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  1. I was just taking the car off the stands when I noticed that the rear inside wheel was wet. The only thing, wheels cylinder. This spiraled into another round of parts. cracking the drum reviled bad new. Everything was contaminated. even the cylinders are not even worth rebuilding. So new parts ordered. drums shoes, wheels cylinders, and since I was there I decided to new new flex brake lines all around. I also cleaned up the rotors. installed/ rear brake flex tubing im assuming the the old ones were originals. Thanks it for now, Cheers.
  2. Danco_ was kind enough to send a very used E21 sport seat from the west cost to replace my e21 comfy seat. The condition was just above my current drivers seat so to me, it was perfect. before.... I found this lil gem under the seat. I remember using these back in my car audio days. after... . I also replaced my fuel filter for the second time. you can see some rust on the bottom of the old filter. new... Cheers!
  3. Ive been dreading doing the tension bushings because it looked like a serious task but it had to be done. I could move it with my hands and it was so very noticeable on the road. What was in it was some sort of poly bushings and they did not fit at all. Im not even sure they ever did when some PO installed them. It was very loose. New parts to install though (both sides of course)... Anyways, what I had to deal with. The passenger side came out with breeze with air tools but the drivers side gave me hell! PB just laughed at the sleeve from the bushings. I had to cut a notch in it and use heat. Stubborn!!! But eventually I beat it off. These were the old that were removed. I fashioned this bolt to put the bushing on. I thought this was going to be a PITA to get on but they were pretty simple with a little grease and force. Next was taking the rest apart. This was what I had to deal with. Safety wire is there but this doesn't like right. 8( The stabilizer bar bushings needs to be tightened when putting back together. What I found. At least it isn't rusty. These came off easy with air. Old and new. Installed. Next was safety wire. Im sure I can do better than a PO so I bought a lifetime supply of 0.032" wire. No my intension to buy so much but its all I can get my hands on. Stories of those special screws coming loose kinda scared me so I put some red lock tight on. I don't plan on removing them again so I went with it. All laced up, I hope this good to go. Crap for picture but all tightened up. While I had the car in the air, I decided to loose some altitude so I cut a 1 1/3 of the coil off the front. All I wanted to do was level the front and back. I got a bit more but It looks right to me. I was told that the doors will not close correctly unless these little tabs are in. Well, they didn't work so I guess me door seals are too far gone. Maybe another day. cheers!
  4. Ever since I got the car running, the gas smell has been way too much for me to handle. Its to the point that even a short drive around the block yields me straight to the showers! I removed the trunk panels to reveal what looks like a 71 tank. Is this a sign that something is up from a PO? Hmm... My 1st tactic was to fix the obvious. Black electrical tape around the filler neck...this can not be good and a sure source of fumes. It was cracked badly. I can see why this fix was tried because at $80 for a new part was a bit steep. I bought a brand new one as well as the sending unit o-ring. Thanks Steve! and installed t he neck. That gasket was a bugger to keep straight! Another spin around the block yielded no change with the gas smell. Grrr.... So I then addressed the sending unit o-ring. The old one was not too squared but replaced anyway. Again, not the pix. Still smells like gas. Frustrating! More reading lead s me to double check the small sleeve between the sending hose and metal spout. I took another look to find that there was in fact a crack on this plastic sleeve. Ah ha! So I bought a new one. That little bugger did not want to go on no matter what I tried...and it didn't have it! Cracked!!! After a few choice words I got back on FAQ and tried to figure out another plan. This came up with another solution which was to cut off some of the plastic vapor hose in the sleeves place. I cut about an 1" of hose just in case the hose is bad and tighted it up. And what do know...this STILL didn't work. The smell is still there. Im done with this for right now. It really cant be this hard!
  5. I do still have the canister and have checked the lines only by smell and nothing smelled of a strong sent of gas. I will check again. Is OEM the only way to go for replacing all the vent hoses? Im pretty sure that the fuel line is not original. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Thanks for the tip. Im almost positive its in the trunk or at least most of it. When I open the lid I can smell it and its NOT faint. Its there. Even though my hood seals are shot, I don't smell that much gas as I do in the trunk. Someone suggested that I should put a strong air freshener in the trunk to see if in fact it is the trunk. Then I was thinking to do the same under the hood and near the exhaust. This will be my next test.
  7. Wassup! While trying to diagnose why my flasher was working very intermittently, I read that a electronic flasher was an upgrade. Sure, cheap enough to throw a part in it to see if this was a fix without checking other possibilities. So I ordered one. I made a harness to attach onto the OEM connector and mounted it close to where the old one was. This worked very well. It has a nice sound. But, the front light were not working so I took a closer look. What I found was a head scratcher. It looks like a hot glue gun and ziptie party in the lense. These had obviously had it! A few days of searching on FAQ found me to a nice pair of used US spec lenses. Top is what the car came with, bottom is the newish. I am totally pleased! I had to roll all the lights to work as it should be they work! Hazards....not so much. Im sure thats a wiring problem...for another day.
