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  1. I need to make room. Reduced all prices for parts bought in July and August. One set of late model rear black window latches. $60 plus shipping. One set of rear quarter glass. $60 for both left and right plus shipping. Belt trim for rear quarter $40 each plus shipping. Rocker panel covers $100 for both left and right plus shipping. Headlight switch $40 plus shipping. A pair of black wiper arms $80 for both Plus shipping.Roundie taillights $60 each or $100 for left and right.plus shipping. Blue Binders 1 & 2 for El $100 for both plus shipping. Blue Binder for 633 $50 Plus shpping. 2000CS pedal box $300 plus shipping. 02 black headlight grille $40 plus shipping. Wiper motor $50 plus shipping. Lots more.
  2. Hi Bill. The Euro headlight parts are in storage and I am in the hospital. Won't be able to get photos for at least 4 weeks. In the meantime if you have a photo of what you need please email photo and your email address and I will try to get you the correct parts you need. Thanks Harry
  3. Thanks for the info. I had my left knee done 10 years ago. I have had 24 surgeries and the knee surgery was by far the worse. I will definitely take my pain meds. Thanks again.
  4. I Wil locate one for you next week while in rehab after a knee replacement on Monday.
  5. I have them. Am going in for a knee replacement on Monday. Will be able to communicate with my partner soon after surgery and he will contact you. I will need your email address for photos. Thanks
  6. Complete 2002 Owners Manual with all original booklets plus special US version of 2002 Tim Manual $100 plus shipping Still taking orders for 02 and Tii used parts.
  7. Have not tried to clean them up but this is the way I bought them. Very nice condition.They are quite heavy but should fit in a Large Size USPS Priority Mail box which will add $19.95 for shipping cost anywhere in the US. Thanks
  8. I have a nice set of E28 blue binders both Band 1 and 2 .$75 each plus shipping. Also have 1 630-633 Blue Binder. $60 plus shipping. One set of Black Wiper Arms for $70 plus shipping.
  9. Hi. Photos showing all parts of the bumpers including scratches. There are two studs missing on one of the bumpers. The first picture shows over spray on bottom of rear bumper and a section where I cleaned off the paint. The middle photo on the third row Dow is a bad scuff on both the rubber and metal of the underside of the front bumper. The scratch in the next photo is on the top of the front bumper. All the accordions are in good shape and the rubber buffers on both bumpers are also in good shape except for the photo showing scuff under the front bumper. Thanks
  10. Will send photos later today.

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