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  1. New never opened Anza dual tip Exhaust. Plus shipping.
  2. Recently purchased. Decided to go with Euro instead. Great Condition. PM if you want more pics but otherwise excellent condition.
  3. Went with an adjustable. Powder coated a few days ago. Looks great. Also have powder coated front subframe as well. Will post separately. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. Harry, still waiting on your guy to get back in town. thank you.
  5. looking for bottom portion (tray) of the 3 piece dash. Crack Free!!! let me know.
  6. Well did u find what I need.???? LOL. do you have Facebook? What’s your name?
  7. This is on Facebook. Along with the instrument cluster. Lmk if it’s what u need.
  8. Which top piece do you need? Instrument surround or main top?
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