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  1. Hi Harry, You wouldn't have the wood upper door trim for my 1970 NK2000 would you? Goes on the inside of door on door panel. Thanks. Bill
  2. Hey Daniel, Would this fit the 1970 NK2000? If you know. Thanks. Bill
  3. I will take it, if someone can tell me it will fit a 1970 NK. Anyone, anyone?
  4. I'll take it if no one else has. Shipping to 98445? PayPal? Thanks. Bill
  5. I'll take the box of sunroof parts.
  6. Hi Harry. My car is a 1970 NK2000 sedan. Bill
  7. Thanks Harry. Did you ever find wood door trim for my 1970 NK?
  8. Hi Art, You wouldn't happen to have any rocker panel mouldings for my 1970 NK2000 would you? Thanks. Bill
  9. Thanks Harry. Any idea what shipping to 98445 would be? Thanks. Bill
  10. Hey Brandon, This would not fit an NK sedan would it? Thanks. Bill
  11. Looking for the nose panel that the headlights and grilles mount to for my 1970 NK. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  12. If these will fit an NK I am in if not sold.

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