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  1. I would be interested in the mounting bracket if you decide to separate it.
  2. Looking to buy a manual pedal box.
  3. Sorry, These sold shortly after I posted them.
  4. For sale is a matched pair of Weber 45 DCOE 15/16 with the proper angled velocity stacks. These are the same carbs BMW used on the 1800 TiSA. They were rebuilt about 15 years ago and have not been used since. Everything that is shown in the photos is included like the chokes, air correcters etc... Looking to get $850 shipped.
  5. For sale is a genuine bmw drivers side fender that was removed from a 1975 2002. It’s in good condition without any dents. Asking $100 plus shipping.
  6. I have one but it does not have the glass.
  7. Sorry, the transmission is sold.
  8. Is this the flange you are referring to? If so I can include it if needed.
  9. Thank you for the kind words 2double02!
  10. For sale is a Getrag 245 5 speed transmission. This transmission came with a rebuilt engine I purchased for my 02, I was told it had about 50k miles when removed and it shifted without issue. Judging by the shape of the engine and the person I purchased it from I have no reason not to believe him. Slave cylinder is new and included in the sale. Asking $750 plus shipping, shipping should be between $50 and $75 in the lower 48.
  11. I am in the market for a bolt in roll bar. Please let me know what you have.

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