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  1. I did the poly bushings front and rear and also the motor mounts. Motor mounts came out and were replaced with OE within a week. Hindsight, I would have done the OE bushings all around if I had to do it again. The ploly are a little tighter and I'm starting to get a few squeaks that really test my OCD. Good lord the OE ones lasted 30 years! What am I really trying to improve on here? My car is just a street car. I can see some gains in a track car etc.
  2. #7 is a solid piece. I has a small groove on one side that #8 goes into. You need both pieces in order for things to work correctly. My guess is your bearing is ok. Something probably was removed when swapping over to the E21 Turbo Wheel. Is the scraping noise coming from the horn ring? It gets sandwiched between the upper and lower steering column pieces. If all 3 pieces are not in good shape it gets loose and wiggles around. You have to have all the parts or it's going to sound like a #2. That's enough potty talk. Good luck.
  3. Jbaumshelter

    Waterproofing door cards

    Never seen that on rear door panels. Are you thinking the front door panels?
  4. 3 O" Clock Position on Early Cars. 9 0" Clock position on late model cars. I think I have a few of those if you can't find one. Pretty sure you can still source them pretty easily though.
  5. Jbaumshelter

    MY 71 BMW 2002 Project for Sale

    I think that's a very good deal! Good look with your new project! Let us all know how it goes.
  6. Jbaumshelter

    Rebuilt Heater Box

    Price reduction. Needing a new set of shocks.
  7. Jbaumshelter

    Rebuilt Heater Box

    Price reduction. Need $ for a new set of shoes. Pulled this out of my 75. I went with the modern Heater/AC from Dtech so I don't need the heater box any longer. Prior to removing it for good I refurbished it. New Fan/Blower motor, New heater valve, New foam seals and I had the heater core tested and flushed. Includes cables and connected controls. Some early model cars have a different setup. I think the changed happened around mid 1972. This has all the electronics for the 3 speed fan. Let me know if you have questions. $550 Price includes shipping to Cont US.
  8. Jbaumshelter

    WTB airdam

    No worries. I'll just go buy another car to put it on. 😳
  9. Jbaumshelter

    WTB airdam

    I have a brand new IE style that I decided not to use. Decided to keep my car original. I would sell it for $150 shipping included to Cont US. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02airdam.html
  10. Jbaumshelter

    1974 BMW 2002

    "fully restored with the exception of needing $15,000 of bodywork"
  11. Jbaumshelter

    50,000 quarts of Liquid Moly for $35

    Oh yeah, the YouTube video is from 2017. This isn’t a new thing for them.
  12. Jbaumshelter

    50,000 quarts of Liquid Moly for $35

    For me it’s like getting a free cheeseburger. I always buy fries and coke when I get the free cheeseburger just because I feel like I should. Or I just like 🍟 and cokes cause I’m a fat ass. I’m not sure why I do anything anymore.
  13. Jbaumshelter

    50,000 quarts of Liquid Moly for $35

    Exactly, I’m not just buying oil and returning it. I’ve picked up some miraculous deals for parts for my 318is. I think their idea is working for them.
  14. Some of you may know this so this is just FYI, you can return used engine oil/filters to FCP Euro and get a free replacement. I was blown away that I could buy pretty much any wear item and return it. I bought 4, 5 liter jugs of Moly and I rotate thru them and return them so I always have a fresh supply. Obviously you have to buy the original product from them and keep your receipt. Works with brake pads, wiper blades etc. No, I'm not being paid or reimbursed in any way. Just thought I would spread the word. https://www.fcpeuro.com/page/lifetime-guarantee
  15. Jbaumshelter

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    I installed the Hobbie Dave bracket a few weeks ago on my 75. This looks like an awesome improvement on that design. If I remember correctly this new bracket from blunt will work with the early and late model motors. Early model M10's don't have the holes in the block in the correct places for the Hobbie Dave bracket.