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  1. NOS BMW Motorsport Head jacket, new old stock, rare item! No labels. Size 44, men's S, female M size. The white parts are slightly darker due to age ( see pics). Filling is really fluffy, no spots found, even the " Head" zipper has no paint chips off it. A really rare find in this condition.
  2. A good set of Alpina A4 trumpets, no cracks. Just some dicolorisation.
  3. Wow, that looks nice, Schnitzer with A4 set... It's nice that someone offered to put it on his car for display, but then you need to cut the hood open then 😁 I tried to buy the the remakes, but Some company didn't like that the remakes had Alpina on it, i was 2 month too late.... Due to a funny remake on facebook, i got a message if i wanted to buy the throttle bodies. When he disassembled it, i saw he had the Kufi with it, only shite he couldn'd find the correct camshaft. Had to drive to Kâln, but worth the trip though.
  4. Lines are TII, you're right, just for closin pump and injectors. Horns aren't cracked, but i can get new ones. It could be fitted on my TII, but i keep the car original. It's for my display...πŸ˜†
  5. A4 Alpina throttle bodies with inlet, A4 Kugelfischer pump and Stirndeckel. For my vitrine..🀭 Next: buying new red trumpets for it.
  6. New in: original Alpina A4 " einzeldrossel", complete with right coned- black topped Kufi, injectors and connections. For my BMW cupboard. Next week cleaning the trumpets, thinking about the blueisch touch, what to do about it.
  7. Nice BMW Head jacket, size 52 = size L european. Jacket is signed by Hans Joachim Stuck, aka " Strietzel". There are some small brown spots in the jacket, see pics.
  8. Just a guess: it sticks at the paper where the sticker needs to be removed from, so it would stick.
  9. NOS Alpina striping, acquired from a dealership. 1X blue and 1X green. I can't guarantee it's complete, can count the number of stickers. Extra isan reprint of the E21 sticker, see pics.
  10. Original Schnitzer Motorsport "BMW Team Deutschland" 2005 clothing set, Puma Jacket. shirt, shorts and long trousers. Size L. Comes from a mechanic who actually was working for the Schnitzer crew. Also have 3 more shirts for sale, 100 Dollars each. Used products but in great condition!
  11. Esty, some lexture: It's VDM, later VDM/Petri and later Petri. Does it mean you're interested in it or want a history lesson? πŸ˜‰ I don't think a lot of people know VDM...., that's why it's refered to Petri. Luckely we have Hans, a dutch steering wheel guru to help with his knowledge...
  12. Used 40 cm Petri wooden steering wheel. Used condition, needs restoring (sanding wood en lacquer), but not cracked.
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