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  1. Thanks for the warning, Tom. Good to keep that in mind.
  2. Woohooo! We've got a spark! Wow, what a difference if you compare it to my old ignition. Very happy! Thank you all for the suggestions
  3. Thanks Simeon, that makes sense! Learning something new everyday. So the only connection to the minus on the coil should be the black wire from the 123. There shouldn't be any other connection to the minus on the coil. And the positive side of the coil? Is it right that a wire from the wire harness would connect to the positive side of the coil? Thanks, makes sense!
  4. Ahh, so that might be my problem. Thank you for helping me! I wired it this way because the negative coming out of the wiring harness is broken. So I made a cable from the negative ground > coil and figured I could just put the blue wire on the coil negative since it's the same as ground negative. Hopefully the minus from the wire harness is still fixable by putting a new spade connector to it. Will keep you guys updated.
  5. I connected the blue wire to the minus/negative of the coil, which is the same as ground, right?
  6. Thanks Andrew, I will check those things you said tomorrow and I will report back here how things work out. Thank you for helping me!
  7. I've had the rotor and cap off of the distributor a several times, so I guess that shouldn't be the problem. I will check it again tomorrow. Also checked for power at the coil with a multimeter and that seems fine. And I have no tachometer in my car, so that cannot be the problem.
  8. But there still needs to be a spark when cranking, right? Even when the timing is off Edit: i'm testing the spark by putting a spark plug on the engine (with good ground) while cranking.
  9. Hey BMW enthusiasts, I'm having troubles getting a spark from my 123ignition tune (USB only). I did everything according to the manual. First made sure the engine was at TDC, installed the 123ignition and found the green LED lighting up. After that I installed the black wire to the coil, like the manual told me. Then put the rotor in and then installed the cap on the ignition and installed the wires according to firing order (CW) (first one to where to rotor was pointing). Then tried to start the engine. Engine turned over but nothing happened. Got a spare spark plug which I connected to a wire to see if there was any spark. Still nothing. Also used a multimeter to read the Bosch Blue coil, but the coil is OK. Is it possible that there is no curve selected or something? Thanks in advance for you help!
  10. I'm having the same problem with my Weber 32/36. You should check this topic: Some people talk about a installing non-return valve that should do the trick. I'm also going to try that.
  11. Hi 02 community, I am thinking of an upgrade for my anti-roll bars. Because my Touring is having too much body roll in the corners. Is it going to make a noticeable difference if I change all of the rubber anti-roll bar bushings for Strongflex and Powerflex polyurethane ones? All of the suspension is still stock. See under here for the product I am talking about. I've also looked into the option of installing Ireland Engineering 22mm anti-roll bars. But it will cost me like €500,- instead of €150,- for the bushings upgrade. I would like to know what you guys think about this. Thanks in advance!
  12. Is it an auto or manual transmission? It could also be the neutral safety switch if you have an auto transmission. In this case your gear lever should be in park or neutral before you can start the engine.
  13. Anyone know how I can access those pages? Very curious about this upgrade because I might want to change my 3 speed auto to a 4 speed auto.
  14. I am sure you could mail the guys from W&N and aks them if the could add the hose you need to your order. They are very helpfull!

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