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  1. Different colors by year in FL. Here’s another for 1970. If other FL residents are interested in getting YOM plates, it’s a bit of a process that I’m happy to share. PM me for info.
  2. The one on the right has sold, the one on the left is still available.
  3. My bad on missing the external ballast, Tom.
  4. I run a blue coil with a 123 dizzy. I replaced the resistor wire with a regular piece of wire. The resistor wire is found inside the stock blue wire sleeve. You need to replace the wire that looks somewhat like a speaker wire. If you find the splice, you can disconnect it and run your replacement wire in the blue sleeve to the dist. Pretty simple.
  5. Fantastic to watch them sliding around.
  6. 2 available, both freshly vapor blasted and ready for your finish of choice. $100/BO each shipped CONUS
  7. From the 123 team: There is a bug in the new iOS app. When adding a point, please tap on the right button which says "Cancel' instead of "Add". The labels are swapped. We have a bugfix but Apple refuses the new app because of a new library release since several days which we can't implement yet. We are working on it.
  8. It does work for me if I click cancel instead of add after entering the new point parameters.
  9. From Ed: There is a bug in the latest app where the button "add" and "cancel" are reversed. THe customer needs to tap on "Cancel" to add it.This bug is fixed and uploaded to the iOS store but it takes a day before it is available
  10. Still not working after the IOS upgrade. My iPad behaves the same way, not able to add a new point.
  11. I just checked mine and I cannot add a point anymore. I can delete. The add screen does come up and you can input values but when you hit add, the new point does not show up I rebooted my iPhone and tried again. Nada. im on iOS 14. I’m going to upgrade to the latest dot (14.0.1) and then try again.
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