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  1. For sale is a set of 3 piece Compomotive FH500 in 15x6 ET ~24. The wheels are in great shape with no curb rash or bends. I think the fitment would be spot on for a 2002. Asking $1000 plus shipping.
  2. Goner

    FS: 3.91 LSD

    For sale is a 3.91 LSD from an E21 320is. It had about 155k miles on it when removed. I did drive the car it was installed on and it did not make any noises or grinds. Asking $750 plus shipping.
  3. Goner

    Weber ?

    Thanks for taking a look. Here is a pic of the stacks I have.
  4. Goner

    Weber ?

    I have a set of these 15/16's. Are one of your velocity stacks shorter then the rest? On the set that I have 1 of the stacks is about an inch shorter.
  5. For sale is a new unused (still in the original boxes) Flo-Fit interior in black. Both front and rear seats are included. This interior was originally made for an E21 so the rear seats won't fit in the rear of a 2002, But from what I have read you should be able to remove the seat skins and put them on the 2002 rear seats. Asking $800 plus shipping.
  6. I don't recall... But I will double check the air horns and get back to you tonight. I'm located near Midway Airport.
  7. Hey guys, I have a matched pair of Weber 45 DCOE 15/16 that have been rebuilt and have not seen fuel since. I know these were the original carbs used on the 1800 TiSa so maybe someone here can use them? If you are interested let me know and I will post some pictures.
  8. Goner


  9. Goner

    Set Of 4 E30 Bottle Caps 14x6 ET30

    Still available...
  10. Open to offers! I’m sure there is an 02 out that could use the parts. The parts are still very usable as the surface rust is just paint that has peeled away.
  11. Goner

    Drivers Side Flag Miror

    Price drop to $40.
  12. Goner

    5 Speed Getrag 245

    For sale is a 5 speed getrag 245 out of an 81 320is. I purchased a complete car to take the goodies and put them into my 02. The car had 155k miles when I purchased it, transmission shifted without any noises or grinds. I have since changed course on my build and I’m selling the transmission. Shipping shouldn’t be too expensive as it’s relatively small. Looking to get $750