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  1. I recently got Hagerty insurance. My car is by no means perfect and they gave me a value of 65k Canadian for a 72 base with a factory sun roof.. even bigger bonus is the insurance is $307 a year.
  2. Hey I’m looking for a set of front door cards without the speaker cut outs. For a 72 ideally in black. let me know what you have. I’m located in Vancouver, Canada and I’m willing to cover the cost of shipping if need be. Also looking for little interior bits, vent knobs, arm rests, etc but the door cards are my priority currently.
  3. I’ll take a set, I can have someone pick up for me in calgary.
  4. Haven't installed it yet, but thanks to another faq member I now have a getrag 245 waiting to go into my 2002! For now its going to sit in my closet until I gather the rest of the parts to make the swap. Unfortunately, I was told that there aren't really any machine shops local that can or will shorten the driveshaft, so Ill have to see when I get to that point.
  5. 1988 cutlass supreme, brown exterior with a brown interior. The thing was barely driven when I got it. 20k kilometres. It was my great aunts she bought it new when she was 88 and gave it to me when I got my license
  6. Would you be able to get me a quote on shipping to Vancouver Canada?
  7. Looking to sell, my set of 4 cosmic mk.2 wheels. Not sure what to ask as I haven’t seen many for sale lately so I’m currently open to offers. In the pictures what looks like rust around the center is actually an adhesive for some reason. These came on my car when I purchased it and have been sitting ever since. Insides of the rims could use a good scrubbing but the wheels are in decent condition overall. I also have some bmw center caps for them, not pictured but I can get some the next time I’m at the garage. The wheels are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I can bring them to Vancouver, Canada. I would be willing to ship at buyers expense.
  8. Finally got my recaros installed. Just need to wire up my speakers and stereo, and re install the door card on the passenger side tomorrow.
  9. I posted a wanted ad on Facebook marketplace and in one of the local car club Facebook pages the guy never had them publicly listed for sale but saw my post by chance and reached out to me. He originally wanted 515 usd (700 Canadian) but then upped his price slightly to what I paid 595usd (800 plus I gave him an extra 10 so I didn’t need to split a 20) super happy with the seats, I posted a wanted ad on the faq here two days ago too, because I had been having a hard time finding seats. Everything came together really quickly and now I have them.
  10. Just picked up a set of recaros today for my 2002 got them for an absolute steal! 595 for both driver and passenger side. Good deals are still out there!! not sure what car they came out of So if anyone here has any ideas I’d love to know what you think!
  11. Hey, just reaching out I’m in the market now for some seats for my 2002, either recaro or scheel Mann. Would love to find a set in Canada ideally but would consider from the states depending on what the shipping would be like. Looking for driver quality or better. let me know what you’ve got!
  12. Where are you in Vancouver? I might be able to pick up if these aren't sold already.
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