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  1. Blackwhiteandblue

    M20 ITBs

    The fit on your looks to be about as far back as it can go without hitting the firewall. Have you decided on an engine management system yet? (Sorry to keep pounding you with questions)
  2. Blackwhiteandblue

    Houndstooth ready

    Where did you get the upholstery kit if you don't mind me asking? Thanks
  3. Blackwhiteandblue

    M20 ITBs

    OK. I am on the fence abou the filter/plenum box as well. I don't even have an engine in the bay yet, so you are miles ahead of me. What type of engine and transmission mounts does it have currently? I don't know if you can tell or not
  4. Blackwhiteandblue

    M20 ITBs

    Is that their 42MM kit? I am going to be purchasing this soon as well. What is your plan for filters?
  5. Blackwhiteandblue

    Question on the steering system

    I wouldn't think it would be any issue with it since you aren't using a typical tie rod end. If it were the typical tie rod end I would say it needs to be cut and welded because of the taper. But if you are using a heim joint, it should be just a straight hole. Just make sure you don't get the metal too hot when drilling it.
  6. Blackwhiteandblue

    Temp Gauge location

    On modern EFI BMW's (E30, E36, and E46 that I know of, I don't get more modern than that) the sensor that kicks on the fan is in the radiator while the sensor that reports to the gauge is in the head. Food for thought...
  7. Blackwhiteandblue

    Steering Wheel Thread

    Anyone know what wheel this is?
  8. Blackwhiteandblue

    1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back

    That was me! The e30 mounting points on the trailing arms are a about 3" further down than the 2002, so this should give me the correct suspension travel each way. No rally, just the occasional track time if anything. I went with 185 lb springs since the car will be mainly street and I don't like harsh rides. Plus springs are cheap, it isn't a big deal to dial in the spring rate when it is all finished up (that will be a while)!
  9. Blackwhiteandblue

    1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back

    Been a while, figured it was time for a little update. I have been chipping away at her for the past few months. I ended up redoing the mounts on the rear subframe because I wasn't happy with the wheel placement (this is the first step backwards). I just need to test fit it the next time I work on her. The cylinder head for the engine is with Bimmerheads in CA, so no new news on the engine. But I did start getting to some of the body issues... I noticed in the front foot-well corners there seemed to be some rubberized coating/built up material around it. I started sandblasting it and it ended up being rubberized coating over fiberglass patchwork... (this is the second step backwards). So I went ahead and busted the patches out and this is what I found I went to work cutting out all the spot welds and ended up with this... (this was the one step forward) Went further back on the outer rocker because the PO put a terrible patch on it and didn't match the contour of the rockers. Lastly, I got some goodies in the mail!!! Reason why I haven't made much progress (other than only working on it for select weekends) is I bought a truck! So it has been sucking some of my time to just get it road worthy. Clearly, I am a gluten for punishment... That is all for now
  10. Blackwhiteandblue

    E30 Rear Subframe - What Springs?

    I now feel A LOT better about how my E30 subframe swap is looking! Granted mine is not done either...
  11. Blackwhiteandblue

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    You guys clearly don't understand NC... The weather is about as predictable as the way a Walmart arrow flies. It might change 3 times before the weekend! Hopefully for the best! We always say in NC "Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes"
  12. Blackwhiteandblue

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    What wheels are on that orange car? Those look awesome!
  13. Ah! I forgot about that. I have been following your blog since you started. We started around the same time, but you are much further ahead!
  14. Not aluminum. Only the rear cover is aluminum. Also, I don't think it is good that you can push your shocks down and they stay that way. They are probably on their way out if you can do that. You probably already had plans to replace them, but just wanted to put it out there that it isn't a good thing.
  15. Blackwhiteandblue

    What to do once the engine is out...

    Dang two people beat me to it before I could post a reply