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  1. Are there different model pedal boxes for different 02 years?
  2. Hurry though, winter weather is coming and those cars are put to slumber soon.
  3. Hey Dan, I can have a small bumper, square tail 74 Tii on a truck to you next week !
  4. Kind of a fun thread! I'm also fortunate to own both, though my cars are cabuerated. I've got a 1970 2800CS and a 1975 02, both have been upgraded a bit with the common add ons. They are distinctly different cars both with their benefits. I've owned my coupe for 19 years. Its the 70s version of the grand tourer, I'd get in mine right now and drive across country without hesitation. It can be a bit flexible flyerish if you really push it through the twisties but it is certainly fun to drive. I've tracked mine without issue (well, toasted the front wheel bearings) and had a ton of fun. IMO, its one of the best looking cars ever designed and even looks good on a lift! My 02 was purchased three years ago after selling an E36 M3. We had just moved/retired to FL so it was time to finally scratch the 02 itch. You all know the benefits and joys of driving these cars so no need for me to rehash. They are distinctly different then coupes, really for a different driving purpose. And so much fun. Choosing? I walk by my coupe literally every day, every day!, to drive my 02. Driving the 02 just makes me smile and laugh out loud. However, on the rare days I (force myself to) drive my coupe, I always come back and say the exact same thing to my wife - "That is a REALLY nice car". It actually has some torque and if I get on the highway, it really shines. It'll go 100 mph all day long. Perhaps the perfect compromise is a properly set up Bavaria? Its like a big 02/coupe with 4 doors, the best of both worlds. Give me an early Bavaria, strip off the front bumper, add a CSL air dam, a higher compression M30 with triple webers and a refreshed, slightly lowered suspension and I'd be a happy guy. It would have to be an add - I couldn't part with the coupe or 02. On Tiis... I've been "hosting" one at my house for the past couple of weeks and driving it a fair bit as it gets prepped for sale. Its teh silver, er Polaris, car in the pic. The motor is sewing machine smooth, pulls lovingly to redline and is definitely a tick faster than my carbed 02. So refined. Give me a gassy smelling and sounding carbed car any day!
  5. Hyde Paaaark (I lived in Canton for 30 years)!
  6. Nice Sahara roundie at DBMW in Jacksonville today. Anyone here?
  7. I’ll take the shifter knob if it’s the screw on type.
  8. FYI, the fixed plates do raise the front end a good quarter inch.
  9. More mint goodness. It took me about 30 minutes to remove the rear bumper and another hour to assemble and install the early bumper using the mount kit that use the existing holes. Easy peasy. Scope creep then kicked in. Holes were filled, lower molding removed, more holes filled. Side lights removed, more holes filled. Front air dam mounted, more holes filled. Respray.
  10. That’s the schnitzer car restored by VSR. Cool car.

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