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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for: Two later model control arms (1972 on) Two strut assemblies (Just the core: no springs/shocks/etc) Thanks! Swiz
  2. Looking for local pickup preferably. Ask for shipping quote. I will be shipping on Monday’s. Bottle cap e30 wheels with tires. Total of five wheels, 14x5.5, kinda looks like the factory turbo alloys. Needs new tires but good for rolling a car around. Some curb rash. 300 Front and rear bumpers, they both look really straight. 100 each 4 speed driveshaft, rebuilt, new guibo and center bearing. Never installed. 300 Green fender, very good condition, no rot. 100 Air box and filter for solex stock carb. Hasn’t been hacked up for a Weber. 100 Dome light, for late model cars... or maybe just sunroof cars? 30 switches: defrost: SOLD hazard: 50 cig lighter: 50 knob: 10 all: 100 Blue interior, not the best condition, might be better than yours... Drivers seat needs to be redone. Good for parts or a starting point for restoration. Some plastics missing. 200 Grill, good condition. No cracks. 40 Kidney grill. Missing lower mounting bolt, dented. 20 All the smog stuff, manifold, pump, etc... tell me what you need. 400 washer bottle. SOLD sunroof crank, not the best condition but 100% functional. Other sunroof parts available. 40 wiper arms, black and in excellent condition. 60 door sills. 80/both instruments 50 downpipe, excellent condition. 80 Blinkers, good condition. SOLD Looking for local pickup preferably. Ask for shipping quote. I will be shipping on Monday’s
  3. Call me crazy, but I’m looking for some of these e21 style steel wheels, or the late model 2002 steelies. I’m going to be widening to 8”. Thanks 2002 FAQ!! Brian
  4. This is the revised diagram. My first one that I posted did not work. I went through this process a few months ago and REALLY banged my head on the wall trying to figure it out. I eventually got my head around hot the delay relay works and now functions perfectly. My only complaint is with the Hella wiper controller: there really isn't much usable adjustment. You can get them to delay fine, but just a slight turn of the knob and they delay for so long it feels like they're off. Still worth it. wiring diagram for wiper delay.pdf
  5. Looking for m42 to swap, is this still available?
  6. Looking for a 2002 shell to start a pig cheek body project. Ideally I would start with a pretty solid body that is a roller. With or without engine or trans is fine. Ideally trim and interior would mostly be there. Paint quality can be on the low, but want to start with minimal rot. A project that's in pieces is fine too. Preferably pre-75, ideally a roundie, open to all offers. Trying to spend less than $2k. I'm in Northern California, Bay Area. I have a trailer with a winch and can pick up.
  7. @RicanBeemer Sure can, DM me your address and I'll try to get it out today.
  8. @RicanBeemer pretty sure it will fit. It came out of a long consul.
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