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  1. Just pull the drain plug for a few seconds and shove it back on. You going to get messy as hell. When you're done walk into the house and wipe you hands off on the curtains. Say a few cuss words and ask if you can wash a few car parts in the dish washer. Oops, That is my life. 😎
  2. Yep, perfectly normal. My IE springs did that same thing. Drove me nuts. I never wired or zip tied mine. Just tried to be mindful and set them I'm place while bringing it down slowly with the jack. For what it's worth, I still have all 10 fingers. I haven't crushed 1 of them yet!
  3. Sorry got caught up in a project most of the day. I just sent you a PM with some pictures and info.
  4. Ray, the reason I asked for pictures and references in the very beginning is for this exact reason. Nobody is going to trust you as you have contributed zero to this forum. Not trying to be rude. It’s just that there are so many spammers out there nowadays. I truly hope you can help. Maybe someone that is coming to see you can post something positive? I would need to be someone with a decent reputation on this forum for me to get more interested. I’ll put away my pitchfork and Lynch mob gear and await a review.
  5. I probably have a full set. Not new obviously. I haven't opened up the boxes for awhile. Let me see what kind of shape they are in.
  6. No way! he built a couple motorcycles and t-shirts. Esty, your loosing all your faith in the internet and humanity. 🤣
  7. Can you add some pictures of your work, materials used & some references?
  8. Come on, somebody's gotta have one of these in a junk box sitting around?
  9. I have the AL89X sitting in a box. It's basically new. Maybe 400 miles on it. I added A/C, 2 Stereo amplifiers and upgraded my headlights. It just wasn't enough to run it all so I swapped to the e12 alternator with an adjustable regulator. Everything was fine until I added the stereo amps. If you are wanting to buy one I'd sell it to you for $100.
  10. I have this somewhere. If you are still looking let me know.
  11. Looking for a speedo from a 76 that had the 3.90 diff. I'm swapping to a 3.91 LSD and would like my speedo to run a little closer to correct. I believe is should be marked w1.393 on the back.
  12. Sweet! Looks like you need to get busy with a toothbrush and soap!
  13. I should have done a little more research before posting. I guess up to 1973 they were the twist in style. I have a 75 so I guess I can use one from a E21 that is a push in style with a new gasket. I was able to order those last night. Should fix my problem. The PO has a strange valve on it that isn't sealing properly. Had a bunch of other hose connections on it that had been plugged off and the check valve was integrated into the elbow. My thought was to just replace all the parts of the brake booster vacuum setup so I can rule out any potential problems and return it back to original.
  14. Anyone have a brake booster vacuum hose connector? Looks like this

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