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  1. Great looking car! What are the wheel and tire specs? I need that setup! TIA
  2. I’ve have a set of TOYO PROXES RA1 I’m getting rid of. Date code 3013. 205/60/13. Located in Raleigh, NC. Tires came off a 72 2002 that was brought to NC about a year ago. They were mounted on a set of 13x6.5 steelies. Once dismounted, they were stored in my garage.
  3. R3vlimited.com Bimmerforums.com the wheel page and maybe ask the e30 specific forum e30tech...if its still around. I damaged one of mine a long time ago and was able to ask on the forum. I had one within the month. Good luck!
  4. I use to run these on my e30 back in the day (attached). You may want to try the e30 forums.
  5. I too am having a switch problem but I think mine is a different problem. Sometimes it doesnt work at all, then if I turn switch the ignition on and off a few time, then the wipes start working. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
  6. Well a new dizzy was not in the scope but if that what it takes. Id like to do the 123 dizzy but whoa, not sure on that price. Ireland engineering has one that is almost as much as rebuilding my current one.
  7. Yes. the shaft does move but how much is too much?
  8. I have read several post on this matter but its either not exactly like my problem or something else. The problem is is that when at high speed ~3500 - 4k, maintaining speed, my car stumbles pretty bad and tach starts fluctuating. If i give it the beans, pulls like a champ. Cruzing at highway speed is no bueno! My stats... 1972 2002 Stock engine with rebuilt head 38/38 points to plug are brand new with all gaps good. iirc advanced 37* checked with light. Around town, it runs great and pulls excellent! Idles just fine. My thoughts were that maybe a pertronics could be a solution only because the tach is connected to the dizzy and since my tach goes crazy when my issue arises, mybe the points are either mis-gapped (i have checked the gap several times) or just need to go to something more reliable. Another could be float level. I have not changed the setting on it since I put the new 38/38 on a few months ago...nor can I find a good link how to do it. Thoughts?
  9. I was just taking the car off the stands when I noticed that the rear inside wheel was wet. The only thing, wheels cylinder. This spiraled into another round of parts. cracking the drum reviled bad new. Everything was contaminated. even the cylinders are not even worth rebuilding. So new parts ordered. drums shoes, wheels cylinders, and since I was there I decided to new new flex brake lines all around. I also cleaned up the rotors. installed/ rear brake flex tubing im assuming the the old ones were originals. Thanks it for now, Cheers.
  10. Danco_ was kind enough to send a very used E21 sport seat from the west cost to replace my e21 comfy seat. The condition was just above my current drivers seat so to me, it was perfect. before.... I found this lil gem under the seat. I remember using these back in my car audio days. after... . I also replaced my fuel filter for the second time. you can see some rust on the bottom of the old filter. new... Cheers!
  11. I bought a non running 72 back in September due to the PO was trying to refurb the 32/36. It was literally in 100 pieces. So I bought a 38/38 through Blunttech. Bolted it up without changing anything on the carb and the car fired right up. Since then, it has been running VERY rich! Enough to foul the plugs and make my garage smell like a gas station. After a call to IE, they suggested going to a main to 130 from what was a 145. As soon as I put the 130s on, the car felt amazing. BUT, the next day, some hesitation was noticed and found out I have a leaky gas tank. I would like to have my 32/36 put together correctly to compare one day.
  12. Im running a 38/38 and don't remember even seeing a hose for that but my different question back at ya is, are you using the stock intake manifold? If so, have you mocked up the weber to see if the butterflies open and close without hitting the manifold? Usually, one uses a Cannon intake or hog out the stocker.
  13. I did some research and found out that I too have a Clardy AC system. Does anybody have a wiring diagram on how these were installed? I have zero info on it and nothing works. It installed on my 72 02.
  14. BWA Sportrays 13x6 et13 wrapped in 205/60s
  15. Ive been dreading doing the tension bushings because it looked like a serious task but it had to be done. I could move it with my hands and it was so very noticeable on the road. What was in it was some sort of poly bushings and they did not fit at all. Im not even sure they ever did when some PO installed them. It was very loose. New parts to install though (both sides of course)... Anyways, what I had to deal with. The passenger side came out with breeze with air tools but the drivers side gave me hell! PB just laughed at the sleeve from the bushings. I had to cut a notch in it and use heat. Stubborn!!! But eventually I beat it off. These were the old that were removed. I fashioned this bolt to put the bushing on. I thought this was going to be a PITA to get on but they were pretty simple with a little grease and force. Next was taking the rest apart. This was what I had to deal with. Safety wire is there but this doesn't like right. 8( The stabilizer bar bushings needs to be tightened when putting back together. What I found. At least it isn't rusty. These came off easy with air. Old and new. Installed. Next was safety wire. Im sure I can do better than a PO so I bought a lifetime supply of 0.032" wire. No my intension to buy so much but its all I can get my hands on. Stories of those special screws coming loose kinda scared me so I put some red lock tight on. I don't plan on removing them again so I went with it. All laced up, I hope this good to go. Crap for picture but all tightened up. While I had the car in the air, I decided to loose some altitude so I cut a 1 1/3 of the coil off the front. All I wanted to do was level the front and back. I got a bit more but It looks right to me. I was told that the doors will not close correctly unless these little tabs are in. Well, they didn't work so I guess me door seals are too far gone. Maybe another day. cheers!

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