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  1. If it’s a strong runner, you are already asking a fair price. Good luck
  2. Wtf? That did not sell? If I had the garage space I’d buy it right now. For the original price. Criminey. Guess I’m all wet popping off on other threads these cars are being under priced.
  3. What, no one finger salute? Where was the Steward objection? 😁
  4. I think that answered the question I had? Doing a turbo pretty well requires EFI? I see a few resources for putting a turbo on a carb system but they look mickey mouse. Or am I missing something?
  5. I don't necessarily disagree and have said the same thing here myself. That said, when I was trying to merge from I-405 onto I-90 today, right foot through the fire wall and still unable to overtake a piece of S*** box Kia next to me who was not even trying to cut me off, so I could merge over, I would gladly have written a check for maybe just 20 more HP. And in fact, I think I am going to try to explore that. I don't want to do anything heroic to the engine but there must be some way to squeeze a few more horses out? 50 years later, I suspect its only putting out 75 hp at most (ala that top gear epiosde where they had the old Italian cars on a dyno).
  6. I have the same360. I dont like the looks at all. Looks too small and chunky. That said, it is actually easier to urn than with the stock wheel. My sense is, the wheel has more girth than the stock wheel so I get better grip and get yer leverage. If you go to to. Bigger wheel I’d love to see a Pic as I am considering get the lqtger diameter. The wheel is skinner though so might be harder to turn. Her is my current set up.
  7. For what it’s worth, that is pretty standard on boat bilge plugs. They never go all the way in. Tighten until snug, then a little smidge more. I’ve never had one back out.
  8. No comment on the right hand drive? Very cool. Did you strip it down to paint silver or could we count the rings like a tree?
  9. It’s perhaps one thing for a filter to be too tight one time, but if it’s happening more than once I’d like to suggest you are over tightening. When I was young I always overtightened and akwys has a devil of a time getting them off. But once I actually followed the directions, I think it is only half a turn once the gasket makes contact, ive never had to use anything other than my hand and I’ve never had a leak. And like someone said above, like his dad, mine told me to put a smear of old oil around the gasket. I read somewhere that overtightening can actual cause problems but do t remember what they are.
  10. I bought my OZ Alpina wheels off of eBay from some shipper in a former EasterN SOVIET block country. But, they were very well packaged, more or less on time, and other than the fact of the center caps did not fit were exactly as described in any competitive price to what I saw from Sellers here. He had a few other sets as well which made me wonder where the heck all of those cars are doing in former Soviet countries. But, it is the new global economy. Get used to it I guess. Although, it would be pretty hard drive your new car home from Bosnia.
  11. Read that when it was printed originally. Actually restores your faith in humanity somewhat.
  12. Starbucks the same thing. East versus west coast, I guess.

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