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  1. Hanging out today at Mission Raceway, watching Ian compete in his race spec 1970 2002 (white). A perfect summer day. Met Paul in his Inka '73 tii. This time I brought my '74 tii (instead of the Alfa).
  2. Here's a couple more shots from my Wednesday morning outing with Paul (his pics above). Paul and I had a fun day out, checking out Wes' shop. At the end of the afternoon, we took the pair to the scales. As expected the little Alfa was the lightweight at 2,168 pounds. BMW was 2,460 at weigh in: The lightweight: The pair at Wes':
  3. Loving the cup holders! [emoji3][emoji592][emoji477]️
  4. FYI that highway from Pemberton to Lillooet is called the Duffey Lake Road. Not Duthie. Just Google the Lake and Provincial Park of the same name and you'll see why that stretch of Highway 99 is nicknamed that. Trust me, Adrian
  5. 94 Octane, no ethanol. Also a tii Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Yeah great build and video. Makes me want to try that upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Are you willing to share the STL file for this cup holder? If love to try printing one for my 2002tii. I've find a but of nylon printing on our printer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. My '74 tii was Amazon Green. This car's twin to start, but navy now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. I have to agree with early responders. The 5-speed transmission is an essential upgrade as far as I'm concerned. Of course I might be biased by the 5-day / 50-hours in the driver's seat trek I just made. Ottawa West to Vancouver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Oh! Forgot to mention. Other than the '67 Guilia Sprint Veloce and '74 2002tii, our "practical car" is...
  11. Stepnose Alfa. Like the '67 Giulia Sprint Veloce I just picked up! [emoji4] Compliments my tii
  12. Can we connect DM or email? I am bringing my 2002tii into town (from Ottawa) next Monday. I'd love to start getting involved. I'm at adrianburke23 - gmail Side Note: I just bought that 67 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce on BaT. Getting in a few weeks. If Italians interest you.
  13. Your agent is mis-informed. ICBC did have an agreed-upon policy but they discontinued the program. Either they were getting killed or there were not enough policies to make it worthwhile. At least 2 years since they dropped the program. Luckily Hagerty filled the void for me at a reasonable price, and without headaches. Thanks - I'm glad someone has the specifics on British Columbia and ICBC. I'll give Hagerty a call. Yes, the show was great. It's annual, so you can go next year. Or better yet, you and I could bring our 2002tii's - my blue and your orange will look complementary (colour-wise) side by side. The show has super/hypercars, but also a selection of classics - 73 911RS, Jags, American muscle - http://www.luxurysupercar.com/
  14. I am in Vancouver, BC and talked to my ICBC agent today. Yes, all cars in BC are insured by ICBC for basic coverage and liability. But supplemental insurance can be added on with another insurer. That said, the ICBC agent claimed that in the case of classic cars, an agreed to value could be reached with ICBC. Similar to what everyone here was saying Hagerty and others were willing to do. I am not 100% sure I trust her on that, but... ICBC has a history of wanting to write-off anything with damage over blue/black book. Cars that could still be used being written off. Ugh. Side Note: there was a Hagerty booth at today's Luxury Supercar Weekend (Pagani, McLaren, Jaguar, Aston, classic muscle, classic JDM, classic brit - automotice awesomeness). Unmanned every time I went by, but clearly they operate in BC. Kind of annoying they were never in the damn booth, so I can talk to them.
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