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  1. Sorry to say but I think your in a remove and diagnose situation. I never understood whey BMW assembled this in such a way that you can't service the dang thing without removing the heater box. They are tricky at best. If you don't get it complete closed you are going to get heat. You can always plug of the hoses to stop the heat I guess until you get it fixed.
  2. I personally like them on my Pastellblau. I agree that for the most part, it personal preference. I'm planning on going with the Euro's for my Inka just because I think they will look better. Different Strokes.
  3. I can confirm this to just about spot on. I just got back from a 1200 mile road trip. 5 Speed, 3.91 LSD and at 75 I was about 3400rpm. I missed the 3.64 on the long flat sections but praised the lower gearing going over the mountains in Colorado. I haven't swapped my Speedo yet so I was always off by about 10-15mph. My GPS app on my phone was giving fairly accurate readings on my speed however.
  4. All red 2002's are ti's. No matter what year they were born. 😂
  5. Just a thought if you're trying to save weight.
  6. I used a Kerosene heater all winter last year while putting my 75 back together. 2 car insulated garage. Make sure to buy the clean burning kerosene if you decide to go this route. My biggest complaint was that I was spending a lot of $ on kerosene. I eventually found a local gas supplier that sold it in 5 gallon drums. Still around $40 for 5 gallons. I've never found a electric heater that could keep my garage warm. However, it was about 10° outside so maybe it may work better for you.
  7. That thing is awesome! Just the name alone is intense. Mine is stored away just in case I never need it again.
  8. Just pull the drain plug for a few seconds and shove it back on. You going to get messy as hell. When you're done walk into the house and wipe you hands off on the curtains. Say a few cuss words and ask if you can wash a few car parts in the dish washer. Oops, That is my life. 😎
  9. Yep, perfectly normal. My IE springs did that same thing. Drove me nuts. I never wired or zip tied mine. Just tried to be mindful and set them I'm place while bringing it down slowly with the jack. For what it's worth, I still have all 10 fingers. I haven't crushed 1 of them yet!
  10. Sorry got caught up in a project most of the day. I just sent you a PM with some pictures and info.
  11. Ray, the reason I asked for pictures and references in the very beginning is for this exact reason. Nobody is going to trust you as you have contributed zero to this forum. Not trying to be rude. It’s just that there are so many spammers out there nowadays. I truly hope you can help. Maybe someone that is coming to see you can post something positive? I would need to be someone with a decent reputation on this forum for me to get more interested. I’ll put away my pitchfork and Lynch mob gear and await a review.
  12. I probably have a full set. Not new obviously. I haven't opened up the boxes for awhile. Let me see what kind of shape they are in.
  13. No way! he built a couple motorcycles and t-shirts. Esty, your loosing all your faith in the internet and humanity. 🤣
  14. Can you add some pictures of your work, materials used & some references?
  15. Come on, somebody's gotta have one of these in a junk box sitting around?

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