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  1. Thanks for the word! Sold the car yesterday, to someone I knew. I mentioned I was looking to sell my car, and he said he wanted it.
  2. After seven years of her being my daily driver, I need to part with “Stella”. I have put over $13,000 into making her reliable, although the interior was to be next. I have replaced: Fuel Tank, most of the suspension (Incl. Billsteins), headliner, radiator, water pump, alternator, odometer, Rear lights with LEDs, starter, and other things I cannot remember. She has rust in dime-sized spots at the bottom of door and a rear panel, at the bottom of the front splash panel, and there is some delamination of the coating on the underside behind the drivers seat which might be rust. Issues that need work are: The handbrake bracket needs welding repair, the seats need reupholstering, and the L dash light glows feintly (although if she is driven regularly, she keeps charged). She is a solid car, starts and runs well, (I recently drove her 450 miles in the rain in one day with no problems at all). I think she’s a blast to drive, and I am sorry to be having to sell her. Of course, I dont know what I dont know, and I am selling her “As-is” with no warranty about her condition. Happy to answer questions!
  3. Did you ever find a 2002? I am considering selling mine. Its my daily driver in the East Bay.
  4. After seven wonderful years of daily driving and improving my 1974 2002 (“Stella”), I have sadly come to the conclusion that I need to sell her. Do any of you folks have any advice on how to go about doing that, without having to brave the horrors of Craigslist? edit: SOLD!
  5. Thanks Tom! The alternator-ground wire was the problem. I had checked it, but not thoroughly enough. -Kris
  6. Thanks, Paul T. My problem is not with the directionals, but with the charging or "L" light on the dash lightly glowing intermittently.
  7. Could I trouble you for how you solved your intermittent dash light problem? I am getting the same symptom
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