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  2. I couldn't even find a 165r13 in any aspect ratio on michelin's site. So I feel that it's unlikely?
  3. Ill give that a try the next time I'm around the garage. Nice to see another albertan on the Faq!
  4. Man, you guys in texas are spoiled with those fuel prices. It's $1.58/L where I live right now and premium is $1.70/L
  5. I'm a little tight on funds right now, however keep my name on a list for the next run. I've only heard good things, and considering how much I've invested in tools recently this is one thing I should have in my garage.
  6. I haven't had the chance to take a proper look at whats wrong yet, however the parking brake release button seems to have gotten "stuck" inside of the handle. The button functions as normal, however significantly harder to press. It's sitting flush with the handle and needs to be pushed into the handle itself a few cm before it releases. I'm not going to be around the car for a little while unfortunately so I'm just trying to prepare for any potential problem I might have to deal with.
  7. I'm up in Vancouver Canada and I'm putting a killswitch in my car for exactly this reason.
  8. finally got the 2002 out for a spin this year. Unfortunately its not going to be completely ready in time for me to take back home with me for the winter. pretty soon its going to go back into hibernation for the fall/winter until I can weld in new floor pans in the front and new rockers, as well source some e21 recaros, new seat belts, a 292 camshaft, and bilsteins. Hoping to have the car complete and ready for early spring 2020. However heres a few pictures I took while taking it out for a little country road drive.
  9. I think I've got the plan pretty well sorted. I'll make sure to take some detailed pictures and descriptions of the process just incase anyone else wanted to swap in these seats in the future. I'm still shocked at how comfortable the seats really are and they don't look as out of place as I was expecting them to. They seem to be a great budget friendly alternative to the e21 recaros. Or in my case a great interim option until my budget allows me to get recaros.
  10. If you could send some that would be a huge help!
  11. I know of a few people who have managed to swap in early integra seats with relative ease. I managed to pull some good condition seats for 40 dollars and was just wondering if anyone had more insight or some pictures of theirs in the car hoping to have them installed over the weekend and this would be a huge help to make it go quicker. Thanks!
  12. I saw someones photo album on here where it showed how they made a small bracket to get them to fit nicely. but I lost the page. Still searching and hoping I find it.
  13. Didn't get any pictures really today. BUT! got the idle set properly, finally parking brake working again reverse lights working again floor pans cleaned up and ready to patch tomorrow interior lights working wheels and tires are getting ready for the car this week Also, out of curiosity, I have a set of e21 autoflug seat belts that look in great condition, and I have the original Kilppan belts (thought I only had the fronts but turns out the lap belts were tucked under the rear bench that are also in great condition. Trying to decide on getting new retractable belts, use the Kilppan belts, or use the e21 belts. I'm on a bit of a budget as I had to quit work for 2 months to come home and work on the car so I can bring it back at the end of the month. (the car was already here and the cost of the garage Im renting here is less than what it would cost to rent garage space back home for a month) Anyone have any opinions?
  14. Whatever goes in the car won't be getting reupholstered. Just needs to last me a few months until I bring the car back home, my floors get replaced and my budget opens up a bit. I think I have a track on some black leather integra seats for $50 canadian and they look clean so that will probably be my best option.

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