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  1. Looking for some clean door cards to replace the ones in my 72 2002. Moving the speakers to under dash pods from koogelworks.
  2. Question for anyone who might have the answer. Looking for some tires right now, and curious on the fitment. 195/55/15 shouldnt cause any clearance issues without rolled fenders or will I have to do minor adjustments to make sure they're clear?
  3. from rota through amazon. Was having a hard time finding a set of ssr mesh or bbs rs so I opted for these for the moment. 15x7 et25 should fit really nicely.
  4. 1. Richard Ford (RFord888) (paid) 2. Hassan Rahim (paid) 3 Dan Tell (paid) 4. Ryan Van Luchene  5. Andrew Adams 6. ?Maharaja for 2? 7. Ted Hittell Einspritz 8. Kyle Schultz
  5. Haven't done anything to the 2002 yet but these finally came in earlier this week.
  6. I know there is a guy who has a 72 tii out in red deer. 90% complete restoration I think the grille and the seats need to be installed but are all there. Color looks to be granada. He's asking 15k needs slight work but it would be 100% worth it. From the pictures it looks really really good. Check for it on Kijiji there's also a guy in Edmonton looking for 15 for a running driving base 2002. Either way if I had the cash I would be picking up the tii in red deer. Looks like a lot of work went into it. Good luck!
  7. I just want a slight bump in power, so I'm not looking to go too deep down the rabbit hole with the M10. I have so many beautiful, winding mountain drives right at my doorstep here and I don't think the 2002 needs much to make it that much better for them. I'm ordering the stage 2 ie spring and sway bar kit as well as some blistein sport shocks to help in the corners. So I'm just looking for a modest increase to help give it a little more pep in it's step. I'm the kind of person who would rather drive a slow car fast, not drive a fast car slowly.
  8. currently: Stock intake, Still looking into what exhaust system I was going to go with. The car is a 72' base
  9. Hey so I had some ideas to try to bump the power up a bit, not looking for a race car but looking for it to be a *more* fun canyon/mountain car but just wanted your opinions and insight into what I could be overlooking as far as extra work I would have to do with these upgrades. This is what I was thinking about doing along with upgrading my suspension set up. Schrick 292 camshaft New OEM rocker arms Vac valve springs Vac valve guides Vac Performance valve kit *New exhaust tbd* I won't be in the position to do any work until the spring, it's way too cold to be in an unheated garage right now. So I just want opinions as to what you guys would do differently or wouldn't bother doing. As well I'm still trying to sort out what my best exhaust options are.
  10. No idea if it's a clone or the real deal, but I always see it driving along 16th ave near Main in Vancouver. Stunning car, you may have seen me gawking at the car passing by a few times.
  11. that's awesome, I'll have to hit him up when my car gets out here to Vancouver in the summer time! The work looks great.
  12. oh wow. who's doing the work for you if you don't mind me asking. This is beautiful.
  13. Looking to replace my current door cards that were cut to accommodate speakers. I want to replace mine so I dont have 2 large holes in the door cards when I move the speakers to under the dash.
  14. I also have a set I'm planning on taking out of my car. I can try to get some pictures for you this weekend if I, or someone makes it over to the garage.
  15. Looks to be the same car. Same vin as that ad

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