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  1. Hi all, I have a 74 2002 with front seats that are visually in excellent shape but the backs have a lot of "slop". When your sitting, the back has a lot of back and forth movement. The mechanics must be worn or loose. Does anyone have any experience of resources I can leverage. I cant even find a parts diagram for those seats. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  2. So, I have a spare 1973 engine that I am thinking about rebuilding as a winter project. My goal is to rebuild it with better than factory performance; I understand the mechanical principals of the engine but have never rebuild one. Can anyone recommend any books or reference material that will how too and torque specification information. Since I have never done this before I am concerned I will miss the finer details that are so important. Thank you.
  3. How much would shipping be to Boston Massachusetts USA? Thank you.
  4. Hi... I just sent him a message. I checked shipping for a 12x12x12 box and assuming 5lb weight and to his zip code it was $22 bucks. If I don't hear back by EOD, do you want it at that cost?
  5. I have an early 70s back seat that I hope someone can use. I was going to put this in the car but then did a swap with a local person and was able to get a seat in better condition so I still have this. The vinyl is in good shape and will clean up nicely but the bottom seat needs to be re-stuffed. I am hoping someone can use it and want to let this go for short money. If you just need the vinyl, let me know and I will pull it off the frame. I think shipping via Grey Hound s around $100 with the frame. Hopefully someone in the local area can use it so let me know and we can work something out.
  6. I can pick up the bumper if you give me a weekend time or evening time
  7. Harry, I’ve been trying to contact you for bumpers. I want a set of bumpers and I will take the dash pad if it’s abailable. I live in mass and can pick up. Please reply. Thank you
  8. I have a set of Flo-fit seats in black cloth. I also have the mounting brackets. I had them in my 74 and just swapped them out for some period correct seats. They are in very good shape. I would prefer a local pickup but I do know that they can be shipped via Greyhound for about $150 to just about anywhere in the country. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I spoke to them directly and they are stand-up people who know their product really well.
  10. I hope you do but I hope no one in this community spends another penny with this dirt bag. I can’t belive how many people have been impacted
  11. He out right lied to me.... telling me, and other he shipped items when he didn’t!!! Count provide a receipt either. good luck to all those waiting but I wouldn’t give him a dime going forward. He is a scammer!
  12. It 73Tiii - Seteven Campo. I am sorry I cause any confusion but man, it's amazing how many people this dirt bag has impacted!!
  13. Chris ... please don't take my comments as any type of incitement and I do apologize if I offended you... just trying to learn more. I sent you an email and looking forward to taking when you have a minute. Best.
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