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  1. The chrome is all good. You are correct, it’s the right side with the incomplete mounting tab. At this time, I’d prefer to sell them as a pair. Please let me know if you are interested. -TodB
  2. One pair of chrome, longer corners for early bumpers. Note that one of them is missing a portion of the mounting tab (pic #2). Good condition chrome, no rust. No mounting hardware included. $50/BO for the pair. Price does not include shipping.
  3. TodB

    Free Parts

    Which rear tail light lens? Can you post a pic?
  4. Thanks Paul, more than I want to spend.
  5. Preferably one that has not had the posts reglued.
  6. I just got a 123 dizzy (have not installed it yet) and was told that the blue coil was the preferred one?
  7. Great condition Motorsport wheel with natural patina. Leather is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or gouges. I’ll leave it up to the next owner to make the redye decision though I think it does not need it - depends upon your preference. Note: there is no horn contact button. $650/bo + shipping.
  8. Mid 80s 5 series sport steering wheel. 15” diameter (380 mm). It has a horn contact button installed but not a signal cancel collar. Bolts right on an 02 but does not cancel the signal. $150/BO + shipping.
  9. You are #3. Which elan do you l have?
  10. $150/BO + shipping
  11. Wow, that’s quite a move. Mario is not on the south shore but he is 60 mins north on Bedford, NH. VSR1.com. Has loaners.
  12. The piece that goes on the left nearest the hood latch.
  13. Maybe we can celebrate the DOW crossing 25k (on the way up) for I think the fourth time?

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