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  1. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone... But ideally due to a weak CDN dollar and crazy shipping costs/duties it might be and idea.
  2. Obliveus

    02Bumpers.com Year End Inventory Sale (sale over)

    Sent you an email regarding: #6 "Shorty" Style Bumper (Rear)
  3. As the title suggest, thanks.
  4. Obliveus

    1977 320i e21 Parting out

    pm sent
  5. Thanks Targa... the 2002 was a stick, do the new clutch slave and line clear the tunnel if preinstalled on the transmission or do I still need to rework the area somewhat.
  6. Most welcoming... thanks Steve. A simple re-directed without the attitude would have been just fine. Since everyone one has there own take on the subject I figured I reach out to someone who's done it using a e21 driveshaft and LSD. 2joejoe2, I'm in Canada so a 500-600USD shortened shaft isn't so practically once you factor in , shipping/duties/core charges. I'm in the process of rebuilding the transmission and diff and thought I'd get a jump on the driveshaft but maybe It's best to wait and take actual measurements.
  7. Doing some reading regarding the 5sp conversion on various sites and have a general idea but figured I'd throw it out there. I have a 76' 2002 and have sourced an 82' e21 320is including the 5sp/driveshaft and LSD. Using the e21 5sp/driveshaft and LSD I'm reading that I need to have a driveshaft length of around 59 something, something inches. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this step up and has a more accurate measurement. Thanks Obi
  8. Obliveus


  9. Oh my! I just might be able to sell that to the wife.
  10. LOL thats nearly the whole car
  11. Other than the 5spd/bits and reacro seats is there anything elseI should grab? I'm currently restoring a stock 76 2002 that has the E21 head. Not sure the 1.8 head is any better. LKM what you think. Thanks