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  1. Looking for m42 to swap, is this still available?
  2. Looking for a 2002 shell to start a pig cheek body project. Ideally I would start with a pretty solid body that is a roller. With or without engine or trans is fine. Ideally trim and interior would mostly be there. Paint quality can be on the low, but want to start with minimal rot. A project that's in pieces is fine too. Preferably pre-75, ideally a roundie, open to all offers. Trying to spend less than $2k. I'm in Northern California, Bay Area. I have a trailer with a winch and can pick up.
  3. @RicanBeemer Sure can, DM me your address and I'll try to get it out today.
  4. @RicanBeemer pretty sure it will fit. It came out of a long consul.
  5. Thanks for all the input, I’ll give it a go tomorrow and report back.
  6. I did notice that and I thought that maybe I had assembled it wrong. I switched the tapered spacer with the tab piece and quickly realized that the tapered spacer is needed to center the tab piece over the spring retaining clip. I’m going to try giving the column more preload, if I get 6mm it should reach. Does the tab on the blinker switch have a bend in it, or should it be straight? Mine is bent down.
  7. It totally could be a 3.90, I’ll open the back up and count the teeth. I’ll let you know tomorrow or Friday
  8. Pretty sure is a 3.64, I turned the input a full rotation and the output turned more than 3 and less than 4 turns.
  9. I think it’s maxed out in the column direction. And I don’t think it would hit the tab if it was pushed father in. is the tab on the blinker switch supposed to be bent down? If the tab on the blinker switch was bent up it might work.
  10. I'm having difficulty getting my blinkers to cancel after turning. It seams the steering column tab doesn't reach switch tab. Are there different length cancel tabs? Any advice on this? (Feb. 1970, 2002)
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