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  1. This looks like a great option for me! I removed the external regulator. If this works, it’s a fantastic fix vs. trying to find brackets and going to the 318i alternator.
  2. They couldn't produce them faster because it probably took them 3 days per car to get the door, window and trunk gaskets in! Another 2 days for the headliner! 😫 Actually, I would have loved to see how these items were done on the assembly line.
  3. So the ground wire was the problem. Getting the red light on the dash etc. Only real issue I’m seeing now is with the stereo, headlights & AC on I’m at 12.2 volts. That’s walking a pretty thin line. I don’t do that very often but it still bothers me. Maybe I should have don the E30 alternator? I was having a hard time finding the correct brackets. Nothing in junk yards around here anymore.
  4. Thanks for the pictures. That helps and confirms my suspicion of the ground. I think you do have the E21 Alternator. Mine is slightly different. Here it is with no ground wire. I’ll attach the ground today and report back. I’m 99% sure this is my problem.
  5. The alternator that I removed did not have a ground wire. I replaced the stock alternator with a new one from IE when I first bought the car. However, wiring diagrams do show a ground wire. That's how I came to the conclusion that I had no ground. I took my voltmeter and put the positive wire on the negative terminal of the battery and the negative wire on the outer casing of the Alternator. Sure enough, 12.7 volts when it should be close to 0. For reference this car is a 1975 non Tii. Would be interesting to find out if my ground wire is just flat out missing. If I remember correctly, my 73 has a completely different ground setup all together. The car is a 1 hour drive from me so I can't use it for reference at the moment.
  6. So after a test I'm not getting any ground. I'm assuming I need to run a ground from the housing to the block somewhere? I didn't see anything on the write ut on zeebuck.com about a ground but he is using a 318i alternator so maybe it's a little different install. Would make sense that I need to ground it.
  7. Well you can't go wrong with a custom set of BBS wheels! $125 for the other set that you had is a bargain for those that can't dump that kind of cash. I went with Beyrn wheels on mine. BBS are almost damned impossible to find now days! Beautiful car BTW! Here is my current situation:
  8. I just installed a new e12 65amp alternator. I followed the directions from Zeebuck.com for the wiring etc. This is really strange but I am showing 11.7 volts going into my battery with the car running at all idle speeds. I've triple checked the wiring. Removed the 3 prong plug from the back of the old alternator and hooked he red wire to the B+ terminal and the blueish green wire to the D+ terminal. I unplugged and removed the external regulator and just left the 3 prong plug on that end alone. I was going to clean up that wiring later but figured I would get it up and running first. This is a pretty simple wiring project. My old 35amp alternator was working fine before this. I want to upgrade it because I added A/C and have a stereo with an amp. The E12 alternator seemed like the simplest upgrade because I didn't have to change the brackets etc. At this point, I'm thinking I have a bad alternator. Any suggestions or anyone have this problem with an alternator upgrade?
  9. Those look nice. I think they push the border line between period correct and modern. Matching calipers and studs are a really nice touch. Great job.
  10. One thing I have found restoring 2 cars. If the trunk doesn't seal correctly you will get exhaust fumes in your cab. Especially when you open the wing windows etc. It's not always the seal. Over years of people putting heavy shit in their trunk, the lip on the back tends to bend downward. Both my cars were off over 1/4 inch. I simply grabbed it and pulled up to bend it back into the correct position. I fought the smell for months before I figured it out. Also, if your slender climb inside the trunk and have somebody shut you in. Look for light all around the edges.
  11. oops, yes I am a total dipshit. This is the classified section. Gezus, I'm sober too. I need to go get myself checked out.
  12. Yeah, that is basically half price. I like mine. Just a pain in the ass to install. Or I'm a total dipshit that just makes things harder than they really are. The latter is a very good possibility.
  13. Post it in the "parts for sale" classifieds section. Anyone looking at this page probably has A/C already. I have 2 of the systems already or I would be interested.
  14. Only $585? What a great deal. Worth at least $586.
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