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  1. Went with an adjustable. Powder coated a few days ago. Looks great. Also have powder coated front subframe as well. Will post separately. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. I’ll send pics later today
  3. No but I have 2 shorty’s in storage
  4. Harry, still waiting on your guy to get back in town. thank you.
  5. looking for bottom portion (tray) of the 3 piece dash. Crack Free!!! let me know.
  6. Well did u find what I need.???? LOL. do you have Facebook? What’s your name?
  7. This is on Facebook. Along with the instrument cluster. Lmk if it’s what u need.
  8. Which top piece do you need? Instrument surround or main top?
  9. I just need the bottom. Let me know if you come across a complete set. Let's work together.
  10. How much shipped to ca 91320? Are there holes for the rubber strips on the rear bumper?
  11. Scam alert!!!!!! This member Tyler Brandon Cauley, advertised the head in this ad was port and polished by VAC Motorsport. This service runs about 2k. I bought this head firm him and sent pictures to VAC after he couldn’t “locate the receipt”. They denied the work was done by them being very inconsistent to the quality they produce. When I brought this up, he stated how much the parts cost that were in the head, avoiding the fact that this was a clear misrepresentation. One lie could lead to 50 so I don’t know what to believe at this point as to what’s in the head. I have to pay one one to tear it down and go thru it. Now, he has now gone dark after several text messages and phone calls to refund me or send a heavy discount. Tyler you need to contact me and do what’s right and own up to this misrepresentation.
  12. I’ll stake the shocks and struts. I have to be in Carlsbad this Sunday maybe we can meet.
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