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  1. Yeah - thanks all. Look forward to getting them fixed and in.
  2. I’m in Durango. Currently working on 2 separate 75’s. We will have to get together sometime.
  3. Do you have a history on this? mileage? Are you willing to ship to Colorado?
  4. Kinda does look like that in the picture - just dirt and grease. Was real solid in all the wheel wells.
  5. Cleaned up the wheel wells this weekend and painted them. Virtually no rust and no damage. Also pulled the differential and have the rear end cleaned, painted, ready to put back together with new seals and bushings. No surprises yet!
  6. Testament to cars that live in the Southwest. They really do hold up in the elements. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Last month I received a phone call from my dad wondering if I wanted to go look at a car that had been sitting for awhile. A friend he works with mentioned he had a car he needed to move from the field. I was hesitant to get myself into a project, but when he said a 2002, he had my attention. This 1975 was parked in 1990 and hadn't been moved since. She was the original owner and bought it new from Competition Imports on Long Island, before moving to Colorado. I bought it on a Sunday last month. Lots of critters had lived in it over the years and the interior was catastrophic. Before taking the car home, we looked through the interior for any memories - he father was a NYC cop and she wasn't sure what might still be in the car. We dug through a mess and sure enough, we found an old night stick that her father gave her for protection. It never left her car she said. Body appeared solid, but was hard to assess. Dogs had ripped out grill chasing critters over the years. Later in the week I returned, used the original jack and removed all 4 tires. 2 were replaced and 2 held air and we were able to pull it out. First project was to remove interior, which I did in a full haz mat suit and mask. That took a Saturday. On the following Sunday, one week after purchasing, my dad, myself, and my 4-1/2 year old spent a couple hours chasing mice eaten wires and troubleshooting, hooked up a battery and got the old girl to fire up and drive around the neighborhood. Car is solid. Spare tire only rusted out spot. Gas tank was spotless. Motor looks like new. Valves in perfect adjustment. Clutch master cylinder needed replaced. Last weekend was spent checking over everything in detail and changing fluids. Sunday I wanted to move the car to my dads garage, so it was the real first drive and the car pulled 85 MPH climbing out of town. It's parked now, brakes apart, parts on order and I'm making the plan for what to do. I figured I would start this post to track the cars progress and share with this great forum. Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting Suzie up to speed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Interested - in Colorado though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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