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  1. cstok3s

    Control Arms

    Thanks guys. Thanks to the forum they are in transit.
  2. cstok3s

    Control Arms

    Looking for a set. Let me know if you have them.
  3. cstok3s

    Who’s Tii

    I saw this nice Tii at dinner in Thousand Oaks last night. Who’s is it?
  4. cstok3s

    BBS/BMW alloy wheel Hub cap removal wrench

    if he doesn't want it ill take it. 91320
  5. cstok3s


  6. cstok3s

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Do u have aluminum trim connectors? I don’t see on your list of parts. I’d like a couple hood latch rollers.
  7. cstok3s

    Rear Early Bumper

  8. cstok3s

    Door cards for sale

    Don’t need em.
  9. cstok3s

    Door cards for sale

    Ok. When? In I’m Thousand Oaks. Working in the garage today. Lmk
  10. cstok3s

    Door cards for sale

    *Saddle sold 3 black door cards. 75ea. Black rear 100 ea. Plus shipping
  11. cstok3s

    Early front seats for sale

    Came out out of my 1970 2002 Dismantled but have fairly complete black 73 hardware that will come with. Not certain about the origin of the bottoms whether they were recovered with the wrong material or from another vehicle.
  12. cstok3s

    DCOE & 02 Brake Parts+stuff

    ill take the booster and master cylinder.
  13. cstok3s

    German seat belts (2 sets) Xmass sale

    If not too late I’m in
  14. cstok3s

    Stahl Header

    Interested. Sending pm
  15. cstok3s

    Scam Alert by 73Tiii

    Hope this works out for all.....and for the jackass comment he made....if someone is in need of door cards, I have... 1 set F/R Black - no speaker holes, chrome not great 1 set of fronts Brown w/ Black trim - no speaker holes, chrome not great Also a friend has a complete set of black for sale as well not on forum - no speaker holes, chrome not great Send a PM if interested.