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  1. Mark, I couldn't really answer that re whether or not there's a %HP change. Open carbs with no stacks can be an issue, but things are a bit different when inside an airbox. Bill
  2. Dellorto DHLA 40F's. Both cleaned and one reassembled, the other as pictured ready for assembly with included gasket kit. Carefully bagged, all parts guaranteed to be there. Three sets of main jets, 135's, 148's, and 158's. 80 idles and a new set of 62 idles. Chokes in carb throats are 32's. Venturies are labeled 7848.3 135 mains come with carbs, plus new 148's and new 158's. 80 idles and a new set of 62 idles $300 for the pair.
  3. Pics.. Ignore the IE intake, that's in another ad if you're interested. Thanks, Bill
  4. New Dbilas air filter housing, with included filter.
  5. I purchased this from Ireland Engineering for my sidedraft conversion project, but have since sold the car. All parts are new. Ireland Engineering intake manifold ($215 new) IE water diverter ($199 new) IE water bypass hose kit ($85 new) IE rod type linkage ($128 new) That's $627 total, plus shipping and taxes if you purchased now. Asking $400 for everything, or make me an offer!
  6. Ok, I've had too many questions re fitment, booster clearance, jetting, etc.. so I'm going to split everything up. I can't guarantee any of this will work exactly with anybody's setup, it's just what I had put together. Look for new ads for each part. Thanks!
  7. I will if this doesn't sell together. Have some interest now, so we'll see.
  8. Still available. Great deal here, less than half price vs new from GAHH!
  9. I've had somebody ask if this is loop or squareweave, and honestly I'm not sure. I had assumed it was the loop style Gahh sells for the 02 at $945, but looking at pictures the pattern does look a bit more like squareweave. I'll post the question up on the board. --Bill
  10. Sorry, yes, it's for a manual transmission 02.
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