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  1. UPDATES! Heater Box: I just need this thing gone, Free to the first person who wants to pickup in Oakland. For the coilovers: It looks like on my car when the real coilovers were installed the rear perches were cut down, so that the new coilovers could be bolted in. So there was modification made to my car to get them installed. When they were removed from my car—my mechanic welded on new rear spring perches to where mine had been cut off. Additionally a hole was drilled through my lower rear spring perches to accommodate the coilovers. Photo attached of what my cars looks like currently with replacement suspension. you can see the hole in lower perch. So that's the story with these coilovers.
  2. No worries, trying to get clarity myself—asked my mechanic for a quick write up, will post when I get it. Cheers
  3. I asked my mechanic about this after that post and said there wasn't anything left/modified on the car—but I do believe that these need to be welded in place. Could prolly ship these for $75-100.
  4. Sure, I'd be willing to ship, have to price that out if you wanna give me a zip code. My understanding is this is the complete setup—everything was taken off my car and it was setup with more stock suspension. Does it look like pieces are missing?
  5. Also found a Fireball XR700 ignition, any takers at $50? here's another heater box pic too, someone said it looked like it might have been rebuilt—any way to know for sure with it out of the car?
  6. looks like it, 3 prongs and I can see two filaments. Osram bulbs Any love for that heater box? I really need to get rid of that, no reasonable local offer refused!
  7. Alright folks, I'm will to sell the complete suspension separate from the front brakes, asking $1800
  8. Okay folks sorry for the delay on coilover info there has been a lot of interest, Ireland wasn't able to find the original invoice, but here is what I gather: A Ground Control setup is $2200 + cores without front brakes current Ireland stage 3 coilovers are $1500 rear perches + springs + shocks from Ireland is $505 front big brake kit from Ireland is $665 with that as a lo0se reference, I think the setup I'm offering was at least $2670 in parts new I'd really like to unload the complete setup with the front brakes for $2200. Call me out if you think that is totally off base, just looking for these to goto someone who'll put 'em to good use them and at a fair price. As Andrew stated these are early Zinc-plated Stage 3 coilovers from Ireland, they've hardly been driven on my car and are essentially brand new. Spring rates are: front: 0700.250.0350 rear: 0800.225.0275
  9. Already got my new setup in place, just getting around to selling the old one
  10. Slowpoke, best answers I have: a) So as you saw these are believed to be the early Stage 3 coilovers from Ireland (http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02racecoilovr.html), so I don't think they are Tii or non-tii, but I'm not an expert these. I pulled these off to swap for Tii struts and an overall more stock suspension setup. The rear suspension perches needs to be welded into place is my understanding. b) I'm waiting to hear back from Ireland, hoping they can dig up the invoice, which should have the spring rate and any other possible info. c) There about 2000 total miles total on the entire setup. I bought the car they came off of a couple years ago, which had just been restored and setup for track and only been driven ~500 miles, I put another 1500 miles on the car. I'm not a track guy, but the car handled incredibly well and the suspension was very stiff. d) they do come with fixed castor adjustable camber plates which I have. e) As told to me by the previous owner the entire suspension set was basically new when I bought the car, Bilstein sports all around I believe. f) happy to provide any more photos or specifics if you let me know what you'd like to see. Just want these to goto someone who appreciates and for a fair price.
  11. Strut Brace, Distributor and cluster have been sold. Will post price for the suspension setup soon
  12. Thanks AceAndrew! Will reach out to IE and update listing.
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