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  1. Hi. Did you ever find a distributor? I have a few for $50 each plus shipping. Thanks
  2. Hi. I am selling the early hazard switch. I found this in a hoard of items that my son had and had never seen one before. Since than I have found another one in not as nice shape and sold it to a forum member. The going prices have been in the $150 to $190 range. I will sell it for $150 plus $4G or shipping. Thanks
  3. Hi Don. Headlight,wiper,fan,and cig. lighter. Do you have the early Red Knob pull style Hazard Switch as shown in second photo? Thanks Have a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving. Harry
  4. Hi. I will get them shipped to you in a USPS. Priority Mail Box which is a three day delivery. Cost $8.30. Please send me a check for $200 and I will pay for shipping. Are there any other early switches that are missing in this group ? I will ship them out on Tuesday . I will need your ful name and address. My mailing address is: HARRY MALKASIAN. 2 SANDERSON DR. PLYMOUTH, MA. 02360 Have a Great Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving.
  5. I am selling a 4 piece set of Early Dash Switches including complete lighter. These are hard to find and in nice shape. $65 each plus shipping, $225 for all four plus shipping.
  6. Hi. I should have a set next week. I only have one now. Thanks
  7. Hi. If you want I will send you the passenger armrest and you can pay me with a check once you receive it and you are satisfied with it. $40 plus shipping.Thanks
  8. The following parts are left over from cars that my Son owned. Orange Push Button Switch for iRear Windscreen Defogger. $60 Early Lighter both Female and Male parts. $60. Very Rare Early Red Knob Pull Style Hazard Switch. $150. Dash Switch Knobs. $45 each. Misc. Window Cranks and Door Knobs. $40 - $60. Emergency Brake Cover. $35. Horn Buttons. $50. Misc. Door Lock Cylinders. $40 each Two have keys $60 each Driver's Rear View Mirror. $75 each Wiper Motor. $80. Early Raised Letter Roundels. Small $40. Large $60. Trunk Scripts. $20 each. Rubber Shift Knob. $50. Leather Shift Knob. $70. Chrome Rear Quarter Window Latches. $60 each. Both for $100. Tii Distributors. $150 each. Base 2002 Distributors. $75 each. Driver Quality Early Kidney. $75 each. Black Passenger Armrest. $50. Over-riders. $60 each. $100 for both. Beemer Motorcycle Tool Pouch with 15 asst. BMW Tools. $100. Hard to find Radio Knob. $50. Tii. Brake Booster. $500. Tii. Exhaust Manifold. $325. Asst. Relays. $40 each. Black Plastic Headlight Grilles. $100 for right and left. $60 for one. Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS. PHOTOS by Request.
  9. Hi. I have the lamp complete with bulb holder and trim. $30 plus $5 for shipping.
  10. Hi I have the pool value light you need. $30 plus $5 shipping in the US.
  11. I'm assuming it has a sunroof. I should have the light. Thanks
  12. Hi. I'm the guy who connected you with my friend with the KKK set-up. I would like to buy the switches. Please let me know how to pay you. Thanks Harry
  13. Hi. My friend has what you want please send me your contact info and I will have him contact you. Thanks
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