  8. N2MY2002


  9. Probably more fitting as these are square..ish anyways. I would think that most people would glance right over it.
  10. As I mentioned in a different blog of mine, I bought some BWA Sportray wheels 13x6 et13. I happen to find a few pix of them with gold centers and I really dug them. So went to a light restoring of these. ready for paint removal. These wheels were in great condition and the paint did come off with ease for the most part. Ive done a set of euroweaves before and those were a PITA compared to these. The lips were machined and looked good cleaned up but it would take more time to get them fully polished. primered. Waiting to mount the 205/60/13 Federal 595s on. The difference will be amazing...I hoped. I knew when I bought these wheels that the caps were different but from what im reading, caps are hard enough to find. At least I have some. For reference on the difference. And mounted up. I also put electrical tape on the grill slats to freshen up the front end. Cheers!
  11. I just couldn't bring myself to spending $130 for 2 little light/housing to illuminate my license plate so I looked for other options. This is what I came up with. I believe that these trailer lights are made by a few companies but I got the dimensions and they were off from the OEM by just a few mm. I decided for the price, Id give it a try. It just happen that my local Advanced Auto had one. So, I bought it for measurement and it was close enough to buy a pair. I found these online for $10 to my door. In the pkg... mocked up. Sure, they are not OEM or as slick looking but geez, for $10, im alright with these. I did have to drill into the body to accept the new mounting points but minor in the grand scheme of things. A little primer to control rust. Once, bolted up and wired in, Im totally happy with the results. I still need to trim the lens to fit better on the gasket. Ill get to that sometime. Cheers!
  12. While I was waiting for the driveshaft, I decided to replace the transmission fluid as I have no history of its maintenance. So I popped the drain plug off.... I took the fill plug off to see at least it was full. It was a bit low. Drain plug was doing its job though. Cleaned... And new fluids. Its nice to know that little things like this have been taken care of. Mike Pugh has been a great resource of info! He had some lenses around that would help my 2002 not look so faded. I was not fond on the polka-doted headliner so I gave it a good scrub. Before... after... its better at least. And the Wheels? Well, even though they had what looked to be 10 year old tires, I put them on because im no fan of the bcaps. They held air and they were good enough to get around the block. No rubbing yet but close enough to need a little roll. With some research on these wheels, BWA has a few wheels that works on these lil BMWs. What im not a fan of is the center knob of the center wheel. Some of me wants to grind down that knob flush with the rest of the wheel. Then I would like to paint them with gold centers like this... ...with maybe polished lips. Replacement tires are in the mail so I may just keep them as they are until im done getting it road worthy. I don't get too much big chunks of time to spend on this project but a little cleaning goes a long way. Little by little it gets cleaned up. Going from this... to this with a toothbrush and soap. Biggest jobs ahead is control are bushings and wondering if I truly need a new heater blower fan...ew.
  13. while driving around the block a few times, I experienced vibration under load so naturally I accused the guibo and maybe the CSB. So I ordered some more parts from Blunttech. Also in the pile is a new coolant hose, guibo bolts, and an accelerator pedal bearing. While I was getting help from my new 2002 friend Mike Pugh, he noticed while replacing my CSB, that my ujoints were bad. But Mike had connections and was able to find me a good used condition driveshaft. The CSB was replaced with the new. Odd that I don't have a pic of that. I went to an E30 Ofest, an old friend of mine had a small stash of 2002 parts and he had this seat collecting dust in his garage and offered it up to me. Its only one and its a drivers side Recaro. Im not sure what Im going to do with it. It would be a crazy find to find its mate or another like it. As of now, all I have this drivers recaro, passenger E21 sport, and a E21 passenger, non sport. My garage buddy seems to like it at the moment. My 2002 came with E30 bottle caps. I was on the fence on what wheels to replace these with but the bcaps HAD TO GO! Do I go with 15 or stay period correct? Another E30 friend that is also into 2002, Scott, had these 13x6, BWA sportrays with expired 205/60/13 et13 that I thought were kinda cool. So I took them home. Here they are next to the bcaps. These should look pretty cool. May hafta to do fender rolling though.
  14. When I bought the car, I had no idea that a shifter can feel so loose. Really, up down every which way with no gear selected. I bought the shifter rebuild kit from Blunttech and installed. I was a bit leery when Steve said this small kit will make it feel like new...but he was right...ish. Still play but Im coming out of a re built E30 trans with short shifter and my daily has new 6 speed. I now can feel each gear tough. Not too bad of a job. I did not have to remove the driveshaft. When it came to the brace, blunttech sells the bushing that Condor supplies. Taking out the rest of the original bushing sleeve needed a saw to cut it out. Installation needed some persuasion to get back in the hole but that worked. Cheers!

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