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  1. Hi. You can purchase a new one from VW AIRHEADS. CHEAP.
  2. Looking for a wiper motor for a NK 2000CS wiper motor and passenger door glass. Thanks
  3. I need help finding the missing piece to complete the puzzle. Looking for the black diamond embossed vinyl that covers the rear hat tray. Thanks in advance. Harry
  4. More parts added to list. Dark Blue Arm Rests $50 each $85 for both plus shipping. Headlight Switch. $50 plus shipping. Fog Light Switches. $40 plus shipping. Column Ignition switch and lock. ( no key ). $100 plus shipping. 2002 Emblem. $20 plus shipping. Early Fog and Headlight Switches sold together. This is a rare item. $90 plus shipping. Right Side of Column Wiper Switch. $90 plus shipping. Tachometer. $50 plus shipping.(broken dial ). Fuel Gauge. $70 plus shipping. Motor Mount. Only one $20 plus shipping. Coils. Offers excepted. Fuel All offers considered.
  5. More parts for 2002 and 2002Tii. Specials. Tii Air Box complete. $200 plus shipping. Square Taillight complete driver's side. $70 plus shipping. Complete right side with cracked lens. $40 plus shipping. Belt Trim Package . Three piece trunk trim.lack $110 plus shipping. Trim that goes between Roundi Taillights $50 plus shipping. Trim that goes between Square Taillights $40 plus shipping. Fog Light Switch. $40 plus shipping. Assorted Glass. $40 plus shipping. Hard to Find Tim Parts. One Piece Dash. $750 plus shipping. Tii Brake Booster. $500 plus shipping. Tii Working Clock. $400 plus shipping. Tii Exhaust Manifold. $300 plus shipping. Black Quarter Window Latches. $50 each $80 for two. This is just a fraction of the thousands of parts in stock. Photos by request.
  6. I have a Fog Light switch ( 2 or 3 prong )?
  7. I'm not sure what you want. Do you want the complete dash or just the cluster with the three gauges? I have both. I also have a one piece dash.
  8. I should have one. I will email you later today with a photo and price.
  9. Hi. I have all the above. I will get back to you with prices and photo. Thanks
  10. Hi Matt. I have only one with a key. Price is $125 plus $5 for shipping.
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