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  1. More mint goodness. It took me about 30 minutes to remove the rear bumper and another hour to assemble and install the early bumper using the mount kit that use the existing holes. Easy peasy. Scope creep then kicked in. Holes were filled, lower molding removed, more holes filled. Side lights removed, more holes filled. Front air dam mounted, more holes filled. Respray.
  2. That’s the schnitzer car restored by VSR. Cool car.
  3. See link below. I'm helping to sell this for a friend. $21K or BO. Price can be reduced if the car is sold without the replacement dash and/or Panasports. There is a set of 14" stock wheels and tires also. https://staugustine.craigslist.org/cto/d/saint-augustine-1974-bmw-2002tii/6956298986.html
  4. Each pipe diameter is ~2 3/8". The width of the cutout at the bottom was widened to ~6 1/2". Its still mounted with the stock Ansa exhaust mount. With some mods, it could come up a bit.
  5. What alternators will these work with besides the stock one?
  6. Perfect, we’re in saint Augustine so not too far away. Send me your email addy and I’ll get some specs and details sent to you.
  7. Scams like this one are pretty popular in FL.
  8. Where in FL? I know of a good ‘74 Tii coming up for sale soon in NE FL. PM me.
  9. Will these mount with Pierre’s extended mounts?
  10. Do a search. there was someone here recently who had extra wire available.
  11. Just loaded up your curve with MAP settings and added the vacuum line. Seems to run pretty good. Ignition tops out all in at about 40 based upon the 123 dashboard. I’ll take it our for a more extended cruise tomorrow. Thanks for sending your curve along. Next step will will be to try the sync link.
  12. Thanks, I’ll get this curve loaded up shortly and hook up the vacuum. The sync link might be a good compromise. Baby steps...

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