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  1. Let's do this - I PM'd you my info. Thanks! Ryan
  2. That is exactly what I am building right now on my 72. Does this car have a 5 speed and 3:90? Which header? and most importantly wow does she go?
  3. This looks like the TEP strut brace. Do you still have the piece that attaches to the valve cover? If so and it will clear my 40s, I want it.
  4. No not doing a lot of engines - trying to save time since I have several projects going on at once.
  5. Thanks everyone - I know kind of a dumb question but I haven't run an engine on a stand since high school auto shop. Always in the car.
  6. I'm not - go ahead and post it. This is a brand new head.
  7. Was considering assembling and heat cycling/breaking in out of the car then taking to an engine dyno for tuning prior to installing but Le said that's a waste of money. Tune it under load after break in.
  8. Can you please pm me a pic and price shipped to 94596? Thanks, Ryan
  9. I'm buying a complete balanced and assembled long block with 9.5:1 piano tops, NOS e12 head and all new Ireland valvetrain parts with a 292 and 40 DCOEs. I'm unsure what I need from an accessory and electrical standpoint to dyno my M10 with DCOEs prior to running it. I know the obvious stuff like water pump radiator, starter dizzy and wires. Would someone mind giving me a checklist? Thanks, Ryan
  10. Which year will it fit? I have a 72 and think I need one.
  11. Dave, thanks for being so responsive. I will be spending my money with you!
  12. Too funny. I have a Verona red roundie and a '77 911.
  13. Hi all, I just acquired a '72 Verona Red slick top and I'm gathering performance parts. Looking for: Ancillary e21 parts for DCOE installation ST swaybars front and rear H&R springs one coil cut from front OK Bilstein HDs that won't need a rebuild Front Strut tower bar Rear shock tower brace with Battery relocation kit 292 Camshaft with unworn lobes that does not require the use of eccentrics Scheel seat mounting brackets for stock sliders. Performance exhaust (aft of header) I'm in the East SF Bay area. Thanks! Ryan
  14. PM'd you on the Scheels.
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