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  1. Markster, I'm in the East Bay. Just need the rear bracket, if you are reluctant to ship one or both. I have a front as well still that I won't be using because an S14 is going in my 72 (that is still boxed up from shipping) I'm fine passing along an equally awesome deal. Maybe we can all work something out?
  2. The Chamonix Dietel 333i was my former car purchased in Burbank Ca from a guy from Boston who drove an E9. The gas tank lines were rotten and after filling it up in the Grapevines at Hilt it leaked the better part of a tank on the ground at the pump. After having it flat bedded to Bakersfield It was fine the rest of the way home to Seattle. It was very capable on the track and beast.
  3. I bought one of these spoilers for my M2 build and it comes from the factory with studs to fasten it to the deck lid. Has anyone successfully attached one to their deck lid without drilling and had it stay put long term? Was thinking about removing the studs so I don't have to drill. Would love to see/hear how you did it without drilling. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Looking for a set of 7" Covers for my 880s Original or Repro either is fine. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Which Superpsrint muffler? Do you have the dimensions or part number? Thanks,
  6. Can anyone confirm this will work on a 2002 with a BBK?
  7. Before I plonk down the money for new thought I'd check to see if anyone had a 15" BBK that they are selling. E-brake would be ideal but open to both. I do not have tii struts but have access to a set of 320i hubs. Thanks, Ryan
  8. I need a massive pan for my S14 (M2) and would rather not wait a year for 10 people to get together a GB. If you have one that you're considering letting go, please let me know. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Looks like you guys are talking now. Good luck with the deal!
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