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  1. Respect to Andrew. Dude drives his cars. A lot.
  2. TodB

    Fred's first drive

    I'm 15ish minutes north of Palm coast. I'll sometimes drive down A1A to Palm coast and then pick up I95 to go home. The only decent corner is the on ramp onto I95. Sigh... Ping me when your down next and we can get together.
  3. TodB

    Fred's first drive

    Wish my Ansa sounded that good. Both the Ansa resonator and rear can?
  4. The old "wire me the money (optimum word "wire") to our agent, I'll ship you the car and release the funds when you accept the car or you can return it for a refund". Run.
  5. TodB

    Fred's first drive

    whats on there for exhaust?
  6. Have your friend visit the site also. They are a friendly, helpful bunch and usually someone is familiar with or near any of the coupes that come up for sale.
  7. TodB

    Rear shorty bumper

    I have a pair of the long eared corners but no center section. Need those also?
  8. TodB

    WTB - Trunk floor boards

    Looking for a set of the gray trunk floor boards for a '75. I know there are alternatives for nice, new reproductions but I thought I would post a request here first.
  9. TodB

    Sale at Cocco mats

    Expires 4/20
  10. Use Coupon code : HOME Good on all products.
  11. Trunk Floor boards for a '75
  12. Bedford, NH.
  13. TodB

    Nothing like a fresh wash and wax!

    Another spin on mintgrun. This is fresh respray though I'm not sure how close it is to the factory color. And agreed, these cars do look good in green.