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  1. Thanks Simeon, after I'm certain about which side is which, would you say just plug the nipple on the vacuum retard side or just leave it unplugged? Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  2. Hi Tom, To answer your questions in order: 1) Yes, my cam and distributor turn counter clockwise. I have an early E30. 2) It's an electronic distributor from the factory (check picture for reference) Considering my distributor spins counter clockwise does that mean the nipple on the back is actually vacuum retard and I should connect it the other way around? When you say the signal needs to come from "in front of the throttle plates" does that mean that taking it from the vacuum ports of the Weber's as I have it right now is no good? I'm not a fan of drilling my intake manifolds either Also, what are your thoughts about getting the APV001? Thanks for your recommendation about the timing light, I'll definitely check it out. Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  3. Is it a good idea to get one of these brake booster check valves and connect the front line of the dizzy to the small port? Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  4. I've a Bosch electronic distributor and I've been wanting to connect my vacuum lines ever since I switched to side drafts. After reading this posts and some info online, this is how far I've come: Removed the 4 vacuum port screws and got m5 barbed fittings off eBay Installed 3 tee M5 connectors and sent everything to the back of the Dizzy. Now my questions are: Is the Anti Pulse Ignition valve supposed to go on the blue hose of my setup (between the Dizzy and the carbs)? Where do I plug the line that's on front of the dizzy? Please see pictures for reference. Thanks!! Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys, does anybody know if I can use a Bosch distributor from a 1983 E21 320i on my 83' E30? BOTH my current and this other distributors are electronic and turn COUNTER clockwise BUT, they have different part numbers. BOSCH part number of my distributorr is 0237011004. Part number of the other is 0237002049. When I look at REALOEM for my distributor part number: 12111273244 it says it only came in 316 or 318i cars, does this mean it could be incompatible with a distributor that came off a 320i E21 even if they're both electronic and look exactly the same? Enviado desde mi Nexus 6P mediante Tapatalk
  6. Thanks, I just realized that.. what a bummer! Do you guys know of an alternative connector that can work?
  7. Hey guys, I'm going crazy trying to find the part number for this connector in realoem with no luck. I don't want another used one as the wires on the base are usually in pretty bad condition. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Just finished detailing mine today. Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me how to read this date since it has two years, two rings and 13 dots? Thanks!
  9. I got them! But I forgot to ask something crucial: to what measurement should I gap them? Thank you!!
  10. They're DCOE 45s. A while ago someone created a post on how to connect the vacuum lines from the dizzy to the carbs with silicone hose and m5 fittings that go into the vacuum holes of the carbs, so that's what I did and what you see right there. They came originally with those holes covered with screws. In regards to timing, the engine "feels" really fine but I'll get some light and check on that.
  11. I know it's off topic, but do you mean this style is no good? I was about to install it next week..

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