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  1. The E3 is conspicuously missing from realoem.com, unfortunately
  2. Thanks Mike. I'm aware you can use the Bavaria cable, thanks to your prior posts found using the search box. Was hoping to verify that the cable I posted this the right one. Can you help? Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2500-2800-3-0S-3-0Si-3-0CSi-Speedometer-Cable-25740-1410-Standard-Trans/163335064817
  3. Hey I found this speedo cable potentially for a 5 speed swap on my 72. Before I click buy now would someone please verify that this is the right E3 cable? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2500-2800-3-0S-3-0Si-3-0CSi-Speedometer-Cable-25740-1410-Standard-Trans/163335064817 Thanks! Ryan
  4. Is it worth the extra expense to buy the M3 parts given the power I will be making?
  5. It's tough to find one thats not in a e30 M3 clutch kit. If you go that route do you use the M3 TO bearing or the 323i? My engine is a 9.5:1 piano top, NOS e12 head with some port matching, 3 angle grind SS valves IE HD springs/rockers/valvetrain,double row timing chain, 292 cam and Italian DCOEs on an IE manifold, 123 dizzy, and a Tri-Y header that Terry is going to put together. Diff is a new e21 with e36 LSD internals, wheels are 15x7 fondmetals with Toyo RA-1 R. It's a little warmed over but not race engine or S14 or S14 stoker short block hot. Still think it's warranted? Thanks, Ryan
  6. I know this has been asked a million times ad nauseam and yes, I do know how to use the search function. I promise. I am doing a 5 speed swap with a G245 and a lightened 228mm flywheel Can I use the Tii clutch kit 228mm pressure plate and I'm assuming 228 disk, and buy then buy an e21 323i TO bearing and call it day? (as far as clutch pieces are concerned) If is possible, it's a less expensive route than buying parts separately. Thanks to all the wise and wonderfully helpful faq-ers for sharing your knowledge! Ryan
  7. Great price! I have two but someone needs this to run DCOEs. Free bump.
  8. I'm go good to go - as discussed I will take it. Just got my tracking confirmation for my 245. See pms -thx
  9. Let's do this - I PM'd you my info. Thanks! Ryan
  10. That is exactly what I am building right now on my 72. Does this car have a 5 speed and 3:90? Which header? and most importantly wow does she go?
  11. This looks like the TEP strut brace. Do you still have the piece that attaches to the valve cover? If so and it will clear my 40s, I want it.

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