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  1. I think it’s color dependent. On my Verona car. I like it better with the body color. On your white car, I do not think it is even a close comparison. Go with the black. You will not go back
  2. Polyurethane bushings installed all around last year. Immediately the front bushings creeked like an old rocking chair. Brought back to Patrick, he lubed them and fixed the problem. Now, rear is creaking like an old wooden chair. I sprayed “penetrating“ grease into all the bushings the best I could and it did not solve the problem. This must be a repetitive issue. Can anyone help with a bit of quick direction. From the sound in location, I think it is a big ass one that is right in front of the wheel welll. Many thanks.
  3. ooooooo.... roundie elitism. I will concede, before I bought I would have preferred a roundie. But after much searching, a square tail is what I found. You can’t pick your kids, but you love them with all their foibles. You can pick you wife though... i will say though, I can put a beer on my bumper while working on it. Do that on a roundie! 😎
  4. Could not get the exposure correct in darn phone. Looks wet in real life. Wish the lighting was always like that.
  5. Just roll them or have someone do it for you and get it over with. Doesn’t effect the look. Silly having that razor lip stock anyway. Does not do anything.
  6. Ok. Here’s an ignorant question. When I was in high school I had a bug and new I had to adjust the valves every 1500 omiles or so. Do we do this on these?
  7. What?????? You mean my car does not have only 25,000 miles on it ? 😂
  8. That hydro was built in the 60’s. There was a company back east that made kits. Not in business any more but they come up on ebay from Time to time which is where I bought that one. Had to do a lot of work to it. Here is a better picture. Post stain, and other wood work, but pre urethane. Is shiny now. Going to finish off with old style hydro graphics.
  9. 2002 at end of video. C62508DB-0E61-4F8A-B06A-0EBAD27C16D2.MOV
  10. Two problems: (1) your deductible. For homeowners its typically larger. (2) Your insurance premiums going forward will likely increase with the loss claim. So over time, you are just paying for it anyway. Also, (3) assuming it is covered. Every policy is different and typically any loss associated with an auto is excluded by homeowners. Good the one in Chicago was not. But, that would be my general thought.
  11. Did you have a repair estimate signed yet? Sounds like an inside job but even if not, when you drop a car off like that it typically creates what is called a "bailment." A bailment is a term of art that basically means, they have to give back to you, exactly what you gave to them. That is what you do when you rent a car, and why you are responsible for the rental car even if someone else damages it. You promised to give it back as is. That is different than parking your car in a parking lot. For a parking lot, they are grating you a "license" to park there. That is it. I've had a few cases like yours with damage to a car, and once a Ferrari outright stolen, and they were found to be bailments and the owner of the shop was liable. In terms of proving up the parts, I assume you can or have receipts? Trunk was locked? Yes ? He had the key ? Yes ? Heck in that regard, even if there is no "bailment," he obviously was negligent in not keeping the key secure. You did not mention they forced their way in. I assume they unlocked it. Or worse, he left it unlocked. I see lots of fault all of the place. The problem of course is finding an attorney for such a small case but if you were here, that would piss me off so much I would take it on principal. So, depends how much time you have on your hands and what you want to do about it. **Probably important to say in this day and age, that is intended to be a clever, deep reference to the Untouchables and NOT a suggestion you should go postal.** (Sad where we have come when you have to add a disclaimer to a joke)

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