but it would feel better if someone can confirm it. Thank you
  6. Hi, Chipping away at the rust repairs on my '73 2002 and preparing to do some indoor work once the cold weather sets in. The horse hair in my seats has gone all hard and is disintegrating as I attempt to move it or sit on the seats. The car has been stored indoors and not even sat in since 87. I'm hoping (pretty sure) that some members have used foam to replace the horse hair. I'd be interested in successes and failures with foam selection or viable alternatives. I'm thinking I can carve the foam to closely match the shape and contours of the horse hair pads and I'd like to avoid puffy looking seats. Of course, I'd like to have them end up comfortably firm, similar to originals. Any insights are appreciated including suppliers. I'm in Canada so local suppliers would be good but I'm not against shipping cross-border to get the right stuff. Thanks
  7. Hi again, I'm making a bit of progress but I'm stuck on finding replacements for my rusted out rear fender support brackets. These are part #4 on the attached diagram. I've checked all the suppliers I can find to no availe. If any one has dimensions for the part, I can likely make them. What little I have left of mine are not good enough to make patterns from. As always, any help is appreciated. They're NLA from BMW, W&N, etc.. Thanks
  8. That's a good idea. I may actually have a couple of those stuffed away somewhere. The paper I bought isn't as heavy as I hoped. Thanks
  9. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I can see I have some fitting to do. Picked up some heavy Bristol board stock from the local craft store, tape from the dollar store and a couple sharpies. I'm going to make the paper template from the W&N floor panel and cut the template to fit down in the floor, then once I'm satisfied, I'll start on the metal cutting with 1/2" overlap so I don't short myself. I've had to fill a few gaps on other panels and that's no fun. Once I get it decent looking and buttoned up, I'll post a photo. Despite being retired, time seems to be rushing by little getting done. Thanks again for the great forum. Rod
  10. Hello all, I'm restoring a 73 and am currently working on replacing the front floor pans. I have completed work on the inner fender and A pillar supports and the inner sill. My current dilemma is trying to come up with way to fit the replacement pan (W & N) to mark the existing floor to cut so I don't have 1/4 or 1/2" gaps to weld up. I'm planning to butt weld the perimeter if I can get it to fit. I'm trying to not bugger it up and make my job harder. Any suggestions of measuring or making a pattern are appreciated. As it stands now, I have the floor cut out and the frame rail cleaned up. I can't get the pan in low enough to measure against without cutting more floor out. I'm afraid of cutting too much that I can't uncut! Thanks
  11. Perfect! Thank you. There had been some prior repairs making it tough to figure out how the layers came together. It is as I suspected. Nice work on yours. Cheers
  12. I'm into some major sheet metal work on the inner fender, A pillar support panel, inner sill and floor. A photo or detailed exploded diagram showing how it all ties together would be a great help. Thanks
  13. Hi all I'm in need of the vertical bracket that welds to the A-pillar and provides the mounts for the rear of the front fender. It's shown on the W&N website but it isn't available from them at this time. Does anyone know of an alternate source. They're not all that complex so if I have to, I could take a shot at making them but I'd rather not. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks Rod
  14. On mine it's the lower forward mount - the one under the rear sear at the front of the rear subframe. I have the pieces from Germany - just a big job to install and get the geometry right. I'm hoping to get at the floors this week if the weather cools a bit.
  15. I've been after him for years but he finally realized he wasn't going to do anything to get it roadworthy again (he's 82 and having health issues). This keeps it in the family at least. I have to do both front floors, the inner A pillars and left rear suspension mount. I'm brushing up on my welding skills to prepare for the tough work. I've done the fuel and cooling system hoses and water pump. Ready to start it again.
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