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  1. Wow. Too bad this one was let go so long. Sad, what a waste.
  2. Rennsportguy

    parts lot

    Thanks. Will let you know.
  3. Rennsportguy

    parts lot

    Carbs and manifolds still available?
  4. Rennsportguy

    1800 for Sale

    Is this car for sale then? Thanks. Let me know.
  5. Rennsportguy

    1800 for Sale

    I'm interested. PM me please.
  6. Rennsportguy

    Parting 2000CS, a few NK cars

    Do you have any complete NK's for sale?
  7. Rennsportguy

    WTB: 2000 NK

    Looking for A 2000 NK, want a Euro model with sunroof. Tell me what you have. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Bill