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  1. How much to ship one to San Juan, PR 00926
  2. Was unaware that the160 was a direct reference to the diameter, in mm. thank you for clarifying. Parts For Sale .
  3. If it has no rust, please send me pictures. Thanks!
  4. Mr. Willie, I really like you but I wouldn't buy them from you for $50 and an entire car attached to them, you big slimy weasel. 😉🤗 To Richard's body guard: when you intend to quote someone, please include their exact words and close quote. That's the reason for quotes and by the way, it will not be only in this forum. 🤓 I really like you Rich!
  5. BTW Walloth has brand new lenses for 200 a set and ring for under 100
  6. Luckily there are still some very decent and legit guys out there that sell stuff at good prices, have integrity and value their word and reputation. So no need to burn my car; for now I will just enjoy burning you and your reputation as a seller. 😘
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